The Tengu's Game of Go #2020

The Tengu's Game of Go By Lian Hearn The Tengu s Game of Go The rightful emperor is lost to the world farther from the throne than ever before The lord of the usurper clan has fallen ill and further unrest looms Shikanoko has withdrawn to the furthest reache
  • Title: The Tengu's Game of Go
  • Author: Lian Hearn
  • ISBN: 9781681681580
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Audio CD
  • The Tengu's Game of Go By Lian Hearn The rightful emperor is lost to the world, farther from the throne than ever before The lord of the usurper clan has fallen ill, and further unrest looms Shikanoko has withdrawn to the furthest reaches of the country, leaving his allies stranded and the Spider Tribe unchecked Lakes are drying up, rivers receding have the powers of Heaven abandoned the EigThe rightful emperor is lost to the world, farther from the throne than ever before The lord of the usurper clan has fallen ill, and further unrest looms Shikanoko has withdrawn to the furthest reaches of the country, leaving his allies stranded and the Spider Tribe unchecked Lakes are drying up, rivers receding have the powers of Heaven abandoned the Eight Islands The Tale of Shikanoko began with an unusual game of Go, as young Shikanoko s father sat down to an ill advised match against a tengu Now, in the last chapter of The Tale of Shikanoko, the stones are arrayed in their final positions on the board In The Tengu s Game of Go, all are forced to confront the missteps of the past, as the wrath of Heaven weaves tight around its mortal players Hidden identities are revealed, loyalties are put to their ultimate test, and death appears around every corner Throughout The Tale of Shikanoko, Lian Hearn has masterfully captured the thrilling danger and beauty of the medieval and magical In the final installment, Shikanoko risks everything for fate and justice an exhilarating ending to an unforgettable adventure.
    The Tengu's Game of Go By Lian Hearn Nioh The Tengu s Disciple DLC Review IGN The Tengu s Disciple essentially fits into Nioh as a side story that takes place after the events of the main game Your character finds a dagger at a shrine that suddenly transports them back in Nioh The Tengu s Disciple Preview First DLC Brings a Jul , The Tengu s Disciple, the long awaited first DLC for Nioh , is upon us on July IGN Japan went hands on with the new content, which features a The Tengu s Game of Go Book in the Tale of Sep , In The Tengu s Game of Go, the final book of Lian Hearn s epic Tale of Shikanoko all of which will be published in the rightful emperor is lost illness and murder give rise to suspicions and make enemies of allies Unrest rules the country. Nioh The Tengu s Disciple DLC Review A worthy disciple Aug , The Nioh The Tengu s Disciple DLC efficiently and intelligently builds off the strength of the main game with its solid new enemy variants and satisfying boss fights. Nioh The Tengu s Disciple PS Review PlayStation Universe hours agoThe Tengu s Disciple is a great addition to Nioh It was great to go back and play through some of the original game locations before the protagonist William made his way through Yokai infested Nioh DLC The Tengu s Disciple gameplay Gematsu Jul , Publisher Koei Tecmo and developer Team Ninja debuted gameplay footage of the July due Nioh downloadable content The Tengu s Disciple during a pre launch live stream Preview gameplay videos
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      Lian Hearn s beloved Tales of the Otori series, set in an imagined feudal Japan, has sold than four million copies worldwide and has been translated into nearly forty languages It is comprised of five volumes ACROSS THE NIGHTINGALE FLOOR, GRASS FOR HIS PILLOW, BRILLIANCE OF THE MOON, THE HARSH CRY OF THE HERON and HEAVEN S NET IS WIDE The series was followed by two standalone novels, BLOSSOMS AND SHADOWS and THE STORYTELLER AND HIS THREE DAUGHTERS, also set in Japan Hearn s forthcoming series The Tale of Shikanoko will be published by FSG in 4 volumes in 2016 Book 1 will be EMPEROR OF EIGHT ISLANDS out in late April 2016, followed by book 2 AUTUMN PRINCESS, DRAGON CHILD June , book 3 LORD OF THE DARKWOOD August , and the final book 4 THE TENGU S GAME OF GO late Sept 2016 Lian has made many trips to Japan and has studied Japanese She read Modern Languages at Oxford and worked as an editor and film critic in England before immigrating to Australia.


