Getting Around In Bangkok

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To get around between destinations in Bangkok is in general cheap compared to many other places in Thailand.
The transportation can be very pleasant but sometimes also close to a nightmare. The traffic in this big city can be a disaster and I have many times have to spend many hours to get from a location that other times take only half an hour or less.

Your options on the road are to go by taxi, bus, tuk tuk, minivan, motorbike taxi, bicycle taxi (sam lo teeb) and songtaew. Aside from these options you have the BTS Skytrain and the subway. To and from the airport you will very soon be able to go by train as well. Sometimes you might also have to cross the river by boat or to go along the river with ferry or a small speedboat.



Taxi is comfortable with air condition and if you make sure to go my taximeter you will get away with a small bill with a starting fee at 35 bath. Taxis are found all over Bangkok and there are different companies with different colors on the cars, they all have the same taximeters so you don’t have to care about colors.



Bangkok Bus Bangkok Bus
The busses in Bangkok varies from really old ones to good looking new ones. The old ones usually have fans in the roof and the new ones have air condition. The air condition is often set very cold and I prefer going with the older ones for that sake. Going with bus is very cheap, rarely over 10 bath but sometimes you just get stuck in the traffic making the trip a pain, other times it’s smooth. Since most people around you will be willing to help you, just ask what number of the bus you should take to get to the place you want.
On the bus there are usually someone giving you a bill and collect the fee, sometimes they are absent. Just let this person new where you want to go and they will tell you when to get off.


Tuk Tuk

Bangkok Tuk Tuk Bangkok Tuk Tuk
This transportation can be a thrill to ride. The drivers are often driving fast and effective to beat the traffic. If you think they are driving to fast politely let them know. Before you take a tuk tuk ride you should have the price set to eliminate any price problems. The Bangkok tuk tuks are not as the ones on Phuket. These have three wheels and a small cab while on Phuket they four wheels and a bigger cab.



This option is probably not very interesting but a smart one for the people living in Bangkok. The minivans drive just as the busses to specific destinations and the price is very low. For tourist you have to know where to find them and which one to choose which might not be an easy task.


Motorbike Taxi

This is a fast transportation but might not be the best option for everyone. Since the traffic is very intense most ours of the day the ride can be scary. If you aren’t the scared type this option will take you from A-B in an instance.


Bicycle taxi (Sam Lo Teeb)

Sam Lo Teeb - Bicycle Taxi

The bicycle taxis in Bangkok are an option if you are in specific places. They operate in Pakhet and Thanam Nonthaburi, just by the river. It is not the fastest option but can be good for shorter distances if you prefer someone else to make the job for you. The fee is often between 10 or 20 bath depending on distance.



These pickup trucks have seats on the back and most often a roof. In Bangkok they operate in the outskirts of the town and in the suburbs. This kind of transportation is found on most locations in Thailand as well. The price in the Bangkok outskirts are most often around 10 bath but varies depending on the distance you want to go.


River Transports

Bangkok River Boat

To cross the river is easy and the ferries are operating 24 hours a day and it cost only 3 bath to make this crossing.

If you want to go along the river there are faster ferries that can take you to stations along the river channels. If you like fast transports you can rent a speedboat that can either take you to one place or you can rent the driver for a day. The classic speedboats are short and made of wood.


Train Transports

Depending on where you are and where you want to go you might be able to go by BTS Skytrain or Subway. If possible this way of transportation is very fast and comfortable.


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