Thailand Visa

On this page we will sort out the different kinds of visa and also how they work so you will know what you need and how to arrange your trip the best way.


Basic Info

Thailand Visa

First off, people from 42 countries do not need to have any visa to enter Thailand for tourist purpose and will get 30 day to spend in the country when entering.
See if your country is on the visa exemption list
To enter Thailand you also need to have a passport valid for at least 6 months on the day you enter.

If you enter Thailand by air you will get a stamp in your passport that gives you the right to stay in Thailand for 30 days. This visa can be extended for 7 days at an immigration office inside Thailand for a smaller amount. If you want to stay longer you will have to leave the country and then return again. This is what is called a border-run. If you do this and enter via a border you will get 15 days, not the 30 days which you get when you enter by air.

The rules has changed rapidly and what rule is applied at the border no one can assure you. I have heard that the 15 day rule at the border can only be used 3 times than you have to fly one time and then you can do the border run 3 times again and get 15 days each time.
The rule that before said that you could only stay 90 days on a 180 day period seem to be deleted.


Stay Longer

Do you want to stay longer with less hassle you can apply for a tourist visa this is done at a Thai embassy in your country. Some embassies accept that you send your application other only accept personal visit, therefor I recommend you to first contact you local Thai embassy and ask how to apply the easiest way.
A tourist visa is normally valid for 60 days and there are 3 kinds of this visa. The single entry, double entry and triple entry. As you might already figured out each entry will give you 60 days and after each 60 days period you will have to leave the country to start your next entry, if you have a double or triple entry, otherwise you have to make a visa-run to an embassy and apply for a new visa. The easiest way to do this is to fly to any of the neighbor countries such as Malaysia or Singapore. Notice that if you have tourist visa and leave Thailand you will not be able to enter Thailand on the same entry again even if you had a long time left on that entry your next entry will be activated when entering Thailand again assuming that you have a double or triple entry tourist visa. A tourist visa can be extended for 30 days at an immigration office inside of Thailand for 1900 bath.

When your visa is issued you normally have 90 days to activate it, in other words you have 90 days to enter Thailand. If you do not activate it it will be useless which mean you have to apply for the visa within a 3 month period before you plan to enter Thailand.
A double entry tourist visa must be activated within 180 days from the date of issue.


Other Visa Options

Other visa available are the ones below. For further information on these visa please contact your local Thai embassy.

Non-Immigrant “O” – This is for visiting family or for people who are married with a Thai person. This is also a visa that are used for volunteers.

Non-Immigrant “O-A” – This is a long-stay visa that might suit if you are a pensioner, age over 50.

Non-Immigrant “B” – This is a business visa.

Non-Immigrant “ED” – If you plan on studying in Thailand this education visa is what you should look into.

Transit Visa – If you belong to any of the countries not included on the Visa Exemption List you will have to use this for transit.

Tourist Visa For Special Countries – People from these countries, do have to apply for a special tourist visa that can be no longer than 60 days with no extension.


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