Swap! #2020

Swap! By Steve Light Swap An old ship A sad friend A button An idea Let s SWAP In a young scalawag s first tale of bartering a peg legged youngster sets out to help his captain repair his vessel One button for three teacups S
  • Title: Swap!
  • Author: Steve Light
  • ISBN: 9780763679903
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Swap! By Steve Light An old ship A sad friend A button An idea Let s SWAP In a young scalawag s first tale of bartering, a peg legged youngster sets out to help his captain repair his vessel One button for three teacups SWAP Two teacups for four coils of rope SWAP And so it goes, until the little swashbuckler secures sails, anchors, a ship s wheel, and including a happAn old ship A sad friend A button An idea Let s SWAP In a young scalawag s first tale of bartering, a peg legged youngster sets out to help his captain repair his vessel One button for three teacups SWAP Two teacups for four coils of rope SWAP And so it goes, until the little swashbuckler secures sails, anchors, a ship s wheel, and including a happy friend Steve Light s intricate pen and ink illustrations, punctuated by brilliant blue and other hues, anchor this clever tale of friendship and ingenuity.
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      Steve Light grew up in an enchanted place known as New Jersey He went on to study Illustration at Pratt Institute, he also studied with Dave Passalacqua Upon graduating he did some corporate illustrations for companies such as ATT, Sony Films, and the New York Times Book Review Steve Light then went on to design buttons that were acquired by the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum He has since published several children s books with various publishers He has read and told stories all over including The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art and The Milwaukee Museum of Art.Steve loves to draw He draws everyday whether it is drawing in his sketchbook or on fancy paper for an illustration Steve loves fountain pens and collects these ancient artifacts in order to draw with them He also loves making things Steve usually makes things like sculptures and toys out of wood Steve loves sharing his art and stories with children.


    1. This is Caldecott caliber, but probably will be missed by that earnest set of reviewers in favor of some new and trendy piece of nonsense A pirate and his mate son refurbish their vessel by swapping one item after another till they have a rejuvenated ship, complete with a figure head and a parrot The use of color vs black and white is masterful, there are tons of details to pore over, and just enough text, as the pictures tell most of the story themselves Ingenious

    2. Read for Librarian Book GroupVery fun story of swapping items for other items and eventually getting what you need The illustrations were grand and this book could possibly double as a coloring book for those with good fine motor skills.

    3. First sentence An old ship A sad friend Premise plot Two pirates one adult, one child find a way to fix their old ship by bartering It starts with a red button that falls off of a shirt That button is swapped for two tea cups Those tea cups are swapped for three coils of rope The swaps get progressively complicated Readers may or may not catch on immediately to what is going on Part of each trade is being held back to repair their ship Part of each trade is being used to keep on swapping My tho [...]

    4. Steve Light rules Swap is a super fun picture book about taking what you have and swapping for the other stuff you need There are some good math things, not just counting but also addition and subtraction It s kind of like a big silly word problem It would be a fun book for a pirate story time and you could totally sing the pirate version of zoom zoom zoom with it Also it s the kid version of trading a paper clip for a mansion or whatever that was.

    5. Check out Picture book reviews Perspective of a WriterA little swashbuckler goes a bartering in hopes of helping his captain make his vessel seaworthy One button for three teacups SWAP The art in this is divine My personal favorite type of art is pen and ink The touches of color are perfect and really the art is a budding artist s dream I had SO many favorite spreads in this book The flag swap is so, so gorgeous and the 4 pack squares when they were repairing the ship GAH Of course my nephew ha [...]

    6. Ya ampuuuunnn aku suka bangeeeetttt sama ceritanyaAnaknya pintar dan cerdas banget Hanya dari sebuah kancing lalu barter sana sini hingga bisa bikin kapal.Ih pasti gedenya jadi milyuner deh

    7. LOOOOOOVE the illustrations Tempted to bump up to 5 just for that because they re so fun to look at The story is cute and fun too

    8. A young boy comes across a ship s captain who is heartbroken because his ship is in such poor shape The peg legged boy decides to help his friend gather the supplies he needs to fix up his ship by swapping or bargaining for what they need They start one one red button off the sailor s coat, which they trade for two teacups The two teacups are traded for three coils of rope Two coils of rope are then traded for six oars and so on and so forth until the boy and the sailor and a monkey have visited [...]

    9. 3.8 starsGot this title from a list of best picture books of 2016.A young, peg legged pirate helps his sad friend scrounge up the ingredients to make a new ship to replace the old, worn out ship It all begins with the pirate swapping a button for another item More swapping ensues With each swap, the elements of the new ship are accumulated The illustrations show what both the swapper and the swap ee do with their swapped items.

    10. A series of swaps leads to a new ship Cleverly illustrated and interesting to see the little boy with a peg leg instead of the captain.

    11. Two sailing friends with no money and an old worn out ship make a series of advantageous swaps until they have the things they need to rehabilitate their ship Steve Light s fountain pen drawings animate the visual part of the story as some illustrations are left uncolored and others are filled in with rich ink and gouache The illustrations filled in with color blue of the water are the biggest visual treat and the other pieces that are in color highlight his main characters and the items swapped [...]

    12. My almost six year old boy learning to read at school finds this very engaging for a few reasons I think 1 There s a map of a sea journey at the front 2 mathematical concepts involved 3 simple language with lots of repetition of the word swap 4 great illustrations with an interesting juxtaposition of detailed black white drawing with a few full colour elements on every page.

