The Gathering Horde (Zed's World #1) #2020

The Gathering Horde (Zed's World #1) By RichBaker The Gathering Horde Zed s World The most ambitious terrorist plot ever undertaken is about to be put into motion releasing an unstoppable force against humanity Ordinary people a group of students celebrating the end of the semeste
  • Title: The Gathering Horde (Zed's World #1)
  • Author: RichBaker
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  • Page: 374
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Gathering Horde (Zed's World #1) By RichBaker The most ambitious terrorist plot ever undertaken is about to be put into motion, releasing an unstoppable force against humanity Ordinary people a group of students celebrating the end of the semester, suburban and rural families are about to find themselves in the center of something that threatens the survival of the human species As they battle the dead and theThe most ambitious terrorist plot ever undertaken is about to be put into motion, releasing an unstoppable force against humanity Ordinary people a group of students celebrating the end of the semester, suburban and rural families are about to find themselves in the center of something that threatens the survival of the human species As they battle the dead and the living it s going to take every bit of skill, knowledge and luck for them to survive in Zed s World The Gathering Horde introduces readers to Zed s World, the first seven episodes of an online serial saga released for the first time with updated content as a novella Go to zedprep to join the mailing list and see exclusive content before it s available to the public
    The Gathering Horde (Zed's World #1) By RichBaker
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      One of the things that has drawn Rich to the post apocalyptic genre is how it resets everything The rules of society get turned on their head What s important immediately becomes very Maslowian In the case of the zombie plague, safety even takes precedence over the physiological needs How people would react to that situation is fascinating to me I try to weave many different perspectives into my writing because no two people, or two groups of people, will have the same reaction It makes for some interesting scenarios and unlimited causes of conflict The novella The Gathering Horde and the follow up novel Roads Less Traveled explore just such a universe of events The third book in the Zed s World series is almost done, so now is a great time to get caught up on what happened so far


    1. This story is short, but engaging, and offers a novel premise for the origins of the plague that causes the zombie apocalypse I thought terrorism was a unique and believable with what is going on in our world right now scenario for the introduction of the deadly virus It explains not only its origins, but how it is spread through the population so rapidly We didn t really have time to get to know the characters very well in this short piece, but I am looking forward to getting to know them bette [...]

    2. The Gathering Horde is a whole lot of zombie fun Let s be honest, we all know it will never happen, but what if What would you do Where would you go Could you survive That is the appeal of the zombie apocalypse.Rich Baker took me on a maniacal ride through the beginning of the end of the world as we know it In a world filled with pages of the undead, he has kept his story fresh and exciting.What Rich Baker did exceptionally well was the chase We follow Ben and Toni as they race to escape The Gat [...]

    3. I received a complimentary copy of this audiobook from the publisher author in exchange for a voluntary honest review.I m not a big zombie fan, but I felt that the story was well crafted and entertaining and would interest fans of the genre into continuing the series The brevity and abrupt ending of the first story also leaves the reader wanting a conclusion.I wasn t pleased by the narration of the audiobook, but I became used to it after a few chapters and would probably be comfortable listenin [...]

    4. A great start to a zombie series This short story is extremely fast pace and the action is almost non stop as a new virulent plague is unleashed in a small college town The story follows a few characters and their sons who are just finishing up their year of school.College parties at the end of the school year Sure Fights breaking out Maybe Cops in full riot gear Could happen People attacking and beginning to eat their victims Uh oh The end of this world has happened and a new world is emerging [...]

    5. Every now and again I need to read a zombie story, my problem is that they just aren t that exciting any This short is part of a series, which is great for me While this story didn t grab me by the throat and give me that rush that a good zompoc book can, it did keep me interested enough to finish it and get part 2 of this series I guess that for me, it s a good start Here s hoping book 2 wows me.

