Small Vices #2020

Small Vices By Robert B. Parker Small Vices Ellis Alves is no angel But his lawyer says he was framed for the murder of college student Melissa Hendersond asks Spenser for help From Boston s back streets to Manhattan s elite Spenser and Hawk s
  • Title: Small Vices
  • Author: Robert B. Parker
  • ISBN: 9780425162484
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • Small Vices By Robert B. Parker Ellis Alves is no angel But his lawyer says he was framed for the murder of college student Melissa Hendersond asks Spenser for help.From Boston s back streets to Manhattan s elite, Spenser and Hawk search for suspects, including Melissa s rich kid, tennis star boyfriend But when a man with a.22 puts Spenser in a coma, the hope for justice may die with him
    Small Vices By Robert B. Parker
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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the database named Robert B Parker.Robert Brown Parker was an American crime writer His most famous works were the novels about the private detective Spenser ABC television network developed the television series Spenser For Hire based on the character in the late 1980s a series of TV movies based on the character were also produced His works incorporate encyclopedic knowledge of the Boston metropolitan area Parker was 77 when he died of a heart attack at his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts discovered at his desk by his wife Joan, he had been working on a novel The Spenser novels have been cited by critics and bestselling authors such as Robert Crais, Harlan Coben and Dennis Lehane as not only influencing their own work but reviving and changing the detective genre.Robert B Parker was one of contemporary fiction s most popular and respected detective writers Best known for his portrayal of the tough but erudite investigator Spenser, Parker wrote over twenty five novels over the course of his career, which began in 1973 Parker s acclaim and his thorough background in classic detective literature helped earn him the somewhat unusual commission of completing a Philip Marlowe novel that the great Raymond Chandler had left unfinished Promised Land and the other Spenser novels spawned the movie Spenser For Hire and a string of made for TV movies.


    1. This is one of those books that gives me a dilemma when it comes to reviewing it because the major event in this one doesn t occur until well into the story so it seems like some kind of spoiler warning is in order However, that event is described in the book jacket and even in the plot summary on so I m not exactly giving away the ending of The Sixth Sense Hell, I guess since no one else worried about it, I won t either You have been warned.Spenser gets hired by attorney and old friend Rita Fio [...]

    2. Former assistant DA Rita Fiore the one with the great legs and first rate hips has moved on to private practice, and she wants Spenser to look into an old murder case she once prosecuted and won Rita has begin to suspect that the defendant Ellis Alves was framed, and wants Spenser to learn if there is any real basis for her suspicions.Spenser sets down to work, ruffles feathers, turns over rocks, and before long has made somebody extremely mad, mad enough to want him dead Even worse, this person [...]

    3. The word maroon appears 7 times in this novel This Spenser was pretty good, a bit complex that usual, with a powerful opponent appearing later one.I pretty much guessed the solution to the murder in the first few pages, mostly The setup was far complex, but mostly could be sorted within the first 1 4 of the book Still, the action and unfolding of the story was good There were some pacing issues, but not too bad.FYI Maroon appears 7 times in this book alone Parker has a real addiction to the wo [...]

    4. Spenser is hired by a former public defender who believes her minority client was found guilty and he s not On one side, the disenfranchised trouble maker, who probably deserves some jail time just not this time On the other, it s the spoiled, moneyed folks who don t live in reality.Spenser comes up against one of the few foes who may have a leg up on him in relation to his skill set and abilities, even with Hawk on his wing Good action yarn.

    5. This book reminded me of why I love Robert B Parker s writing and especially Spenser and Hawk Susan, I guess she s dug herself out of the hole I ve had her in for the past few books Maybe This fine read delves even deeper into the relationship Spenser and Hawk are so fortunate to have It s a mutual trust and dare I say love Well, I think they probably would agree How about a serious bromance Does that include love A worthy read and has reminded me of why I enjoy reading the Spenser series Many a [...]

    6. In spite of being the second I think of two Spenser novels narrated by Burt Reynolds, this was absolutely wonderful It had all of the normal good stuff a solid mystery, excitement, a look into interesting minds of the antagonists and plenty of action It also stands out because Spenser comes up against an adversary arguably stronger than himself Fairly early on, this antagonist nearly kills Spenser.This brush with death gives Parker a chance to delve deeper than before in several directions We ve [...]

    7. In this Spenser adventure he faces two very difficult things the first is Susan s desire to adopt a baby together and the second is his near death and gut wrenching rehabilitation after being shot and nearly killed by the Gray Man I am not sure which was tougher for Spenser Yes, physically there is no doubt the shooting and the rehabilitation he faces as a result took all he had Yet when Susan expressed a desire to adopt a baby along with Spenser at their age guessing mid 40s when Spenser doesn [...]

    8. Another good and intriguing book, of course, but also another round of me wanting to scream and throw things with what bothers me about these books Susan is still annoying, but I ve accepted this as never going to change even as I want to smack her across the head There is one big thing about this book that drove me bonkers This book is than 50 chapters long and it takes most of it for what s in the blurb about Spenser being near fatally injured to actually happen If it s in the blurb, I expect [...]

    9. This was a rather violent Spenser His enemy is an unknown Gray Man who stalks him while Spenser is trying to find the truth behind the killing of a college girl, and free the innocent black man who has been imprisoned Spenser is shot up, left for dead which he nearly is, and he, Susan, Hawk, and Pearl drive to California where he recovers for about a year, leaving an obituary, so it is thought that he really is dead.

