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Phi Phi Islands is the name of one of Thailands many world known destination. The islands are Koh Phi Phi Don which offer numerous resorts, bungalows, restaurants and partyplaces, just everything you can ever dream of while Koh Phi Phi Leh, the smaller one, is only for excursions.

Phi Phi Islands are found between Phuket, Koh Lanta and Ao Nang and can be reached from any of those locations. With amazing beaches and scenery as taken right from a postcard with the classic limestone rock formations rising straight up from the perfect turquoise water this destination is one of the most amazing places there is. These famous islands got a big buzz after the movie The Beach with Leonardo Dicaprio and this is with no doubt the most famous islands in this area. Phi Phi Islands get visitors in all ages but the islands are extremely popular among younger people which you will probably notice already on the ferry and if you don’t you will when you step on to the pier. The island has plenty of beaches and great mountain views. Phi Phi Dons most famous beaches are Ton Sai Bay, Loh Dalam Bay, Loh Lana Bay and Loh Ba Kao Bay but there are plenty more wonderful beaches. The most famous sites on Phi Phi Leh are Maya Bay and Pileh where the last mentioned one is not a beach but a lagoon situated 500 meters (1700 foot) in from the open water with high mountains along the sides. At the most narrow part it is only 60 meters (180 foot) between the walls.

The island do not have any traffic worth mentioning which empowers the island feeling. Traffic is something that you will encounter on almost all other destinations in Thailand. Parts of the island does not have electricity all 24 hours or at all which can be a good thing to ask if you choose a room with fan. Places with air-condition will most certainly be able to provide electric all the time.

The beaches at Phi Phi Islands are so far not occupied by Jet-Skis but at the Loh Dalam Bay you will find some water attractions, on smaller beaches the only unnatural sound is a long-tail-boat that arrives or depart. With its great diving spots and snorkeling you will be able to see everything from rays to reef sharks and all other colorful fishes here.

Phi Phi Islands can be the perfect destinations for a complete holiday or for a shorter period. With out doubt the islands will give you a strong impression.



Crystal clear water with a magnificent turquoise color, that how the beaches are at this dream island. There are many spectacular beaches to see on Phi Phi Don. The famous ones with more people and parties are found on the south side while you can find extremely quiet beaches along the northern and eastern part of the island. Most of the beaches here are extremely good for snorkeling.

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Popular Trips and Attractions

Phi Phi Leh – One of the most common trips from Koh Phi Phi Don is a day trip to Koh Phi Phi Leh. This island is situated 4.5 km (2.8 miles) south from the Ton Sai peer. This magnificent island is very spectacular in many ways. First of all it is famous from being the island where some of the most tropical scenes were recorded for the movie “The Beach” released in 2000. In this movie the Maya Bay was completely surrounded by mountains which in real life is not true. The Maya Bay does have an entrance at the south west side of the island that can be reached by boat. What is true is that Maya Bay has the most incredible beach hidden inside. Here the water never get any waves since it is very well protected. Snorkeling along the enormous cliffs along the sides is perfect and there are also a few very small beaches that can be explored at the same time. If going to Phi Phi Don this trip is a “have to do thing” with out any question.

If you are interested in spending a night in Maya Bay this most certainly possible. Just check with the people arranging the trip and you will get more info about that.

On the northern side of Koh Phi Phi Leh There is another lagoon with the name Pileh. Inside here there is no beach, except one just on the right side of the opening, but a snorkeling adventure from the boat is ideal. This lagoon reaches more than 600 meters (2000 feet) from the entrance. The water is just as amazingly turquoise as in the Maya Bay which is so perfectly sharp that your photos will look just as taken from a catalogue.

There are also a lot of caves hidden around this island.



Phi Phi Islands are literally exploding during the high season while during the low season it can sometimes be impossible to get here depending on the weather conditions. The best time to visitPhi Phi Islands is between November to April. As on all locations in this area the November and April month sometimes can be unstable but usually it is around these months the seasons changes. However the low season is the time when many people really think that Phi Phi Islands is best. The beautiful nature is still there but the islands can really give that calm feeling that some people longing for.


Getting Around

Getting around on Phi Phi is a little different from most other places because there aren’t the usual pickups and taxis. Here you will have to walk or rent a bike, not motorbike but a bicycle. If you are to tired for a hike to any of the more distant beaches you can always get a ride with a long-tail-boat which act as taxis on Phi Phi Islands. Most people find it very relaxing not having the busy roads everywhere and that you can actually walk in a safe environment only enjoying the nature when it is as best.

If you want tips about the best way to reach a specific location, don’t be afraid to ask either staff at the hotel or just anyone else, they will most certainly help out.


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