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The metropolis Bangkok is a versatile and wonderful place to visit no matter what you are looking for in a city. This huge city is ten times bigger than the second largest city in Thailand, Chiang Mai. In Bangkok you will find the worlds best shopping as well as historic places and great temples.



Bangkok Shopping

Shopping in Bangkok is the dream to most people. All big brands have their collections here making it possible to find almost anything you want. Bangkok is also a shopping paradise to those who are looking for copies or less well known brands and the variety of products are enormous and so are the shopping malls.
No matter if you are looking for clothes, gadgets,, electronics, books, jewelry or anything else you will definitely find it in Bangkok.

When it comes to Bangkok and shopping many people first think of the MBK Center, is it really this good? Well, I would actually like to say it is. You can find a ridiculous wide range of products that can suite the whole family. However, on the question if the prices are great, the answer is not a big yes. Looking for the best prices there are other places, such as the malls in the Pratunam district.

Bangkok Shopping Map

Some of the most famous places for shopping are MBK Center, Siam Discovery, Siam Paragon, Gaysorn Plaza, The Emporium, The Platinum, City Complex, Krung Thong Plaza, Saphan Phut and Jatujak.
Depending on what you are looking for you might head to different areas, to get a better insight of the huge shopping possibilities I recommend you to follow the link below and get familiar with the different malls.
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To Do In Bangkok

When done shopping you can visit Sanam Luang, The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew which are big temple areas situated west from the central core with enormous temples. Here you will see some of the most magnificent temples there is to see. Just north from there is Kaosan Road which is a famous street for souvenir shopping where you can also relax in a bar overlooking a street filled with tourists and of course Thais who try to sell their things. This street has lately become a popular area for local Thais to visit when they want to go clubbing and enjoy the night life. Around here you will most certainly be offered boat trips and other super offers which of course are not as cheap as they sound but well an adventure. If you are looking for low-budget activities you can just skip this but otherwise, why not give it a try.
Go with speedboat and explore the river systems and don’t miss out on the ancient Wat Po and Wat Arun which also is situated just south from The Grand Palace. Wat Arun is on the other side of the river just across Wat Po. You can travel on the river system with the local ferries which can take you to plenty of places. For a price as low as 3 bath you can cross the river and the ferries depart all day.

Since Bangkok in general offer shopping for lower prices than most other popular destinations and also have an infinite variety of products many people choose to spend a few days here even if they have stayed on a paradise island during their visit in Thailand.

Other things do do here just to name some might be to enjoy real Thaiboxing at Ratchadamnoen Stadium situated on Ratchadamnoen Nok Avenue or at the Lumpini Stadium situated on Rama IV Road. If that doesn’t what you want to do you might rather spend time visiting the floating markets which is found about 1,5 -2 hours from Bangkok, or Chinatown or the fantastic Siam Ocean World where you will be able to witness big sharks and animals you didn’t know existed.
If you really want to see other things than the regular attractions you will be able to find temples and wonderful parks far away from the Bangkok inner core but of course this will presume you dare to leave the center area.


Big Fishing

If you are a big fan of fishing you can not afford to miss out on Bungsamran Lake where you can get a hand on experience on having a huge fish in the hook. You are almost guaranteed to get a BIG fish if going there.


Nightlife – Night Clubs

The Bangkok night life is one of the worlds greatest all categories. You can find hot electro clubs, chill-out places, salsa clubs, reggae clubs or you name it. It really doesn’t matter in what part of Bangkok you are, there are great places in all parts, big or small, trendy, classic or retro. However the most famous ones are set in the Sukhumvit area.
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Bangkok Facts

Bangkok - Wat Ratchanaddaram

Bangkok the capital of Thailand and one of Asia’s biggest cities which offers everything you can think of. Bangkok is ten times bigger than the second largest city, Chiang Mai.
Bangkok is referred to in Thai as Krung Thep meaning City Of Angels and is the short name for the capital. The real name is written below and is the longest name of any city on the earth.

Krung thep mahanakhon amon rattanakosin mahinthara ayuthaya mahadilok phop noppharat ratchathani burirom udomratchaniwet mahasathan amon piman awatan sathit sakkathattiya witsanukam prasit.

Bangkok consist of 50 districts “khet”which in other places in Thailand are called “amphu” and then there are 154 sub districts “khwaeng” which is the same as “tambon”in other places in Thailand.
Bangkok has a good variety of things to do so no matter if you are looking for the most luxury weekend with the best food in a 5 star hotel or if you want to see historical places, beautiful temples or go shopping for exclusive items or find low price products Bangkok is the right place.
With its far more than 8 million residents this city is ranked about the 20th biggest city in the world regarding population. If including the outskirts with suburbs, the large number of none registered citizens from other parts of Thailand and also international residents this number will be more than the double. Bangkok is also ranked as the worlds 17th tallest city with more than 1.000 registered skyscrapers.



The seasons in Bangkok is somewhat strong with a high temperature peak in the summer and during the winter nights the temperature can go down to as low as 20 degrees. During the days it is rare with temperatures below 30 degrees making this the hottest capital in the world.
The monsoon sets in in May and then drops of during to come back with its peak during September. It is common with short heavy rains during this season. Normally the amount of rain that falls aren’t that much but some periods it can of course rain continuously.


Getting Around

Bangkok - Tuk Tuk

To get around between destinations in Bangkok is in general cheap compared to many other destinations.
The transportation can be very pleasant but sometimes a nightmare. The traffic in this big city can be a disaster and I have many times have to spend many hours to get from a location that other times take only half an hour or less.

Your options on the road are to go by taxi, bus, tuk tuk, minivan, motorbike taxi, bicycle taxi (sam lo teeb) and songtaew. Aside from these options you have the BTS Skytrain and the subway. To and from the airport you will very soon be able to go by train as well. Sometimes you might also have to cross the river by boat or to go along the river with ferry or a small speedboat.
You can also rent a car or a motorbike to explore the areas by yourself however we do not recommend you do that because of the intense traffic.
For more information about car and motorbike rentals laws and tips please visit the Rent a Vehicle section.
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Thailand offers a lot to do for the adventurous people. Visit the many fantastic islands, see monkeys, iguanas, comodo lizards or enjoys some tranquil kayaking. Thailand have adventures that's for free as well as super luxury adventures such as renting a yacht and explore the areas.
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