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The Narrow Path By Gail Sattler The Narrow Path Miranda feels like she s been transported back to Little House On The Prairie and Ted s head spins when Miranda reads the Bible on her cell phone Yet Miranda Klassen and Ted Wiebe must find a way to
  • Title: The Narrow Path
  • Author: Gail Sattler
  • ISBN: 9781426702372
  • Page: 134
  • Format: None
  • The Narrow Path By Gail Sattler Miranda feels like she s been transported back to Little House On The Prairie, and Ted s head spins when Miranda reads the Bible on her cell phone Yet Miranda Klassen and Ted Wiebe must find a way to make peace to meet their common goal to open the doors of Ted s Old Order Mennonite church and community Will they also find love in the process
    The Narrow Path By Gail Sattler
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      Gail Sattler is the author of numerous novels, novellas, gift books, cookbooks and devotions She is a longstanding member of East Ridge Community Fellowship, a Mennonite Brethren church She lives and writes in Vancouver, B.C Canada Gail is a wife, mother, writer, and musician, and the order of those things will depend on what day it is She leads a busy life, with music affiliations in a jazz band and string orchestra, as well as writing, which is her passion She wrote her first book back in middle school on a clackety old manual typewriter Her writing has changed a lot since then Now Gail writes romantic comedy, and most of the books she s written in the last few years are part of a series Gail loves to continue a story, to make a new book with the story of a minor character from a previous story.When Gail isn t writing, she loves to take pictures Her primary targets, err, volunteers, are usually her family, pets, friends, and bandmates.


    1. Miranda and Ted could not be different They are both Mennonites, but Miranda is from a Mennonite church in Seattle that is modern and Ted belongs to an Old Order Mennonite church in Minnesota When Miranda is hired to lead the Christmas program for Ted s church, their differences are obvious Miranda wears jeans, red t shirts, red lipstick and reads the Bible on her cell phone Ted believes in following the traditions of his Mennonite heritage Despite their differences they are able to work togeth [...]

    2. Contemporary Mennonite choir director and Old Order Mennonite Music director have a shared goal of making the Church s Christmas play both a success and an opportunity to show outsiders the glory of Christ Their differing backgrounds make this a challenge at first but in working together they both find that their preconceived ideas about the other are wrong This was a very entertaining read

    3. This was an absolute joy to read Story The plot was interesting i really enjoy reading about a person s endeavour to build something In this instance the protagonist is building a play as well as trying to fit in within a small and close knit community The struggles she faced, the prejudice, the new customs she learnt as well as the skills she offered or taught were written with a sensitive eloquence not common in todays chick lit The reader was not bogged down with too much detail The story flo [...]

    4. Although Ted was the most traveled and somewhat contemporary minded in his Old Order Mennonite fellowship, he was shocked when he met the woman he was to pick up at the airport She was modest than many around her, but definitely not what he was expecting He couldn t even imagine what the rest of the congregation would think when they got a look at her But much to his surprise and dismay, most seemed to accept her She tries hard to honor their ways, but still be herself and strive to accomplish [...]

    5. This rating system is annoying I liked this book, but not as much as I like Death and Penguin Yet they have the same rating A scale of 1 to 10 would be better.Anyhow, this a Christian romance, published, by Bethany House I could be wrong about the publisher I got the book through one of Kindle s free offers I downloaded it knowing that Bethany House has a pretty decent reputation with romances that are clean and without erotic elements that are so frequently found in mass market romance books.Th [...]

    6. Title THE NARROW PATHAuthor Gail SattlerPublisher Abingdon PressMay 2010ISBN 978 1 426 70237 2Genre Inspirational contemporary romanceMiranda Klassen is a talented worship leader and song writer and she has written and directed many cantatas When she is hired by a Mennonite church in Minnesota, she isn t expecting or prepared for the snow when she arrives Seattle gets little to no snow, and she only has open toed heels and a thin jacket with her.Ted Wiebe is the music director at his Mennonite c [...]

    7. The ending was what really made this story shine It started out a bit slow and it wasn t until I was about halfway through the story that I started to really care one way or the other I felt her frustrations at times and enjoyed the way Ted comforted her when she was hurting and how he tried to be a true friend I enjoyed that the conflict was so black and white at times, but on occasion it also felt a bit like shoving a square peg into a round hole Sometimes you could feel that it was a bit forc [...]

