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The most famous temple area at Phuket is Wat Chalong which also is a very well respected temple known all over Thailand. The official name is actually Wat Chaitararam but I never heard anyone say that. At the area you find many beautiful temples during most days there are also a small market. The biggest temple at the area, called Chedi holds the finger bone of Buddha, this is the reason why Wat Chalong is so well respected.

Wat Chalong - Thailand Wat Chalong - Phuket


The Annual Fastival

Once a year in the end of January the Wat Chalong area turns into a great festival and the word Chalong means festival in Thai. Many thousands of people from all over Thailand gather here and the festivities goes on for 8 days. If you ever been here during this festival and return a regular day or the other way around you know that it is hard to believe that it is actually the same place. During the festival you will be able to eat from hundreds of vendors and small restaurants, and the variety of food is very good. You will also be able to do any of the classic Thai festival activities like threw dart on balloons, try to raise a bottle with a rope, buy lotteries and so on. You will also be able to threw balls on target which will make a girl fall into water, let you kids jump in bouncy castles and so on. If you are on Phuket during the end of the January ask anyone about the specific date, it is well worth it.


…Some More History and Info

Wat Chalong

Inside the temples are many statues for example you will se statues of some ex-abbots who used to live here and also two statues of a local man with the name Ta Khee Lek “Grandpha Khee Lek” who got famous for winning many lotteries after consulting the Poh Than Jao Wat statue.

At the entrance of the main area there is a cone shaped monument that are used to threw firecrackers into which will make a very loud sound. This is to scare the evil spirits away and it will probably also scare you away a few meters. Close to this is the main crematorium where the Thais are being cremated when they died.

Most often it is very few people here which can make a trip here very relaxing strolling around the different buildings, get something to drink and enjoy the nice surrounding and of course also look at the view from the top of the tall temple. There are toilets here so you do not have to worry about that either.

The new Buddha build on the mountain between Karon and Wat Chalong are within reach from here so if you do not plan another excursion I would recommend you to see that at the same time. Not far away from the top a very nice little restaurant resting on the hillside where you can eat and take a break. It has a very cozy fresh feeling.


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