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Thailand Seasons

The seasons in Thailand are in most places following a somewhat similar pattern. One year can be divided into three different seasons. The cold and dry season, the hot season and the rain season.

The Cold Season

The cold season is generally during the winter months, November, December and January, just after the rain season ends. This season can also be considered as the dry season. During this season it it far from cold with the exception of some places in the norther parts of Thailand where the temperature can drop below zero degrees celsius. Other wise it is mainly in the nights it gets relatively cold. The day temperature is often above 30 degrees celsius.

The Hot Season

The hot season, which comes right before a smaller rain peak use to set in, that use to come i May. The hot season is in Mars and April. During this time the temperatures can get very high with local temperature raising up to 40 degrees celsius. 40 degrees celsius in high humidity can not be compared to 40 degrees celsius in the desert. The humidity makes the temperature thick and the body easily gets covered in sweat.

The Rain Season

The rain season is during the summer. Even if May to October is called rain season it does not at all mean that it rains all the time. Depending on where you are the summer weather can be very good. Koh Samui for example is very well known for the great summers, as well as Koh Samet. Even Phuket can have very good weather during the summer but the Andaman Sea at the west coast does very often bring big waves to the shores making snorkeling and boat trips impossible at times.

However, the island Koh Chang that aren’t very far away from Koh Samet with the relatively mild rain season, have the longest and by far the heaviest rains of all tourist destinations with extreme rain from May till October. But even this place of course can have great days during this time as well.

The east coast and west coast have a slightly different rain season where the rain season ends in early November on the west coast and about one months later on the east coast.

Forget Forecasts

Remember that rainy days doesn’t equal rain all day or even rain during the day. That equals any rain at all during a 24 hour period. More interesting might be the amount of rainfall.

When looking at forecasts, especially during the summer, it is very common that it say rain, rain and rain. What you should do if this is the case which will also give you a much better hint about the true weather is to look at the live weather for the desired destination the upcoming days that it said rain.

Most times you will end up seeing a non rainy live weather which means the forecast was not true. The reason the forecast show rain so often without having any rainfall might be a mystery, but that is the way it is.

Travel Guides

In our travel guides you can find a lot of tips and information. We have listed all popular beaches on all destinations. You also find many tips about attractions and trips for each destination so you can get the most out of you Thailand holiday.

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Discount Rates

All our hotels and resorts have discount rates. This means that you can get very good hotels for less money. Compared to most other countries the accommodations in Thailand are very cheap so if you are tempted by those nice resorts with extra luxury you really should try it out in the amazing Thailand.

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Thailand offers a lot to do for the adventurous people. Visit the many fantastic islands, see monkeys, iguanas, comodo lizards or enjoys some tranquil kayaking. Thailand have adventures that's for free as well as super luxury adventures such as renting a yacht and explore the areas.
Most of the hotels and resorts in Thailand will be happy to assist you with the booking and ideas or proper activities.

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Golf in Thailand

For those with golf in focus there are many world class golf courses in Thailand to choose from. In general the golf courses are in very good shape and even here the service from the staff use to be superb. There are also many resorts with short distance to the courses in almost all regions of Thailand which means that you don't have to waste time when on transportation between your hotel and the golf courses.