Thailand Money

Where Do I Get The Best Rate?

One common question for Thailand travelers is where to change money to get the best rates and other things regarding exchange.

You will most often get the best rates if you use your standard visa card or such and get money from regular ATMs. Forex and other local exchange places in Thailand will give you a much lower exchange rate.
Some banks have no fees for abroad transfers via ATMs, I know for example that a Swedish bank with the name Ica Banken is very advantageous with no abroad fee and no currency surcharge.

Thai Banks ATM Transaction Fee

During the summer 2009 most Thai banks added a fee for ATM transactions with foreign cards. There might be some special bank that still haven’t applied that but all the common banks have a fee. The fee can also differ from Visa and Mastercard. The fee normally vary from 15 – 150 bath


ATMs are found almost every where in Thailand. For example most 7-eleven stores have ATMs outside and every one who ever been to Thailand know that 7-eleven stores are every where. Aside from those ATMs there are often banks on most destinations so you will very rarely have to walk far to be able to get your money.

Maximum Withdrawal Amount

Most of the ATMs will allow you to get 20’000 bath for each transaction but Bangkok Bank (uses purple ATMs but not to be mixed with Siam Commercial Bank who also have purple ATMs) will allow a maximum on 25’000 bath for each transaction. However I have noticed that some ATMs refuses 25’000 even if they state the information on the screen, but 24 000 bath works fine on those machines.


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