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Comeback By Richard Stark Comeback In a world of warped values an honest crook like Parker is a true treasure New York Times Last seen in s Butcher s Moon the great hard boiled criminal character Parker returns This time he s r
  • Title: Comeback
  • Author: Richard Stark
  • ISBN: 9780892966615
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Comeback By Richard Stark In a world of warped values, an honest crook like Parker is a true treasure New York Times Last seen in 1974 s Butcher s Moon the great hard boiled criminal character, Parker, returns This time he s ripping off an evangelist in the middle of a prayer meeting Parker and his cohorts make off with duffel bags full of cash The half million dollar robbery of a ChristIn a world of warped values, an honest crook like Parker is a true treasure New York Times Last seen in 1974 s Butcher s Moon the great hard boiled criminal character, Parker, returns This time he s ripping off an evangelist in the middle of a prayer meeting Parker and his cohorts make off with duffel bags full of cash The half million dollar robbery of a Christian crusade draws cops, crooks and the evangelist s own unrelenting security man What began as a gathering of the faithful turns into a nightmare where every move has a countermove, every man is on his own, and every lie leads to the deadliest moments of truth.
    Comeback By Richard Stark
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      335 Richard Stark
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    1. Richard Stark

      A pseudonym used by Donald E Westlake.


    1. When Richard Stark a k a Donald Westlake wrote a new Parker novel for the first time in over twenty years, he also resumed using the gimmick of starting each novel with the word When again So I guess I gotta follow suit in my reviews of them.Parker doesn t seem to have aged a bit when he hooks up with a couple of other heisters to steal the cash collected by a big time evangelist at one of his stadium appearances Despite their inside man being shaky the job goes off without a hitch and they ve g [...]

    2. Damn, this book was good Finishing it, I just went and had the brilliant idea to request the first five Parker novels from library My brilliant idea was a little flawed by finding out that they only have four of the first five The Mourner not being in the Queens Library system and finding out that I think I just maxed out my requests I went a little nuts on library website Thursday night, ordering tons of, half of which seem to be on their way to me now, opps, I guess I ll have to pick up my rea [...]

    3. When George Liss told Parker and Mackey about the job, it sounded too good to be true four hundred thousand dollars cash, in the hands of a televangelist Things go south when their inside man spills his guts to a woman and she tells her no good brother With another gang gunning for the money and George Liss wanting it all, can Parker get the money and get out alive Here we are, the first Parker book Richard Stark wrote after 25 Parker less years As usual, the caper was well planned I almost felt [...]

    4. Parker is unlike anything else I ve ever readAfter spending a year with my eyes peeled for my first Richard Stark book, I finally stumbled across this one in a local secondhand shop I don t think people like parting with these books, to read Parker is to love Parker it seems It might be the seventeenth instalment in the criminal career of Parker but there was no way I was going to wait any longer for the first book to turn up.Parker is brought in to a three man job, stealing money from a TV evan [...]

    5. Parker has not been written about since 1974 s Hunters Moon and returns 23 years later in this apt called novel Comeback.Another age another heist, this time the score is the dosh scored by some Evangelist preacher, and to be honest anybody would like those characters seen robbed time after time And enter the double cross after the heist Parker has to go and hide while being on the hide from the police and the Evangelists stormtroopers.But nobody has such an audacious streak in his character as [...]

    6. Once Donald Westlake decided to bring back Richard Stark and Parker after twenty some odd years, he wisely also brought back everything that made the series so beloved all of it, in one outing A unique theft and its planning execution, interesting cohorts, a betrayal, the avoiding and conning of the police, the recovery of stolen restolen loot, and the dealing permanently with those still foolish enough to cross Parker Sometimes it works to give the reader exactly what they expect A fine welcome [...]

    7. Parker is definitely a bad boy and so I confess, I love bad boys, at least this bad boy, Parker Although only my second Parker book, I just love the crook How can I love a crook you ask Well, he s loyal and he hates disloyalty He s trusting of those he trusts He soh forget it, I don t know why I love him Because he kicks ass I know, not a good reason Because he s got brass balls Okay, that s not a good reason either Because the character is so well drawn by Richard Stark AKA Donald E Westlake Th [...]

