Morning Glories Vol. 8 #2020

Morning Glories Vol. 8 By Nick Spencer Joe Eisma Morning Glories Vol It s time to stop running Allegiances are formed rivals are challenged and the Glories take a defiant stand against the faculty in the explosive turning point arc Assembly Collects MORNING GLORIES
  • Title: Morning Glories Vol. 8
  • Author: Nick Spencer Joe Eisma
  • ISBN: 9781632154163
  • Page: 279
  • Format: ebook
  • Morning Glories Vol. 8 By Nick Spencer Joe Eisma It s time to stop running Allegiances are formed, rivals are challenged, and the Glories take a defiant stand against the faculty in the explosive turning point arc Assembly Collects MORNING GLORIES 39 42.Series DescriptionMorning Glory Academy is one of the most prestigious prep schools in the country, but behind it s hallowed doors something sinister and deadly lurkIt s time to stop running Allegiances are formed, rivals are challenged, and the Glories take a defiant stand against the faculty in the explosive turning point arc Assembly Collects MORNING GLORIES 39 42.Series DescriptionMorning Glory Academy is one of the most prestigious prep schools in the country, but behind it s hallowed doors something sinister and deadly lurks When six brilliant but troubled new students arrive, they find themselves trapped and desperately seeking answers in a place where nothing is what it seems to be IT S RUNAWAYS MEETS LOST FROM THE WRITER OF EXISTENCE 2.0, FORGETLESS, AND SHUDDERTOWN
    Morning Glories Vol. 8 By Nick Spencer Joe Eisma Morning Glories, Vol For a Better Future Aug , Vol of Morning Glories pleasantly surprised me From the cover, the book looks like a preppy drama graphic novel and whilst I was looking forward to reading something along those lines, it couldn t have been different and I loved it The best way to describe this graphic novel Morning Glories, Vol For a Better Future by Nick Spencer Feb , Morning Glories is an insultingly ugly book apparently this is a rather popular and rather critically acclaimed series well, i suppose people also once thought the earth was flat. Nov , Sam Quixote rated it it was ok Morning Glories Vol eBook Nick Spencer Aug , Like the TV show that is referenced in its pages, Lost, Morning Glories forces the readers to keep asking questions The story gives you just enough answers to keep you plowing through the story I am very disappointed to see almost all of Image s work pulled from the kindle store so that I am unable to continue the story instantly. Morning Glories, Vol P.E by Nick Spencer Jun , Morning Glories, Vol book Read reviews from the world s largest community for readers One of the most prestigious prep schools in the country Morning Glories Volume Comic Vine Morning Glories Deluxe Collection Vol Beginning with issue , the series started to feature a backup series called Morning Glories Babies Issue s have been translated into Morning Glories Vol Image Comics Jan , Collecting the Assembly arc Everything converges as Casey challenges the Academy s favorite in the Student Council elections, while Ike and Jake confront the demons in their pasts The run up to the explosive Season finale begins here Collects MORNING GLORIES .
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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.Nick Spencer is a comic book writer known for his creator owned titles at Image Comics Existence 2.0 3.0, Forgetless, Shuddertown, Morning Glories , his work at DC Comics Action Comics, T.H.U.N.D.E.R Agents , and for his current work at Marvel Comics Iron Man 2.0, Ultimate Comics X Men.


    1. Interesting visual style aside, I ve now reached the point where I can no longer justify the time spent reading this series To be honest, I likely wouldn t have even bothered with this one had I not picked up all eight issues leading up to 42 at the same time But I did, and so I felt compelled, and afterwards I felt annoyed and disappointed, mainly with myself.Perhaps perhaps it might be worth returning to this world once the last edition has been published and a patient reader can sit and go th [...]