    1. Mu was thinking of the vision he had seen when he flew above the land, as if it had been a scroll or a Go board All the pieces were in their positions, and flames were charring the edges It was time to act It was his turn now to be a player and all his training had prepared him for this The tengu had already told him what he had to do Join forces with your brother, find Shikanoko, and offer him these forces so the Emperor might be restored and Heaven placated The final episode of the Tale of Shi [...]


    3. 3.75 starsHearn s writing style is SO dry, but once I got about 20% into the book, I couldn t put it down I did feel emotionally detached from the characters because of the narrative style Since this was the 4th book in the series, it was irritating when I couldn t remember who someone was or events from previous volumes, and there were few hints to help me remember Two hated characters met their deserved ends, and the conclusion of the overall storyline was satisfying.

    4. It was a befitting ending to the series I need to think about the structure of the story and how it relates to traditional epics and how it deviates like a modern narrative There was enough of ancient and modern to satisfy the hard to please reader like me The series also triggered this interesting question of how can you write about a foreign culture and if you blend it so much with fantasy, are you free to take any culture as the source and background of your story Can you invent a Japanese c [...]

    5. As much as I loved this book over the third book i began to trudge through this It wasn t a bad book or poorly written however I felt like this was a long journey This amazing serious could have been easily one book I m just glad I finished this

    6. Originally published at Reading RealityIn a way, I m sorry that this series had to end The story is utterly marvelous, and the world it creates is fascinating, deadly and beautiful, often all at the same time But all good things must come to an end, and I m very glad to see how it all turned out.In my mind, there are multiple interpretations of this story One is about the lengths that fate will go through to bring about what is meant to be after it is knocked out of its intended path by chaos An [...]

    7. I like that this wrapped up neatly but not TOO neatly I mean I guess things pretty much work out how you expect them to but on the other hand many people are unhappy at the conclusion of this story whichalistic Anyway, again, very heavily influenced by traditional Japanese epics but still a very fun read I liked this quartet a lot.

    8. Before you pick up this fourth book, read the first three Hearn does an excellent job of keeping the various plot threads woven nicely throughout the four books, bringing them through to the conclusion of the tale and fourth book I like that there are multiple characters and not just one hero This makes for a much satisfying read overall The writing continues to be solid and well edited I feel the conclusion is satisfying, especially for the style this is written in I like the sizes lengths of [...]

    9. A fantastic and quite beautiful tale The saga wraps up nicely, but almost TOO nicely Maybe I m a stickler who craves ambiguous endings, maybe I just don t fully understand this game of Go, or maybe just maybe the ending is just a tad bit lackluster Yet, despite my personal reservations, this series stands out It is a unique journey that spans generations, with an ideal setting and a fully fleshed and diverse cast of characters Very few of these characters ever feel minor by the end and while I h [...]

    10. Ultimately these books all need to be read together I had a hard time keeping track of what was going on when too much time passed between readings Part of the problem was that these books just didn t grip me Perhaps it was a stylistic dislike the prose sounded like it was translated even though it was written in English While I m sure that was a deliberate choice and supposed to invoke old Japanese legends, it became tiresome after awhile Taken altogether, these books are almost a thousand page [...]

    11. Beautiful story by Lian Hearn as usual I loved this series maybe even than the Otori one but maybe I should read them again The last pages left a smile on my face and a feeling of being home As usual again, her depiction of ancestral Japan is just, detailed and full of wonders Beautifully written

    12. Brings the series full circle I don t know that I would recommend the series It is very dark, with murder, suicide, mutilation, rape, prostitution, homosexuality, pacts with spirits, blood magic, possession, and just for good measure, adultery It is most definitely not for kids, and may not be for some adults either That being said, it deals with all of these themes well, never glorifying the acts It also never narrates any of them Hearn lets the reader know what happened, then skips to the end. [...]