    10. The crusading knight in the form of the private detective Spenser takes a most unusual case from the hottest lady lawyer in town, Rita Fiore One and a half years earlier, a black man with a long record named Ellis Alves was convicted of the murder of a white female college student named Melissa Henderson Her father is the owner of eight banks and the case was a simple one where Rita simply overpowered the young public defender opposing her However, over time the case against Alves has begun to t [...]

    11. OK, I m a Robert B Parker fan I ve read them all And I admire R.B s stamina and longevity with the series I ll miss not having any of his books to read he passed away this year.Of the 3 characters in his series, Spenser is my favourite, and Small Vices is my favourite of the Spensers Spenser is good, but he gets shot by the grey man and has to rehabilitate himself outside of Boston with his lady love and his long time friend, Hawk The description of his rehabilitation is inspiring, and the remat [...]

    12. I won t go so far as to say that this was the all time best Spenser novel, but it may just be the quintessential Spenser novel the best for readers who are already Spenser fans, chock full of just about every reoccurring character who s ever appeared in the series A little like Jimmy Stewart in It s a Wonderful Life, ol Spense finds out how many friends really care about him and how much when a high priced hit man puts him in a comma They re talking about making one of the books into a movie or [...]

    13. The cover of most middle and late Spenser novels tend to say something about the best Spenser in years or Parker rises again But this one really does rise above It feels like Parker put of himself into this one The spare language, as always, helps propel the story But there are also whole pages without a paragraph break shocking for RBP His descriptions of the Gray Man are great, especially his eyes bottoms of bottle caps, washers of the hardware type Underlying the book is a sense of mortality [...]

    14. One of my all time favourites Spenser investigates for Rita Fiore A black man was sent to prison for the rape and murder of a white woman, but she thinks he didn t get a good defense, so wants to make sure the right man went to jail.Turns into a race related case, where the good guy a black man saved by adoption into a rich white family is protected while the bad black man goes to jail It also introduces The Gray Man, and spans than a year while Spenser recovers from a near fatal shooting Oh, y [...]

    15. 90 out of 100 for 2010This may be my favorite of the entire Spenser series By the mid Ninties, he had grown a bit predictale, not stale but not fresh In the early novels, Spenser was vulnerable tough, lost fights, and, except for the fact that it was series fiction, his fate was in doubt you knew Spenser could lose, and his vulnerability made him interesting By the Nineties, he d grown invulnerable, and, p raps, a bit less inteesting.Then came Small Vices Spenser loses, and nearly dies he does [...]

    16. This was my first Spenser novel many years ago I saw Robert B Parker mentioned in a Stephen King novel The Dreamcatcher and thought I ve give him a try Way a great suggestion Mr King This was a really good one as well It s nice to see that sometimes Spenser is not really Supermanmetimes

    17. I learned of an author, Robert B Parker with a strange way of telling the story of a detective with street smartsd a worldly approach to life He has friends with special skills, like Hawk who seems to stay with the program as long as Spenser, needs him.

    18. you really got to stop talking about inner city when you mean black And you really got to stop talking about fucking parents Kids in the inner city got the usual biological folks But mostly they ain t got no fucking parents Mostly the only family they got is the gang, and the only thing that they can insist on is respect And the only things they got to insist on it with is balls and a gun p 14 He stood absolutely straight as they did this, and when they took him out he didn t look back You in f [...]

    19. It is not the strongest of the Spencer mysteries This one has a lot of filler, since it s pretty obvious by halfway through who killed a female college student it just takes Spencer a long time to get the proof He s badly injured and his recovery period takes up an awful lot of the novel, as does Susan s idea that they should adopt a baby Burt Reynolds is not that great a reader Even though most of the novel is set in Boston, many of the characters sound southern, with one state trooper sounding [...]

    20. I cannot imagine what the title or the cover image mean neither seems to have anything to do with the story Which is a fine Spenser Hawk story, but should have been called The Gray Man, for this is the great showdown and the long painful aftermath of it Since it is Spenser, all is for the outcome of justice and truth Good read how people get framed for crimes and how they are lucky if Spenser is in their corner Susan is at her most annoying, though, alas.

    21. Spenser comes very close to his final end Unusual for him He and Susan navigate their usual disparate relationship Hawke is the best wingman ever Two bad men go free And we have Spenser to thank for that Burt Reynolds narrates Really How cool is that What a perfect voice for Spenser

    22. Spencer is hired by a law firm to find out if a conviction that one their attys won was legit and did the perp actually commit the crime The defending atty is now a member of the firm and questions the conviction.Spencer uses his contacts to search for the truth and it almost cost him his life

    23. One of the best of the Spenser books, if not the best An excellent mystery, lots of action, plenty of soul searching around a potential life decision for Spenser and Susan, lots of twists, and a chance to call back lots of prior characters And of course the crackling dialog we expect from our literate ex fighter detective.

    24. Disclaimer I am a big Spenser fan Kicking back with a Spenser book is always a fun way to wile away some time That being said, this is one of my favorites in the series The sense of place, sense of Spenser s physical struggles, and his deep bonds with the other characters are each compelling.

    25. Hawk was prevalent in this one so it moves up on my list Good overall story line but some of the derogatory slang was a bit much for me Read by Burt Reynolds, he is my favorite reader of Spenser after Joe M.

    26. Excellent Excellent well crafted story with the usual twists and turns I think one of the better stories in the series

    27. I never knew Spenser had been shot and also that he and Susan thought about adopting Made him a bit of a human the way things were handled.

    28. Not my favorite, not my least favorite I think I ve reached the stretch of mediocre Spensers Satisfying but forgettable after a few days.

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