    2. II think I keep reading this book because I keep waiting for something to happen, and then nothing happens, but we keep getting promises of things to happen And then there s time travel and Lost references and I can t remember which of the twins is still alive at this point and where did the snobby rich kid go I haven t seen him in a while And then Eisma keeps drawing every face the same, or close to it, and the colorist has no idea how skin tones work And nothing makes much sense at all.And yet [...]

    3. FINALLY A situation that could turn out amazing and deliver answers SPOILERS lots like a synopsis for me for when I pick this title back up Casey s rival Isabel returns and we find out that she is Class President One of the benefits of being Class President is that you get to speak face to face with the ever elusive Headmaster Therefore, Casey, after declaring intent to get answers from him then kill him in revenge for her parents death, announces she is running for Class President Hopefully, s [...]

    4. Morning Glories Series Ratings Morning Glories, Vol 1 For a Better Future Morning Glories, Vol 2 All Will Be Free Morning Glories, Vol 3 P.E TBRMorning Glories, Vol 4 Truants TBRMorning Glories, Vol 5 Tests TBRMorning Glories, Vol 6 Demerits TBRMorning Glories, Vol 7 Honors TBRMorning Glories, Vol 8 Rivals TBRMorning Glories, Vol 9 Assembly TBRMorning Glories, Vol 10 Expulsion TBR

    5. Okay so having given up on this series last volume, I noticed it had come to some sort of a conclusion in the tenth volume, so I thought well okay, let s see if this train wreck of deliberately obtuse lost fanfic actually goes anywhere.Based on the evidence of this volume, no Never has so little actually been done in a volume.

    6. This is a really awful comic, it goes nowhere, he story is beyond stupid and nonsensical I really don t understand why or how I ve stuck with it for so long

    7. Do I really need to keep writing reviews at this point in the series Clearly, if you ve read this far then you know what it s all about Mystery, intrigue, violence and questions Always questions Never enough answers.Please stop adding characters, that we all know I ll never remember Or at least have them look distinctive so I can tell them apart, rather than Blond Boy 1 5.

    8. After being dragged out for a few trades, we finally get some things to help carry a narrative Casey considers running for student counsel and Guillame wants to win some stupid sports game Nothing great, but with all the time travel, flashbacks, and dreamscaping, I m totally fine with just digging in to some cliche teenager problems for a bit The good thing about experiencing all the crazy shit up to this point is that it does kind of transcend what is essentially an episode or two of Saved By t [...]

    9. A move over to surprisingly mundane things a student election, science projects, and a school newspaper Granted, it all has a weird Morning Glories spin, but it s much normal schooldom Obviously, the result doesn t have the heft of the initial run or the Woodrun madness, but it s good to see a bit of real life at the school before the next bit of weirdness.Unlike some of the recent microtrades, this one feels like it has a good beginning and end, thanks to the bookending of Casey s decision to [...]

    10. Collects Morning Glories issues 39 42I keep thinking, I need to start this series over from the beginning to follow what s going on At least maybe I should read the last few volumes to catch back up But I can t do that I don t have time for that Should I wait to read this series until it is completely finished in about two years Maybe, but I still love it, and want to read on Why Why do I love it I m lost, right I don t really know what s going on any, do I I m still basically focused on the ori [...]

    11. I have read morning glories in two different ways waiting to read the trades and reading the single issues.It does not pay to read the book with huge gaps between every issues Even just reading a single trade, it is hard to remember who each character is, and what the hell is actually going on I had not read Morning glories for a long time, before picking up this trade I remembered where I left off, sort of, but I gotta tell you, it is hard to tell some of these damn characters apart Zoe, Isabel [...]

    12. Morning Glories is a peculiar series It concerns a group of students at an elite private school who have been brought together for nefarious purposes that have been slowly revealed over several volumes and aren t quite completely clear even now.There s time travel and, possibly, alternate time streams involved and the whole thing is very much like a story constructed like an M.C Escher painting It s dazzling stuff and entertaining as heck.The complex script is by Nick Spencer and the equally int [...]