    13. Hearn s writing really confuses me Not only how much information and summary comes at me, but why she skims over certain sections but not others The action scenes in this book were really bad To build up certain things for so long only to shut them down kills me, disappoints me But then to add other strange paragraphs about mostly meaningless histories or names of unnecessary characters creates a contrast I don t like If I had to do it over, would I listen to the entire Tale of Shikanoku I don t [...]

    14. Really great finale All of the characters stories were wrapped up in a satisfying way for me There was a slight bit of Dues ex machina at the climax, but I think given the way the story had worked leading up to it, it isn t an issue.This is definitely connected to her other series, but I m not sure if I ever will read those books Partly because I m just not that interested, but also I can never seem to find them all in similar covers that I like, or in some cases at all I guess the series is so [...]

    15. Out of all the books, this one was the least satisfying It was good but it just did not have the oomph of the previous three books Instead of ending with a bang it just ends with a whisper.The whole book resolves itself in the last four chapters which makes it feel rushed I wanted to spend a bit time with the characters because I am attached to them The ones I liked the least died in this book so that makes me happy.Overall I really liked this series and this book is just missing that something [...]

    16. Justice has been served This series was absolutely amazing I enjoyed every minute of it The intrigue, twists, and storytelling is unforgettable I am sorry to have to say goodbye to the characters that I have grown to love But the send off was highly appropriate.Apparently, this series is a prequel to the Tales of the Otori series I am fortunate in that I haven t read that series yet I am aware that it takes place many, many years later It appears that I will have to pick that series up and see h [...]

    17. The stars are for the whole series, which I loved Love the stylized but totally appropriate to the mood language, the setting, the magical beings, the connections to the Tales of the Otori subtle but there And the covers of the series are absolutely stunning this is one instance when it s entirely appropriate to judge a book by its cover.

    18. Loved the final book, I was delighted when the Tengu s came back and started moving their pieces around I was wondering how all the characters would collide and Hearn delivered The ending was amazing when she tied all the stories in with Tales of the Otori.

    19. 4 stars from Marion, read the full review at FANTASY LITERATUREDisclaimer just so you know, some of the books we review are received free from publishersAt the beginning of THE TALE OF SHIKANOKO, Shikanoko s father played a game with a tengu He lost, and what he lost cast an entire kingdom into disaster Shikanoko, whose birth name was Kazumaru, was tainted by sorcery and as much a victim as a wielder of it Now, in The Tengu s Game of Go, the second generation rises to try to set things right.Lia [...]

    20. This book seemed weaker and less compelling than its predecessors, and I found it harder to finish It s still original and fascinating, but a heavier read.

    21. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which was the final one in the series The balance of power is restored and it the gods seem to be happy.

    22. So clever Well done Lian I really didn t see it coming A wonderful tale in a rich and magical universe I can only recommend this journey 3

    23. Great final chapter for all characters in this story Well, after all, this series were mind blowing Full of wonder and amazement.

    24. Once, a long time ago, I made a vow, Shika said That I would find Yoshimori and restore him to the throne But then the mask became fused to my face and I felt I was condemned to live out my life outside human society, like an animal in the forest This is the fourth book in the Tale of Shikanoko series, and I started to read it with mixed feelings On one hand, I couldn t wait to find out what would happen next On the other hand, I really didn t want the series to end The four books in this series [...]

    25. I enjoyed all four books of this series, but the second two did not feel as satisfying as the first two.The villains seem to meet unceremonious ends, with little reflection from main characters More difficult than this for me was the 10 12 year absence of the title character, Shikanoko The way the missing decade is explained is not satisfying at all, and the characters he is with seem no different from the years spent in the north.The only real troubling part of the books is Shikanokos relations [...]

    26. I enjoyed how all of the disparate threads of the previous 3 books were brought together I don t want to give too many details, though This is a book worth enjoying, without hearing hints in advance.

    27. 3.5 starsIt is time Shikanoko and his strange sons and various allies are ready to take on their enemies the Miboshi and the Kakizuki clans, and secure the Lotus Throne for the true Emperor, Yoshimori Fantastical creatures and legendary wizards, men with shifting moralities, women who have their own secret agendas, and others will have to choose a side and take a final stand in a battle that the spirits in Heaven itself are eagerly anticipating.In this final volume of the Tale of Shikanoko serie [...]

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