Work in Thailand

Many people find it very exciting to work in Thailand. Some are interested in working in an exotic environment such as Phuket, Koh Samui, Phi Phi Islands while others are more tempted to work in Bangkok.

Think Twice

No matter what you dream about make a list of questions, and calculate everything a bit harsh to reduce the risk of setbacks. Things tend to be harder than it might seem and it is not as cheap to live in Thailand as a “farang” as many people tend to think.
If you plan on having your own business there are some things you really should think twice about and ask yourself.

Do you know all you need to know? I mean all.
Do you have a waterproof plan and can return to your home country if something doesn’t work out?
Is there other people on the location who already does what you want to do? Why will you also succeed?
If you are the first one, how can you be sure it will work.


What Do You Need

Before you can do any kind of business there are some paperwork that has to be worked out and if you have an employer they need to arrange some paperwork as well.


The Thai laws are very strict regarding Thailand employment for foreigners. First off you do need to have a work permit to do any kind of work and it doesn’t matter if it is charity work or not. To get a work permit you need to have a Non-Immigrant Visa and to get that your employer must arrange paperwork that you then submit to a consulate out side of Thailand. This can be done prior to departure, otherwise you can visit a country nearby to have this done. The best thing is to get a multiple entry visa which can be valid for 1 or 3 years. One year is the most common. If you do not get a multiple entry visa you will have to apply for a new visa every third month while with a multiple entry visa you only need to do a border run, leave and step back in to Thailand.

Work Permit

When you have your Non-Immigrant Visa you can apply for a work permit. To make sure you have everything you need the best thing is to contact the Labor Department. Also it can be a good thing to ask the Labor Department what work title and description they recommend you to write. This is important since this is the department who then will decide if you get the permit or not. They also often tend to refuse to give work permits to all applicants if the same company is the employer.

When you have you work permit it is only valid as long as you visa and must be carried all the time when working. The work permit is also binding you to do only one category of work at one location. If you want to change job or location you first have to get it approved. Also if resigning from the duty the permit must be returned within 7 days. If any of these rules are broken a fine of a few 1000 baths is applied.

If you leave the country and your visa expires, for example if you have a double entry visa and you are about to activate your second entry your work permit is no longer valid since this is connected to the fist visa entry and you have to do this all again. Before you leave you need a re-entry permit which you can easily get from an immigration office in Thailand.
It is also strongly advised that you never let you work permit expire. Before it expires you need to renew it which is a much easier process than getting a new one

Working Without Permit

Many foreign people who are working as dive masters and instructors and other jobs do not have any work permit and it is important to understand that this can result in getting a lifetime ban to enter Thailand and since it is a crime you can also face other more serious problems.


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