    13. BEAUTIFUL I adore the illustrations in this book It s fantastically detailed and sparsely colored The text is simple which makes it a great book to focus on the wonderful pen and ink illustrations This book will transport you to a beautiful fantasy world and a story about friendship and ingenuity.

    14. Illustration I This book is fun and with tons of details Like the idea of teaching kids counting and the concept of exchange Only if everything is real life is always like what happened in this book Chances are like that in many cases, people exchange big for small.

    15. A book wherein the text is only a couple of words per page, but the story is fleshed out fully enough in those few words that it needs no Through continual trading, a young pirate manages to outfit an older pirate friend s entire ship The real highlight in this would have to be the illustrations They are very effective, partially black and white line drawing and partially painted They are just gorgeous The book is a lot of fun to read, though it is a fast read All in all, it s just a satisfying [...]

    16. 3.5 StarsI liked the concept of this book Swap for what you need The ink drawings are good but not my taste I felt bad that the little pirate a kid had a peg leg It made me a little sad Over all it was a fun one Barter system can be fun

    17. Summary This story starts out with two sad friends noticing that their ship is very old and beat down A button falls off one of their shirts and they trade it with a young woman for some teacups Then they trade the teacups for some coils of rope They trade two of the coils for six oars They continue to trade numerous different things until they have enough parts to fix their ship and make it brand new Then the two friends are happy again and set sail on the open ocean.Activity You could split yo [...]

    18. Much in the style of What About Me , a young lad embarks on a clever enterprise of swapping extra items for goods in order to refurbish a broken down old ship The storyline and pictures are so clear, the book almost doesn t need any text What s even interesting than seeing the young boy switch one item for another is seeing the innovative uses to which the items are put Oars, flags and ship wheels get new lives in decidedly quirky ways.Intricate black and white drawings of wooden wheels and lum [...]

    19. Anyone who ever tried to play a game of Trade Up will appreciate this simple yet smart picture book by Steve Light We begin the game with a genial pirate captain and his trusty young first mate who are unsatisfied with their dull, run down vessel Soon an idea develops when they reach the market and barter a button for two teacups, which then gets traded for three coils of rope and then six oars Before long, the reader is drawn into the game, the visual sub stories, and the changing use of color [...]

    20. Review originally posted on Children s AtheneumDo you remember that story a couple of years ago about the guy who exchanged a paper clip for a house The idea being that he started with one red paper clip and kept swapping things for bigger and better things until eventually I swapped for a house This is that story in essence Trading back and forth, One button for three teacups, keeping two teacups and swapping one for something else, until the captain has everything they need for a fine sailing [...]

    21. The captain of a decrepit, old sailing ship sits dejectedly on the dock at loss as to what he should do next His friend suddenly has a brilliant idea swap a button for two tea cups But wait he is not done Next he swaps the cups for ropes, a rope for oars, oars for flags, and on and on Finally, they have all they need to make an old ship new.The busy pen and ink illustrations use color to emphasize the current action of each trade, while the black and white backgrounds show the results The minima [...]

    22. Two sailors leave their worn out ship at the dock and start trading at the market for the supplies needed to repair and spruce it up They start with a button, trade for teacups, then rope, oars, flags, anchors, sails, ship wheels, hats, birds, and finally a mermaid shaped figurehead When everything is in place and the ship in sailing condition, the two set off on a new high sea adventure The illustrations are very unique pen and ink drawings I like that the whole trading process started with the [...]

    23. Steve Light creates amazing illustrations for his books He draws with a fountain pen Every page shares wonderful details Color is strategically placed through out the story It s a fun story about swapping one item for another to build a boat If you love ships, pirates, sailing, or building this could be the book for you Reviewed from a library copy 2016 storytime theme Steve Light2017 storytime theme Mother Goose Water Talk Like a Pirate DayI enjoy this book, so it was a pleasure to share at sto [...]

    24. A fun and lighthearted look at the barter system When one small sailor sees his friend is sad over the poor condition of his ship, he suggest a swap With very few words per page, but lots and lots of details, the sailors swap one button for two teacups, and two teacups for three coils of rope Keeping one rope, they swap two coils of rope for six oars, and so on until they have all the things they need to repair the ship Join in the transactions and watch how two simple sailors get everything the [...]

    25. When one is in need of repairing your pirate ship and one has no money what is one to do Well swap of course Starting with a button that pops from his shirt, the pirate swaps items and eventually repairs his ship Love the pen and ink sketches and the fact the author illustrator only colors in a very small portion of each of the double paged spreads leaving lots of detail to be seen in the illustrations Definitely a different presentation and depicts well the concept of swapping to obtain what on [...]

    26. A depressed sailor has a broken down ship and little friend with a big idea Starting with a loose button the duo start making swaps and eventually have a ship that brings smiles to faces A simple sea tale about an ingenuitive idea that will help little ones practice their number recognition The illustrations are done partly in black and white with the important swapped items and people involved in color Make sure you keep an eye out for the monkey who sometimes is helpful and sometimes is goofin [...]

    27. Steve Light is great at tackling a concept and putting it in a story form 1 Have you seen my Dragon tackles numbers, Have you seen my Monster tackles shapes, and here there is a bit of math and mercantilism woven through A pirate and his friend seek to refurbish their ship and they trade and swap items until they have everything they need As usual, I love of the words are simple but the pictures tell a lot I definitely liked Light s first two works better, but this was still fun The best part of [...]

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