    8. The University of Chicago Press has been reissuing all of the Donald Westlake s Richard Stark books Comeback was written in 1997 and the title puns on the fact that Westlake was bringing back his anti hero Parker This is one of the best.Parker teams up with Brenda and MacKey to rob the cash proceeds of Archibald s Crusade, about half a million dollars The weak link is George Liss who had brought them the inside man, Tom Carbody, a disenchanted member of the Crusade Liss tries to kill Parker and [...]

    9. This one was a good return for Parker books and i enjoyed every page with Parker, the crooks he was working with Maybe it lost some energy in the middle just before the last stretch but it still was a well written Richard Stark, Parker book Parker is as emotional cold, mean as always and that what i read these books for.

    10. The coolest thing about Parker s comeback is its lack of fanfare when it appeared, this was the first Parker novel in 23 years, but that fact is referenced only in the novel s title Other than that, it s a completely ordinary Parker novel which is to say, a very good Parker novel that could just as easily have been published in 1967 as 1997, a few contemporary cultural references notwithstanding Comeback drags only in its final act, as Parker novels sometimes do, when it becomes a cat and mouse [...]

    11. Stark was back on track with this Parker novel As usual, a well planned, seemingly easy job goes sideways Parker has to be tough quick on his feet to work it out It jumped around a bit too much at some points trying to cover all the characters what they were doing, but when the action got hot, he stuck with Parker, thankfully.Very well read I spend about 1.5 hours commuting daily, 4 hours mowing weekly just the lawn many other hours weeding Absolutely mindless chores audio books like this make i [...]

    12. Probably not one of the best Parker titles, this one concerns the heist of an evangelist s pot of money collected during a stadium show Several gangs, including Parker s, take a shine to the stolen money and chaos ensues This title has a claustrophobic feel to it The same dry wit and doggedness make Parker one of my favorite hard boiled series I ll continue reading in the series.

    13. When the angel opened the door, Parker stepped first past the threshold into the darkness of the cinder block corridor beneath the stage.

    14. 3 stars This was ok, but not as good as some of the others A few memorable scenes.The robbery is successful, but there is a double cross and others are trying to get the money A fun part was when Parker was surrounded by three cops or security guards with guns can t remember exactly Parker grabs a metal desk drawer He swings it hard, hitting two of the guys, does some other things, and gets away.The narrator Keith Szarabajka is my favorite narrator for the Parker series He does a great Parker vo [...]

    15. I can t stop readingRichard Stark s Parker novels Seriously, I think I ve gone through like six of them in the past two months They re just somehow so good Parker is an amoral machine, cutting a swath through reality to get what he wants In the case of Comeback, Parker, Mackey, Brenda, and a nasty dude named George Liss go in together to rob a televangelist s revival taking place in a football stadium The job goes off without a hitch, and then the doublecross And then some other bad stuff The tw [...]

    16. After shelving the amoral protagonist Parker for than twenty years, it was entertaining to see Westlake bring him back to action in the aptly named Comeback Having read every Parker novel recently to catch up, I was particularly attuned to the change in eras, and waiting to see how the passage of time would affect both the narrative and the writing First, the writing Westlake lingers a little longer on his characters, giving us insight into them as creations and himself as a creator It s clear [...]

    17. This was my first Parker novel and I am a convert Never a fan of police procedurals, I was seduced in the first pages by this crime procedural Parker is a good criminal in this instance a thief I am not sure what additional talents he may exhibit in other novels He is not an anti hero along the lines of Patricia Highsmith s Ripley or TV s Dexter I did not watch Parker with the mix of disbelief, horror, and pleasure I do those other characters Parker is simply a criminal who gets away with things [...]

    18. Perennial thief, Parker, returns in a heist sure to scorn the faithful and faithless alike Comeback sees Parker target a Christian crusade making its way across America with a half a million dollar bounty ripe for the taking The plan resembling little than a covert smash and grab thanks to inside help looks set to go off without a hitch That is, until the inside guy gets cold feet and spills the beans that he s told his girlfriend of the scheme Naturally the smooth terrain turns to a slippery s [...]

    19. Comeback marks the return of premier mononymous heister, Parker He re emerges with a bang, several punches, a few karate chops, and a brutal kick to a foe s groin.One of the novel s highlights is a well written pursuit and fight scene between weaponless Parker and a double crossing partner It takes place in near total darkness and involves their moving around an abandoned and dangerously trashed multi level house Richard Stark s vivid writing puts a virtual video camera into the reader s hands s [...]

