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Becoming Famous By Natalie Scott Becoming Famous Becoming Famous by Natalie Scott is the long anticipated sequel to Rules for Riders Synopsis Bebe Barkley has never released a sex tape She s not America s Next Top Model She didn t get pregnant at
  • Title: Becoming Famous
  • Author: Natalie Scott
  • ISBN: 9781939614537
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
  • Becoming Famous By Natalie Scott Becoming Famous, by Natalie Scott, is the long anticipated sequel to Rules for Riders Synopsis Bebe Barkley has never released a sex tape She s not America s Next Top Model She didn t get pregnant at 16, and has never auditioned for American Idol In fact, she s holed up in a hotel room at the Waldorf in New York City, totally depressed But even though she doesn t knowBecoming Famous, by Natalie Scott, is the long anticipated sequel to Rules for Riders Synopsis Bebe Barkley has never released a sex tape She s not America s Next Top Model She didn t get pregnant at 16, and has never auditioned for American Idol In fact, she s holed up in a hotel room at the Waldorf in New York City, totally depressed But even though she doesn t know it yet, she s about to become famous A former equestrian rider, Bebe had a bright future until a tragic accident changed everything Now she s unable to return to her old life, yet incapable of moving forward.Follow her as she ventures from New York to LA, the City of Broken Dreams, where she will find everything she s ever wanted, only to risk losing the things she truly loves Join Bebe in her heart stopping journey in Becoming Famous.Genres Young Adult Romance
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      Natalie Scott grew up in Melbourne, often referred as the cultural capital of Australia because of its great restaurants, trendy cafes and great shopping Natalie developed a love of books when her fourth grade teacher read the book Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S Lewis.In high school Natalie devoured the classics, her favorite being Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger At University she studied English Literature and Communications, though she will openly admit to spending a lot of time at the college pub where she liked to make up outrageous stories before traveling extensively through Europe and the United States.Throughout her travels, she fell in love with sunny California where she attended classes at UCLA Writer s Program Natalie also attended numerous writers conferences including Santa Barbara, San Diego State and Grubstreet She was the recipient of the Outstanding Fiction award given at the Southern California Writers Conference In her spare time, Scott worked as a spokes model for companies including the AMC Network,, We Entertainment, Hasbro, Adobe and Sony.The Aussie gal is a foodie who loves Vegemite and currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona where she enjoys sharing her passion for food, enjoys exploring new restaurants, happy hour, traveling, and a passion for books and fashion.Scott s debut novel, Rules for Riders, is a fast and furious, coming of age story set in the world of equestrian riding.Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


    1. Enter Natalie Scott s Becoming Famous Giveaway at Tome Tender Win one of three copies Click on Banner to enter U.S Only Having survived the betrayal of a former friend, the loss of a brother and the death of her prized horse, Bebe Barkley s life has been spiraling downward Once a top Equestrian rider, once in love with her trainer, today she is filled only with despair, frozen in time, her life caught in a gridlock of movement Maybe a new address on the other side of the country is in order Can [...]

    2. When Bebe Barkley starts training as a boxer, it didn t occur to me to hope that she might take it up as a career I don t follow women s boxing but it s hard to imagine Bebe as a professional Still, I wish she d entered into some competitions, because that element was the most lacking in Becoming Famous Tho we d not expect Bebe to resume riding, she really ought to accomplish something that depends on on discipline dedication than good looks good luck In Becoming Famous, Bebe achieves huge succ [...]

    3. I did receive ARC from NetGalley for honest review and that what I ll give I read lots of books but this one was very poorly written both grammatically and plot wise If there was no editor then let a friend who teaches English help edit Also don t drink energy drinks or coffee as book skips around so much Interesting ideas but not formed well Get some assistance and write again

    4. According to my Kindle, I m at 25% I can t believe I even made it that far This book is horribly written Finding out that it s a sequel just makes me fear for whomever read the first one and thought a second was needed.This book skips around like an ADHD kid with 3 Red Bulls in him There are NO descriptions There is NO real plot And the whole thing fails on so many levels, it s almost indescribable.But let s get one thing clear, what Bebe did with the will for her suicidal friend was completely [...]

