Thailand Facts

Thailand is a Constitutional Monarchy and Parliamentary Democracy

Flag of Thailand

Population: 65 million

Capital: Bangkok ( Krung Thep )

Official Language: Thai

Nation size: 513,115km² – 198,115mi²

Water area: 0,4% ( 2,230km² – 861mi² )

People origin: 75% ethnically Thai
14% ethnically Chinese
8% Minorities as Mons, Khmers, Hill tribes
3% ethnically Malay

Religions: approx: 94.8% Theravada Buddhism
approx: 4% Muslims
approx: 0.5% Christians
approx: 0.1% Hindus
approx: 0.6% Other

Regions: 4
Pak Nua, the mountain region in the north
Pak Isaan, the flatlands in north east
Pak Klang, the central part with Bangkok and the Siam bay
Pak Thai, the southern parts including many of the tropical destinations

Provinces: 76

Districts: 729

Flag: 3 colors which stand for Nation, Religion and King. This is also the Thailand motto

National anthem: Pleng Cha (the music is written by Phra Chen-Duriyang 1932 and the lyrics are written by the colonel Luang Saranupraphan 1939


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