    8. A very satisfying tale that raises the questions we all need to address What is really important in life Should a simple lifestyle be enough for everyone, whatever their educational level, whatever their interests and abilities How far should we restrict our own goals in favour of the needs of the people we love Should religious edicts be permitted to define our lives beyond what is reasonable in the modern world just for the sake of tradition, or should the religion adapt to suit And if so, how [...]

    9. Though the cover may allude to being of the Amish genre, THE NARROW PATH was no such novel An original story about the Mennonite community and a young woman who enters from the outside Miranda has been hired by a Mennonite community to create a Christmas play, but can she adapt to this new culture for a year and can she really fall in love with a young man, rooted in his ways I enjoyed this book It was fresh and original from what I normally read in the Amish genre There was humor and a love sto [...]

    10. This is an interesting look at two worlds that seem to collide but the characters are really both a part of the same world their Mennonite faith It s just that one is old order and one is modern The concept is interesting I like the way the characters are portrayed, each coping with the other s strange ideas, especially as they try to coalesce around making a memorable Christmas musical Unfortunately this is also where the story tends to drag I know nothing of music, but at times the long para [...]

    11. Eh, this book seemed to be lacking something I can t really put my finger on it But it was kind of disappointing One thing is I definitely prefer Amish books to the Mennonite books for some reason I kind of thought Ted was boring and he was so harsh and he disliked Miranda so much in the beginning that I had a hard time believing he had feelings for her by the end His lack of humor got so tiring and his over the top proper grammar really annoyed me I got so tired of reading, I do not think so, r [...]

    12. Miranda Klassen is a Mennonite from Seattle who travels to a small Minnesota town to work with a Mennonite congregation to create and produce a play that will celebrate both Christmas and the congregation s anniversary She will be living in Piney Meadows, MN for almost a full year in order to do so.Ted Wiebe has driven the three hours in winter weather to pick up Miranda from the Minneapolis airport He is expecting a woman who dresses and acts like the women in his congregation back in Piney Mea [...]

    13. Old order Mennonite Ted and new order Mennonite Miranda are as opposite as night and day When they have to work together on a year long evangelism Christmas cantata sparks begin to fly Some pull them together and others send them to prayer Hopefully they will both learn from each other and grow in their faith and perhaps a relationship as well I loved the contrasting characters and how they each gained a better perspective of what was important in life from one another.

    14. Blah storyline Unlikable characters, horrible dialogue This was a free kindle download but the editing was so awful I could barely get through it I love both Amish and Mennonite stories but this just wasn t engaging The one positive thing I can say is that the religion wasn t overplayed It was the focus of the book without it becoming preachy.

    15. It s Little House on the Prairie meets Sex and the City.well sort of.This is a fun romance set in the Mennonite faith It is interesting to see how two people of the same religion view the world differently This is a really good book and I was sad to see it end.

    16. This was a fun, easy, breezy read with a satisfying conclusion It s a good book to read when you are in the mood for a happy ending without any serious complications.

    17. The Narrow Path was a solid 3 star for a sweet, if predictable, romance Right from the start, it appeared to be a rather typical Amish fiction and I was prepared for all the stereotypes worldly Englisher is dissatisfied with modern life and falls for an Amish person who has to worry about being shunned, etc etc This is not that book.First off, I was struck by some very familiar locales The Narrow Path is not set in Pennsylvania, but rather in northern Minnesota, or Up North as we refer to it her [...]

    18. Normally, I dislike Quaker, Amish, or Mennonite stories labeled as Christian fiction because invariably those religions are treated without respect Normally, their beliefs are talked down and the person targeted in the story for some kind of conversion invariably has to denounce his her Amish, Quaker, or Mennonite beliefs This book was delightfully different It was real It was respectful What a breath of fresh air I loved Miranda and Ted What great characters My only regret is that this story do [...]

    19. I really wanted to love this novel especially it was in the Amish genre without being actually Amish Randi with an i is from Seattle from a Modern Mennonite Church Ted is from an Old Order Mennonite Community From there the story line gets predictable One could easily read the first three chapters and skip to the last one and knows what went on and did not miss much except food dishes name and how many times Randi and Ted disagree So here is the break down, and yes this is the whole conversation [...]