    13. This book is frustrating to read, and even frustrating to review It seems like each trade is getting smaller too, with this volume collecting only four issues It is the most straightforward that the book has been for a while, with the time travel ritual sacrifice etc elements dialed back a bit, but we re still getting a hell of a lot questions to go with absolutely zero answers I expect Nick Spencer has a plan, but it s getting to the point where the expectations are definitely higher than wha [...]

    14. I ve kept reading this series and I m not entirely sure why Actually, I know why because I like looking at the art and to hell with the stupid messy story line Seriously, this is one annoying series It was good when it started but now as each instalment just seems to be getting worse and worseAnswers might be there but they re confusing IF they areAND then you re left asking even questions when you get to the end of the tradeSo to be completely and utterly honest my interest in the story line i [...]

    15. Many others have suggested it in their reviews, but this volume veers in a direction of seeming normalcy, at least, as normal as Morning Glories gets.Some smaller players in the game have now risen a bit to prominence Isabel, who was Casey s rival, suddenly has a pivotal role Along with a couple of the adults from the Truant s past lives.But as I mentioned in my earlier review of Volume 7, I ve taken a very passive role in this series I m trying to make sense of the plot, but am not willing to [...]

    16. Finally, the plot actually seems to be going somewhere Even if it is just a dodgeball tournament Factions start actually doing stuff, and there s some coherent plotwork, which has been woefully lacking the last couple of issues It s like the jigsaw pieces have finally all been removed from the box and now they ve started to put the pieces together Now that it s doing something, it s interesting again it no longer feels offensively obtuse, and the story gets a bit compelling again.

    17. I absolutely loved this series when it started but it s now become a huge, sprawling, epic mess There are SO many characters to keep track of that I can no longer remember them all or their character arcs Nothing happens in this volume at all except lots of talking There s a whole issue that is just a lecture on the nature of reality I m looking forward to the series ending so that I can read it through all in one read and hopefully be able to make sense of the plot from beginning to end.

    18. A canon update burst for the last 3 volumes review for all I m still just as much in love with this show as always It s time travel, academy child based, LOST, and it still does own my heart I loved the things we ve learned There were definitely some gasp worthy seconds for events I was not expecting the slightest I do love the continual undercurrent theme about faith and how much it means, to the people and the supernatural elements of the whole series.

    19. Faith restored in MGA 1 my two favs getting screen time would panel time be accurate H G forever 2 the art style is getting sharper again it was way off in the last two trades, even though now the characters look different compared to their look in volume one , well you can t have everything 3 they didn t throw weird shit in, still no answers but well the story line was actually easy to follow and not confusing ENJOYABLE

    20. Well, I am still not sure what is going on this series, but I am enjoying it The plot thickens again but it is hard to keep track of all the plot strands in between instalments Fortunately Spencer does include reminders such as which twin is dead again, although they have swapped names again and, I think, bodies and I sense there is an endgame in sight I look forward to further instalments.

    21. Originally read March 25, 2015Not the most exciting of the MG volumes, but definitely a weird and fantastic read This series deserves far attention that it deserves, and I am looking forward to the completion of what the last few issues have set up This volume holds up way better when you read it directly after the others Not as seeped in mysteries, and Isabel is going to be a frustrating character, but an interesting lead in to the main conflicts of season 2

    22. More riddles within riddles and portentous foreshadowing of things which never quite seem to arrive, plus at least one deeply debatable statement about reality which I fear was intended sincerely Not entirely sure why I m still reading this and yet I already have the next volume out of the library.

    23. I had the vague feeling that the author had no idea where this story was going a few volumes ago, but the first few were so good I ignored it This one confirms it there is no plan in place, no endgame they re working toward, and no way I m wasting my time on another nonsensical volume that goes in circles, very slowly.

    24. This volume was actually kind of boring but nothing TOO confusing happened, which is amazing , but 5 stars to any volume that includes my beautiful, precious son, Guillaume Can we please learn about him Please

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