When traveling in Thailand you do not have to get plenty of vaccinations. You will do fine with the ones you probably already have as, Tetanus, Diphtheria and then the Hepatitis.

You can get vaccinations against Hepatitis A and B. The first one, A, you can get from food and drinks almost anywhere in the world and then there is hepatitis B which is spread by blood or sexual contact.

Even if you do not plan on having unprotected sex it might be good to have protection against Hepatitis B to eliminate the risk of getting the decease in a hospital if having an accident that requires blood transfer, even if it is extremely rare to get infected this way. Today you can get a mix that protects you from both Hepatitis A + B and it lasts for over 20 years.

Consult your local clinic for more information about that.
You do not have to think about Cholera when travelling in Thailand as long as you do not plan on living in the deep jungle.


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