    5. You know, Bebe, when I first met you, I thought you were the most fun, exciting girl I d ever met I would ve followed you anywhere But I was wrong You re a runner, Bebe, every time life gets too hard for you to handle, you run You can run to the end of the earth for all I care But you will never outrun yourself That quote basically explains Bebe exactly how she is and what makes her such an unlikable character.Bebe has let her past make her into a victim of sorts or that the card, she always pla [...]

    6. Hell no Nope Just nope.Guys, am I the only one who could not finish up this book I tried, I swear to God I tried reading it, but after awhile, my annoyance turned into anger, and I just locked my Kindle I could not take it any I usually hate DNF ing a book, especially if it was one for review, but I am so so sorry.Firstly, this book started out way too robotic for me It s like every sentence ends LIKE, I went to eat breakfast When I am done, I grabbed my keys and walked out the front door I met [...]

    7. Received this book from NetGalley for an honest review Sadly, I had to DNF this book at 33% since it bored me to tears and confused the hell out of me At this point there does not seem to be a plot line of any sort and nothing has happened Additionally, the characters make some insane decisions which don t seem logical at all and make the story hard to follow Bebe the main character comes off as a sociopath since she doesn t seem to really care about anyone but herself She coerces a friend into [...]

    8. Bebe is likeable, but yet there are parts of her character which I did not like so it is realistic in that part i just can t endorse all of the happenings for a YA read, but the story is alright Bebe had hopes of being a great equestrian rider, but those plans ended and now she is making the big move to L.A She takes up boxing and acting which leads to a new future, a famous future Bebe goes through a relationship where she loves, fears loving and losing, and then comes to resolution about takin [...]

    9. Even if you haven t read Rules for Riders, the sequel is a totally fun read The characters are really engaging and suck you in from the moment you open the book, I have to admit it s a really fast paced read I couldn t put it down and finished it in just a couple of days If you re looking for fun beach book this one s for you

    10. I was lucky enough to receive this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Ok, so I m going to begin with the negatives But, no matter what, I beg you to continue reading until I get to all the positives because they are definitely worth waiting for I ll start with the main character Honestly, in this book, I wasn t a huge fan of Bebe Barkley She seemed kind of harsh as well spending the majority of her time moping around, sleeping, or drinking I did, however appreciate her charact [...]

    11. This is the rollicking good story of Bebe Barkley and her riotous road to fame and glory Buckle your seatbelt and get ready to ride as this outrageous YA story takes you from New York to Los Angeles, showing once and for all that girls really DO just wanna have fun.Bebe loves to see, be seen, and be seen seeing It s an old adage about overprivileged people, and Bebe certainly embraces that role But not at first In New York, she s down and almost out when she s literally rescued off the street by [...]

    12. I received this book for my review I started this book and it had a hard time gaining my interest The book seemed to jump around and it was fast paced in that the days moved quickly I found the main character Bebe Barkley mysterious and I believe that is why I stayed with the book.The book has many events that occurred to and around Bebe Some of the book was farfetched for me I would never move in with someone I just met But it worked for Bebe Blue was a great character, he seemed to balance Beb [...]

    13. I received the book as an ARC from Net Galley The book is about Bebe Barkley After her dreams of becoming a professional equestrian champion are shattered, Bebe tries to find a new path in life Her impulsive and larger than life attitude allows her to follow her heart from New York to LA, making friends with eccentric artists, fellow aspring actresses, broody boxers, and bossy but hotter than hell directors along the way It is a well written story with characters you can fall in love with The st [...]

    14. THIS REVIEW WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED ATCHAPTERFIVE.WIX CHAPTER5RATE 6 5MY THOUGHTS An artists who looks like her brother and a woman in need of some healing That made becoming famous an insta click for me and Natalie Scott is amazing, you ll love this one.It took me no time at all to dive right back into Bebe and Blue s storyBebe s life gets turned on its side when Blue Benson takes her as his new roommate I think he was smitten with her immediately.It s hard for me to go into details without givin [...]

    15. I received Becoming Famous from Netgalley, before I knew it was a sequel After reading both books, it is definitely better to read Rules For Riders first, so that you understand what Bebe is talking about at some points in the book, though you could read Becoming Famous as a stand alone you might be a little confused, but there is so much going on in this book, that you will not be disappointed I enjoyed reading Becoming Famous, I felt like I was in a whirlwind of famous designers, actors and s [...]

