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Teacher's Dead By Benjamin Zephaniah Teacher s Dead A teacher is dead murdered by two of his students in front of the school He was a good man People liked him So how could this happen Why It just doesn t make sense to Jackson and he is determined to
  • Title: Teacher's Dead
  • Author: Benjamin Zephaniah
  • ISBN: 9780747586098
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
  • Teacher's Dead By Benjamin Zephaniah A teacher is dead, murdered by two of his students in front of the school He was a good man People liked him So how could this happen Why It just doesn t make sense to Jackson, and he is determined to investigate the case until he understands.
    Teacher's Dead By Benjamin Zephaniah
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      176 Benjamin Zephaniah
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    1. Benjamin Zephaniah

      A British Jamaican writer, dub poet and Rastafari He was included in The Times list of Britain s top 50 post war writers in 2008.


    1. I really wanted to like this book than I did, being such a big fan of Zephaniah and in particular his first novel, Face Unfortunately Teacher s Dead is just not as good The main character, Jackson Jones is so utterly bland I felt it hard to feel anything for him We re given very little info on him, certainly nothing physical, not even his age, apart from the fact his Dad has left, he s a bit of a loner and he likes school work, and these are hardly the most endearing qualities His only real pen [...]

    2. Este libro fue una lectura que hicimos para el instituto de ingl s, ya hab amos le do otro libro de Benjamin Zephaniah, Face, y como a la mayor a le hab a gustado, elegimos leer este En realidad, a m no me encant tanto Face, pero mis compa eros eligieron leer este libro y bueno, a m me daba lo mismo, as que dije que s , pero no me hab a maravillado Zephaniah como escritor por lo que no estaba muy entusiasmada por leer este.Teacher s Dead es la historia del asesinato de un profesor ahre que es ob [...]

    3. Having this being the first novel I read by Benjamin Zephaniah, it was joyful and a lucid read It tells the story of the fifteen year old boy, Jackson Jason who at school witness s his teacher s enigmatic stabbing It showered me with emotions from feeling empathy to being flabbergasted by how the juveniles used to cut innocent cat s tails off I have learnt a valuable lesson on how detrimental bullying is and the fact that seeing is not believing and nothing is as it seems Although the ending was [...]

    4. A very interesting book, reminiscent perhaps only to me of Pigeon English another great book Although written in 2007, the subject matter is sadly topical, mirroring to an extent a recent case here in England Good story, and Jackson is an interesting character.

    5. Although Teacher s Dead is a story moving ahead bit cold and numb, somehow it managed to maintain the pace of interest.Strategically written, this was the first book which made me realize that every person s behavior is result of the environment in which he grows, what he has seen throughout her his life, the incidents in her his life and finally what she he decides to outbalance live like that or learn and step ahead to correct the things of past.

    6. No me gust este libro para nada Lo tuve que leer para mi curso de ingles y me pareci s per aburrido Tambi n encontr algunas cosas muy repetitivas y que la historia se desarrolla muy lentamente para mi gusto Creo que he le do libros policiales mucho mejores.

    7. I only picked this book up in the library because it was the nearly the end of the school year and the school library was almost running out of books to take out during the holidays and this one seemed interesting since I ve gotten into mysteries lately I read this book in a day All of it I honestly couldn t put it down Teacher s Dead is intriguing and gives you a clue to the puzzle as each chapter goes on It s gritty, thrilling and constantly leaves you asking questions It also has a neat littl [...]

    8. The story opens with a cleverly descriptive chapter in the third person A teacher, Mr Joseph, is stabbed to death The book then continues in the first person with Jackson, a pupil and witness to the murder, embarking on his personal form of therapy He knows who did what but he wants to know why He finds general condemnation of the culprits, Lionel and Ramzi, but Jackson is seeking an explanation for their action When he meets Mrs Joseph we see an awkward teenager trying to understand adult conce [...]

    9. This book was one of six I have been reading because they have been shortlisted for the Sheffield Children s Book Award I was particularly looking forward to this one the only book in the list by an author that I recognised and he is one of my favourite writers I love Benjamin Zephaniah s poetry, so I launched into Teacher s Dead with incredibly high expectations.The book begins with a murder We know who the killers are from the opening scene, this isn t a whodunnit The story is told from the pe [...]

    10. Jackson Jones, the main character, was present when a teacher, Mr Joseph, at his school who was liked and well respected was stabbed to death on the playground Everyone knows who stabbed him, Lionel and Ramzi, and they even admitted it in court But, Jackson Jones sets out to understand why they stabbed the well liked teacher He becomes friends with Mrs Joseph, the wife of the teacher and Miss Ferrier, the mother of the murderer Lionel, and he soon realizes what Lionel s life was like and that Mi [...]