    20. In 1974 after the epic Butcher s Moon, Richard Stark s great anti hero Parker went quiet Twenty three years later, Stark aka crime writing legend Donald Westlake revived the character with one of the best entries in the entire series Parker and his fellow criminals have a line on an all cash traveling religious crusade They find an inside man who is sick of the hypocrisy of the pseudo preacher and wants to get even With the inside man growing increasingly nervous, Parker knocks him out, and they [...]

    21. Welcome back, Parker We missed you, buddy After a 23 year hiatus, Parker is back, and he s still the same badass robber we all know and love And that s not all Ed Mackey and Brenda are also along for the ride, as the string robs an evangelist s cash proceeds, amounting to just under 400,000 The inevitable double cross ensues, which complicates things for Parker, Ed, and Brenda.This is the first of Richard Stark s second run of Parker novels, and if this is any indication of what s to come, I can [...]

    22. I so enjoy the Parker series Although I am grateful to have found these books, I am sad that Donald Westlake Richard Stark is gone and no longer writing any new ones But I ve got a few to go This one is especially good as Parker and his cronies do a heist of a Christian crusade Of course there s a double cross, but Parker always survives for the next robbery.

    23. If you like crime fiction, it is a guarantee that you will go bonkers over Comeback, the 17th Parker novel, published in 1997 after a 23 year hiatus following Butcher s Moon in 1974 It is tightly written, professionally engineered masterpiece of crime fiction Whatever rough edges could be found in the original Parker novels written in the 1960 s and early 1970 s, those edges are gone This is a smoothly written, master crafted work of art If you have not read any Parker novels before, be forewarn [...]

    24. The fictional thief known only as Parker has a 46 year career thanks to his creator Richard Stark Donald Westlake writing under the pen name Richard Stark draws a hard boiled world in a series of thrillers starring the cool headed professional criminal The cunning survivor first arrives in 1962 in The Hunter when Parker goes on a personal quest to avenge himself on his ex partners They had taken his share of a big score and left him for dead He robbed, bullied, schemed and killed his way past ot [...]

    25. Bound Three More the Had WayParker is Back to Kick Your Ass SunPost Weekly March 31, 2011 John Hood bit gdPw6B Seems like only yesterday I was heralding another stack of Richard Stark re racks and basking in the black and blue of it all Alas that was last August, which is far too many yesterdays to let lapse before we do it all over again No, don t worry This won t be a repeat Not really It will though be another call for you to hit your local book joint and pocket a fistful of very vivid violen [...]

    26. After a twenty three year absence, Parker came roaring back to life in Comeback, jumping from the 70 s to the late 90 s and not missing a single ruthless beat Neither does Stark, writing as though he had never stopped producing Parker books This time, Parker joins a crew that robs a religious megashow, but as always, things go wrong and Parker has to hunt down a traitor while keeping one step ahead of the police and the preacher s security team.SpoilersThe jump in time since Butcher s Moon is ne [...]

    27. Comeback was the first Parker novel in 23 years the last being Butcher s Moon in 1974 It is also the first Parker story I have read which is a crime in itself.Parker is a career criminal, and as the story opens, he has teamed up with George Liss, Ed Mackey to rob William Archibald Archibald is a big time TV evangelist, and he holds Christian Crusades at football stadiums, where his flock attend and hand over large amounts of cash in donations.Parker and his team intend to relieve Archibald of th [...]

    28. Inspired return to the series after 20 years hiatus by Stark Parker is part of a small team set to rob a big time evangelist s cash love offerings to the tune of 400K I listened to this on audio while crocheting a pink pussyhat I had to rip out half the hat twice because I d gotten so caught up and nervous that I tightened up my stitches and screwed up the tension Whatever Parker was a treat in this one There s a wonderful Foreward by Lawrence Block too.

    29. As the title suggests, this novel marks the late 90s return of master heister Parker, last seen in the mid 70s in Butcher s Moon Perhaps wisely, Stark doesn t even acknowledge the time gap between Parker novels or the simple fact that Parker is technically 23 years older, in which case he would probably be pushing 60 Like Batman and James Bond, Parker doesn t really age he just is On the other hand, there are some noticeable differences from the earlier books, such as a relatively lighter tone a [...]

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