    6. Awesome Aww s over already Yep I just finished the book It was a smooth read, interesting characters and well written Baker knew what he was doing when he ended it in just the right place to leave readers begging for Musthaveoks

    7. Love Zombies I do This is the first installment of a series that is sure to keep readers excited about the apocalypse Baker crafts a modern story and characters that readers will find easily relatable You won t want to stop reading

    8. Good bookI really liked how the zombies came to life The author made it seem real and very scary Call me a wimp, but the thought of zombies chasing me is not appealing Lol

    9. Good story lineVery interesting story line very believable that it could happen this way and in a college town at graduation the large parties I loved it but it is a short read

    10. NB This title is the secofirst of two books included in the single audiobook, ZEDS WORLD THE GATHERING HORDES and ROADS LESS TRAVELLED Format Audiobook We re on our own out here This Audio book includes the first two episodes of an ongoing serial As such, further books will be required to complete the story.Having said that, the first of the two books, Gathering Hordes, could be read alone as it reads like a short story covering the redistribution of the virus which will cause such worldwide dev [...]

    11. First of all this is a zombie book If you don t like zombie books you won t like this one I like zombies and enjoy reading new books on the subject As the title hints at, I loved the easter eggs hidden in the pages of this book and hey, this book was fun but it did not really break any new ground on the topic I have to read the third book now because I hate leaving a series unfinished hope you are listening G.R.R.M o This was the audio book version I didn t take to the reading by S.W Salzman unt [...]

    12. This first part of the trilogy set s up the terrorist attach that launches the zombie apocalypse and introduces the survivors and the not so lucky we will follow through the rest of the story.I liked the story because, for the most part these are just ordinary people college kids, suburbanites, farmers and others who never intended to be heroes or to be struggling to survive when most of the world has gone insane.Definitely not for those who think a 6 week trial subscription is a long term commi [...]

    13. While I wanted to give the narrator a cough drop or a glass of water I did get use to his scratchy voice I wasn t sure if this was his natural voice or a conscience decision for the voice work All in all it was a great listen I look forward to the continuation of the series D Day is a bad ass I can t wait to see what happens to him all of he characters in the various story lines I received a complimentary copy of this audiobook from the publisher author but voluntarily give my honest review.

    14. I love good zombie tales And this one does not disappoint I don t normally read short stories or novellas because I enjoy a meaty book I m so glad I read this one though I hope the author has expanded on this idea I d definitely read it Makes one shudder to think how close to true this type of situation could be

    15. Terrorists release the most disastrous virus in history Around the globe millions of citizens fall dead only to stand once again as the insanely hungry undead The first book is short and outlines the beginning of the virus outbreak and the players involved This audiobook was given by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom.

    16. Fair readI guess I m getting jaded by all the Z books I ve read This is a descent book but it didn t pull me in and get me locked into the characters as I feel a great book will Well edited however.

    17. Decent read.Not bad, considering this is the first book I m looking forward to It is a bit short for a book though.

    18. NiceThis book is way to short This author knows how to get you ready to read The writing is realistic enough that it gives you the shivers I can t wait for the next book.

    19. There really wasn t much to this book It didn t give you time to get to know any of the characters I know a lot of these books are some what alike but the characters keep you reading and this book was over before you got to know any one.

    20. Cool Excellent beginning to the Zombie Apocolypse Graduating from college is supposed to be exciting, but I think this is than the planned for.

    21. Book ooneFirst chapter jumps around a lot to keep up with second chapter rocks lived it as it picks up speed at the end

    22. Great readI enjoyed the book immensely It has a very real feel to it Interesting and not to much nonsense A definite buy

    23. A short novella showing terrorists preparing a virus that they hope will destroy America Martyrs line up to get mauled and reanimate to spread the disease Their plan is well thought out and the jihadists begin to celebrate on their success after launching their plan A group of college students are caught on campus in the middle of it all and try to escape the treacherous hoards to reach the safety of their homes Great intro to the series John Podlaski, author Cherries A Vietnam War Novel and Whe [...]

    24. I found this short story to be gripping and engrossing as the zombie apocalypse is unleashed on the world The story had me from the beginning as the virus is spread by a unique method and in our world today, totally believable The characters are very realistic and developed which is a plus They are everyday people not super heroes and the bad guys are well they are evil in every sense of the word I am looking forward to see where this story goes in each installment and highly recommend it to any [...]

    25. Great Story For ZedI just loved this short story about the end of mankind brought about by jihadists Then you mix in zombies and you have my kind of a story By the time mankind wakes up to what s going on it s too late, it has become Zed s world.

    26. Short, but goodPrequel to a start of I hope to be a great series Characters are well introduce, hopefully detail comes with the next in the series.

    27. Great startGreat start to a series Written realistically and with some grit Looking forward to the next one in the series.

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