    11. This is a really good book I think it is aimed at YA readers, it deals with a fairly horrible subject, that unfortunately is plaguing the UK, gun crime is still relatively low among teenagers, but stabbing happens with sickening regularity.I remember seeing the widow of Phillip Lawrence and her attitude in the face of her loss was memorable, this story seems based around that kind of reaction and a student witness who, instead of accepting counselling offered by the school decides his best thera [...]

    12. If this book doesn t teach you not to judge, then nothing will.This short and sweet novel is a marvellous criticism to our society When something bad happens to someone else, we are the first to judge and comment on other people s mistakes We talk and talk as if we knew everything The book is rich in moral values that people tend to ignore It s a great reading to make both teenagers and adults to reflect about those values and make them think twice before criticizing someone else.Where do we get [...]

    13. i really enjoyed this book, as the first novel ive read by Benjamin Zephaniah i found it incredibly gripping Like alot of Benjamin Zephaniahs work it does look at a rundown reqlistic setting to that or your average story At times i did find the stiry and the character Jackson Jones a little odd and in that respect i see the case from the eye of the general public in the book Naturally the plot did intreage me and i found myself feeling like Jackson, curious the story holds a very important mora [...]

    14. it had me thinking completly something different it shows that even though families represent each other one person can not be held resposible for what others in the family have done it tells its readers that we should not judge people and dont make up our mind up about someone becuase of random gossip and rumours the writer also shows that even though losing someone can be hard but we must move on and not hold grudges becasue forgivness is what makes the world go around.i really liked it becaus [...]

    15. Got my curiosity running The probing mind of Jackson kept me wondering and made me ask questions myself The story s plot was strange, curious with a hint of mystery Didn t let me put the book down because I had to know what was happening in the next page, and the next and the next Takes us on a journey of a kid s head and his thoughts when he becomes a witness of his teacher s murder However even when the killers are arrested Jackson has an investigation of his own to understand WHY all this hap [...]

    16. Daughter had just finished it so I thought I would have a quick read and it was a quick one I started it in my lunch break and finished it this evening sat in garden It really makes you think about the real underlying reasons why people do things It is also quite topical due to the death of the teacher a couple of weeks ago I did wonder whether there would be a twist and had guessed something similar earlier on but not all of it Very good I am going to recommend this to some of the teens at scho [...]

    17. This book provides us with a clear message everyone needs to be loved, or bad things happen Issues bullying parental abuse single parent families low socio economic suburbs accidental murder lots to discuss, and Zephaniah handles the issues well but the package is a little too neat too good to be true in it s ending and throughout for that matter Good material for reluctant YA readers.

    18. Teacher s Dead is the sort of book that sounds brilliant from the description on the back, but is a bit of a let down once you actually read it It starts out well the first few chapters are enjoyable Once you get past those, however, it starts to drag on a bit It wan t a horrible book, but it definitely wasn t anything special either I was kind of relieved when I finished it just so I could move on to another book.

    19. I liked this book, it was short, light reading that made me laugh at some points the weather is about to change and confused at some points why, what was their motive to kill Mr Joseph The book was interesting, but I was bored at some points The main character, Jackson Jones was annoying but still likable and the overall plot to the story was good with a clever ending.I recommend this book to the YA audience and slightly below.

    20. I thought this book was awesome It was not at all what it seemed from reading the blurb Some of the characters were out of the ordinary and I loved that It was a great story with an awesome plot line I would recommend this to many people I loved the main character he was well crafted and well written Zephaniah is not an author I had heard of before I read this book but I would definitely read another one of his books if I found one He truly is a brilliant author.

    21. I love Benjamin Zephaniah s books so after reading Refugee Boy I thought I d read this and I wasn t disappointed I started reading it a couple of weeks ago and put it down so I could revise for my exams but today I finished the last 150 pages in two hours It s such a good book, and the last sentence had me cracked up for ages.

    22. Got 3 4 of the way through it and still couldn t get into it So i just skipped and read the last few chapters They tell you the ending in the beginning If the first page doesn t grip you, it s not the book for you because it just goes downhill from there xD

    23. I read this in a day The voice felt authentic and it was an interesting exploration of the real story behind the sort of headline which is upsettingly common in the UK Emotionally, it could maybe have been stronger, but I enjoyed it and it engaged me.

    24. I think this book is very hard hitting and interesting, if a little fanciful and slightly poorly written It is interesting to see the process of the investigation into the murders but it s not quite believable that a 15 year old can do it all in such a way.

    25. I read it too old, but something worth some children reading Not a gripping read, nor with a hugely subtle message I felt like I was watching a kids tv show on ITV it wasn t gripping, wasn t clever and it was just there.

    26. I had trouble liking the narrator he sounded like a ten year old, not a fifteen year old Might have been better in third person Raised some good issues, but ultimately fell flat.

    27. I loved reading this in between a large series that I m reading It s kinda short but is amazingly written and great for ages 12 as my 12 year old brother also loved it

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