    20. EnjoyableI would have given it three stars, but there were formatting issues that took me half the book to learn to ignore Because it s a romance novel you expect the main characters to end up together I wondered how the author would pull it off so that it was believable She did.

    21. All she did was accept an invitation Miranda Klassen, dedicated daughter of a Seattle Mennonite minister, is a talented musician A noted songwriter She s excited to have been offered the challenge of helping an Old Order Mennonite church prepare and publicize a Christmas musical that will draw new people and new life to its staid congregation.A completely modern Mennonite, Miranda loves red, her computer, and her cell phone What awaits her in Minnesota is like something out of Little House on th [...]

    22. Miranda Randi a Mennonite is a composer of spiritual music and plays She has been hired to create a performance to celebrate Ted s church s 75th anniversary and Christmas She arrives in January during a snow storm from Seattle Ted who is the worship music leader of his Mennonite community picks her up at the airport She has one year to create a performance that will inspire people to join their church.When Miranda comes off the plane it is evident that both Miranda and Ted both assumed that the [...]

    23. 290pgs, Christian Romance, They are both Mennonite, but she is very progressive, and his church is very traditional She is going to help their church organize the 75th anniversary celebration Ted is supposed to help Miranda fit in, and Miranda is supposed to help his church reach out into the community 290p a story about acouple who must face their differences and learn to work together as they looktoward a lifetime of love Miranda Klassen 19sMennonite church is big and modern and she loves the [...]

    24. I read this book in just a couple days and it was a very enjoyable read What I Liked The two main characters, Miranda and Ted, both come from Mennonite churches, one very traditional, and the othert so much Miranda comes all the way from Washington state to lead in preparations for Ted s church s 75th anniversary and when the latter picks the former up at the airport, he is shocked to see that she is not dressed like the Mennonite women he knows and he is determined to make sure she gets back to [...]

    25. In eye opening fashion, Canadian author and Mennonite Brethren member Gail Sattler reveals the unsubtle philosophical distance some branches of the Mennonite church have moved from each other Adapting to cultural changes to meet the ever changing needs of modern America, Miranda Klassen, the daughter of a pastor in a fully integrated modern society Mennonite church takes a year long position with an old order church to help spruce up their worship and music to spread the ministry For whatever re [...]

    26. This is actually my second time for reading this book, and both times I have found it to be just an okay read My main problems with the book revolve around Miranda She is an outsider coming into a Mennonite community that is vastly different from her own, and through it all she comes across as very disrespectful of their culture, even though she says that she respects it greatly I understand that this is a book about keeping an open mind and to let God guide you on the path He sets before you, b [...]

    27. This was my first book with any Mennonite characters I know nothing about that church or religion I liked it well enough, but, I didn t really care too much for Miranda She seemed pretty inconsiderate of the traditional life style that everyone else was accustomed Or rather, she thought about it and decided that she didn t care if it made other people uncomfortable and they should just get over it like wearing her jeans everywhere in a society were everyone else wore skirts and her bright pops o [...]

    28. Miranda is from a big city Mennonite church She is asked to go to a small town with an Old Order Mennonite church to direct a Christmas play that will also celebrate its anniversary She is a bit of a shock to the small town she doesn t dress in the Old style She wears fitted skirts, jeans, tennis shoes, and her favorite color, red red cell phone, earrings, nail polish, etc She begins working closely with Tom, the town s oldest single man, on the play They couldn t be opposite oftendisagree clas [...]

    29. I think this was really like 3.5 stars for me I would probably have rounded up if there had been a little faith involved As it stands, it s probably amongst the least Christian books I ve read in this genre most of it coming from the setting and the background of one of the characters.That said, it was well written Plots from this genre light Christian romances tend to be relatively predictable and their charm is in the gentle development of the characters, how each learns to adjust and change [...]

    30. This book was a cute, enjoyable romance The plot moved a little too fast, but I figured it was probably because the author was trying to cover a year s worth of time in one book The only major problem I had with the book was the way the Mennonite characters spoke Their speech was very formal and no one used any contractions It was very odd I think the author was trying to portray that the first language for these characters wasn t English, but German Still, the characters sounded like Data from [...]

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