    16. Becoming Famous is the story of Bebe as she rebuilds her life after her career goals are dashed and she must start again Bebe decides to take life by the horns and live it to the fullest She flees first to New York then to California and life takes her on a roller coaster both in her new career in Television and modeling and on a personal level as she makes many friends and can always find a party when she needs them, but eventually Bebe tires of he lifestyle and she must decide if she is ready [...]

    17. Bebe Barkley at the beginning of this book is REALLY messed up She screwed up her life royally and gave up the one thing she really actually loved Her dream of being a Olympic Equestrian I think I enjoyed the book because its really how Bebe gets her shit and her life together We meet some incredibly colorful characters including some really hot guys Which always makes for a fun read along the way who go along with her on her journey Becoming Famous is for any girl who s felt messed up, made bad [...]

    18. Natalie Scott captured the minds of young women who have always fantasized about becoming Famous This is a must read novel for young women who crave excitement by experiencing new adventures Bebe Barkley was a teenage girl who became depressed and defeated by losing her dream to become a champion equestrian She was soul searching after her dream was crushed She became reluctant and went through an identity crisis in terms of a new exploration of finding herself.At times her choices were not alwa [...]

    19. I read Rules for Riders when it first came out and Becoming Famous is just as fast paced But what I really liked about Becoming Famous is a lot of the characters are really flawed and screwed up I find in traditional romance and young adult novels the characters are totally beautiful and perfect What I like about this book, especially the main character Bebe Barkley, is that she starts off in a really bad place She s alone and depressed She s walked away from her former life as a champion eques [...]

    20. Bebe Barkley was a champion equestrian rider with a bright future until tragedy struck The book opens with Bebe alone and depressed in a New York hotel separated from everyone she loves She can t seem to move forward with her life, but doesn t refuses to admit defeat in her life As a 21 year old girl, I totally related to Bebe as I have felt lonely and lost in my own life Becoming Famous is really Bebe s story of finding herself again Without giving too much away, I really liked this book It sk [...]

    21. Scott does a good job bringing in a variety of characters that feel different from each other and telling their story For me it started out a little on the fast paced side but not quite to the point of feeling rushed There were a few little issues I had with continuity and dialogue that didn t seem to further the story but nothing terribly off track Overall this is an easy quick read perfect for soap opera loving readers I wouldn t give the green light for younger readers but I do feel that olde [...]

    22. Bebe Barkley is a hot mess, when the book first opens But that s what I kind of liked about it She is sitting alone and depressed in a hotel room The book is really about her progression to Becoming Famous Don t get me wrong, It s not exactly an easy ride There are a lot of pitfalls, but I really enjoyed the colorful characters that Ms Scott creates, which makes this book such a fun ride A lot of people have commented that the book is fast paced and jumps around I actually liked the writing styl [...]

    23. Becoming Famous was a very entertaining story from beginning to end Bebe gets herself into so much trouble but always manages to come out on top This book is a follow up to Rules for Riders but you don t have to have read that to understand this story line It works well as a stand alone as well since it touches on parts from Rules for Riders I found myself impressed with Bebe in the beginning when dealing with Blue but at times I also wanted to smack her in the head and ask what the heck was wro [...]

    24. First of all, the character starts off in a really bad place Bebe is alone and depressed in the beginning However what I really liked is that the character has an arc and things slowly start to get better for her I ve had times in my life where I ve been lonely and depressed so I can really relate to the character It s a fairly easy read and as things get better for Bebe, so does the pace of the novel There are lots of fun, wild, crazy characters which kept things interesting I have to admit, i [...]

    25. A likeable read for my eleven year old daughter, thou not the genre within the YA genre she s typically drawn to The characters provide a mind provoking look at what every young adult goes through in life when finding oneself after a slip.

    26. I used to watch soap operas This book reminds me of them a little bit There is some good and bad is it but so the soaps were the same way for me See what you think of this book I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

    27. Natalie Scott did a wonderful job of developing the characters in this book I felt this was especially true with Bebe the main character Truth be told I didn t particularly like her in the beginning, but by the end of the novel she had turned into a well rounded heroine

    28. I tried to read this book I really did The synopsis sounds good I was all excited 15 percent in, I thought it was all over the place I did not like any of the characters I skimmed a little bit and then I gave up sorry

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