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We are many people who use our mobiles no matter where in the world we are. There simple is no easier way to keep contact and it is a perfect way to keep track on each other if people want to do different things.
However it can be rather expensive using your regular sim card in Thailand. So what is the best way to use your mobile phone in Thailand?

Thailand Sim Cards

The most popular operators in Thailand are DTac also referred to as Happy and 1-2-Call. Which one people prefer would be like asking if people want milk in the coffee or something like that. You get the point.
Personally I stick with DTac – Happy.

The most common is the cash-card that you load with money and when the money is used you have to refill it. This option is probably what most people are looking for during a vacation. The operators have many different promotion options, for example when calling within thailand you can get an opening fee of 2 bath for each call and every minute cost only 0.25 bath. Or 0.99 bath for every minute without any opening fee. Changing this is not very easy but can be many through your mobile. There are also different cash cards prepared for different promotions to buy. I personally think it’s digging to deep spending time on this during a few weeks holiday.

Where Can I Buy a Sim Card

Sim Cards pre-payed with money can be found in almost any corner store. The very popular 7-eleven stores have these card as well. On the Suvarnabhumi airport you are also able to buy these cards. Simple remove your sim card and make sure your answering machine is turned off to prevent you from getting a huge bill later since you will have to pay for ANY incoming phone call to your regular number. If you are not sure about replacing the sim card they will help you with this. You will also get information about how to refill you card when the money is used.

The refills comes in various values, just tell the clerk how much you want.

How Do I Call

When your sim card is inserted and ready you can call any number. Mobile telephone numbers always start with 08.

If you want to call abroad the best way I know is to dial 009 and then the country code. This should give a lower fee then calling the country code direct.


Thailand Emergency Numbers

Tourist Police: 1155 (English Speaking Operator)
Police: 191 (General Emergency Call)
Crime: 1195
Ambulance and Rescue: 1554
Medical Assistance: 1669
Fire Department: 199
Rabies and snake bites: 02 256 4214
(King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital)

Thailand Good To Know Numbers

Tourist Service Center: 1672
Suvarnabhumi International Airport: 02 132 1888
National Disaster Warning Centre: 1860

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