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Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand and is located in the Andaman sea in the southern region of the country.
The island Phuket is a province which is only 500 meters (1500 foot) away from mainland and is connected to the mainland by a bridge.
Phuket offer everything from pure Thai life with minimal or no tourists at all but Phuket is for most people known for one of the biggest tourist destinations in Thailand named Patong. Even Patong have different sides and though it attracts a lot of party people it also get visitors who only want the shopping, the wide range of restaurants and the beach.

For those seeking less crowded or at least smaller destinations Phuket also offer destinations such as Nai Yang, Bang Tao, Surin, Kamala, Karon, Kata, Nai Harn and others. If you want more information about any of the other destinations just scroll down.

In Phuket you can visit Phuket Town to see more than just tanned tourists and why not go shopping. In the outskirts of Phuket Town you will find Central Festival, a big shopping mall with many well known brands and also you find Tesco, Big C and Macro, the big malls with food and even some clothes and furniture. For furniture you will also find Design Square, Index and more offering everything you will ever need for your home.
Tourist shopping is also possible at any of the beach locations but if you feel the need to get real brands or just a wider range of clothes you can head into Patong and visit Jungceylon with its many, many stores and the Robinson area in Jungceylon are packed with brand clothing and accessories.
The pricing on the big island varies very much depending on where you are. Normally clothing and accessories are cheaper in Patong than on smaller places. The food pricing varies as well depending on the site and interior of the restaurant etc. Don’t forget to enjoy the local food from the markets and the small Thai restaurants, if you see many Thai people at one place go get a meal you too.



Phuket Children

Phuket has a wide variety of beaches, long, short, crowded and non crowded, shallow water or deep. The one thing they have in common is the warm and clear water. This variety is one of the factors why so many different kinds of people can enjoy the same island. So no matter what kind of beach life you want you can find it here.

The quiet places are found on the northern part of Phuket and also in the very southern part.
In between these places along the west-cost you have the action filled Patong Beach and mid size beaches such as Karon Beach and Kata Beach to smaller places as Kata Noi and Kamala Beach that might be a good option for families with young children.

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Popular Trips and Attractions

At Phuket you will be able to see many attractions ranging from the famous temple Wat Chalong, many wonderful beaches to a lot of fantastic islands close by that you can either take a day trip to or at some of them even stay for as long as you want.

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Shopping in Phuket can be a great experience and you will probably be able to find most of what you are looking for.
Many of the more popular beaches have the classic tourist shopping and with that I mean the copy t-shirts, shorts, bags and so on but if you are looking for real brands or other things such as jewelry and electronics you better head somewhere else. Here you can read about some of the most popular places that I recommend.

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The nightlife in Phuket is big. The biggest and most well known places are set in Patong and of course there are many places in Phuket Town even if the tourists tend to stick to Patong where there are hundreds of bars. The most busy street with no doubt is Soi Bangla where you find booth bars and some clubs.

If you plan on entering a club you should not go out to early. Around or an hour before midnight is a good time to head out to the clubs. If you want a good crown the top options on this list is the safest.

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Phuket Beach

Best season to visit Phuket if you want sunny weather is between December and April. These months are considered as dry season and the temperature are normally just above 30 degrees. In Mars and April the temperature rises and can go up to about 40 degrees and with high humidity this is very hot.
The ocean temperature is also about 30 degrees all year round but with some variations depending on season and winds. During this high season it is most often green flag at the beach and you can swim without any danger.
Now days many travelling companies offer travels to Phuket during the summertime. The weather is sometimes very good but sometimes it will be rainy. Since this varies from year to year it is impossible to say when it rains and when it does not. The months with most rain are May and October to November. Even in between it might rain for one week, a day or one hour now and then or it can be almost blue sky every day for a long period.
During the summer months you have to have in mind that big waves are very common in Phuket and rip currents are extremely dangerous. Never go swimming if you see a red flag. If you would be caught in a rip current never swim straight to the beach but angle the current is the safest way to get out of it.


Getting Around

It is very easy to get around on Phuket even if it is one of the, or the, most expensive part in Thailand to go by tuk-tuk or taxi. The minimum price for tuk-tuk is in general 200bath. The tuk-tuks in Phuket differs from the three wheeled models that you will see for example in Bangkok. Here they are like very small minivans with seats and roof build on the truck bed. There are also possible to go by song-taews which are normal pick-up trucks with seats and sometimes also a simple roof above the truck bed. The pricing for song-taew is lower but you might not be able to go longer distances by song-taew on Phuket. You can also go by the local bus, just ask anyone where to find them.
Remember to always have the price set for your transport before you take off, this is only to prevent you from getting a price you did not expect. Normally it is cheapest to use taximeter if possible.

You can also rent a car or a motorbike to explore the areas by yourself. Remember that the traffic is probably not what you are used to and accidents are common. For more information about car and motorbike rentals laws and tips please visit the Rent a Vehicle section.


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Thailand offers a lot to do for the adventurous people. Visit the many fantastic islands, see monkeys, iguanas, comodo lizards or enjoys some tranquil kayaking. Thailand have adventures that's for free as well as super luxury adventures such as renting a yacht and explore the areas.
Most of the hotels and resorts in Thailand will be happy to assist you with the booking and ideas or proper activities.

Golf in Thailand

Golf in Thailand

For those with golf in focus there are many world class golf courses in Thailand to choose from. In general the golf courses are in very good shape and even here the service from the staff use to be superb. There are also many resorts with short distance to the courses in almost all regions of Thailand which means that you don't have to waste time when on transportation between your hotel and the golf courses.