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The Lost Kingdom By Stephanie The Lost Kingdom N A
  • Title: The Lost Kingdom
  • Author: Stephanie
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  • Page: 394
  • Format: ebook
  • The Lost Kingdom By Stephanie N A
    The Lost Kingdom By Stephanie
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    1. Reviewer Note I received a free copy for review by the author through the group ,David Estes Fans YA Book Lovers Unite Actual rating 3.5 starsAs a lover of all things Fantasy and Young Adult, I was very excited to read this book by Stephanie Beerden The Lost Kingdom features Arima, a young and strong heroine On her 16th birthday, Arima s life is drastically altered By coming of age, Arima is forced to come to terms with the unmistakable reality that she is not simply a White Witch, but the most [...]

    2. This is a great start to a series.Magic, unicorns, fairies, nymphs, witches and even black widows they re all here This is a story about Arima, a girl with a past hidden from her She grew up in an inconspicuous village surrounded by normal people, she even had a best friend However, all of these changed when she hit the age of 16 She was told about her real identity As it turns out, she s a very special person in their land well one of five She discovers the truth about herself and many things a [...]

    3. Initial Reaction Super fun fantasy read The character were absolutely lovely and adorable Arima is so full of bravery and strength I can t wait to see how she will continue to grow Full Review Amira is the Lady Spirit, the first of her sisters to have arrived on Ilendia after a millennium Her quest is to reunite the Five Ladies of Elements and destroy Ahriman, the Demon King who ruthlessly slaughtered her predecessors before assuming the throne of the land Ahriman is not going to give up easily [...]

    4. Sent a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review Stunning story The Lost Kingdom is a fabulous first book to a trilogy Stephanie Beerden has created a marvelous fantasy paranormal novel The world building, characters and pacing was great This book follows sixteen year old Arima She was born as a fallen star to be the new Lady Spirit She was found by White Witch Bryeia and Wizard Gideon When she was found Bryeia and Gideon decided to cast a spell that would mask her true identity, but a [...]

    5. This story takes place in Ilendia, with a young girl known as Arima, she was born as a fallen star to be the Lady Spirit and was found by White Witch Bryeia and Wizard Gideon Growing up she was in one with who and what she was until the day if her 16th Birthday, she finds out she is , her Destiny is than she could imagine, she knew then she was the new lady Spirit, with her Violet eyes, White hair and her magical abilities Not wanting any of this, she soon finds out she has no choice Something [...]

    6. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review by the author.This was a wonderful story The author pulled me in from the first page The fantasy, imagery and ingenuity of this story was amazing It seems that a lot of creative thought went into this story as was shown by the characters, the magic and the world they lived in The only disappointing part was that when I was finished I wanted to continue on to the next book but there isn t one yet Beyond any doubt I will be looking fo [...]

    7. Arima is raised as a white witch by her white witch grandmother She is taught numerous magical skills and even swordfighting by her grandmother s friend However, moments before she turns sixteen years old her grandmother tells her she is the Lady Spirit With a daunting destiny ahead of her Arima must learn to wield her new powers as a Lady and begin her search to find her element sisters in order to unite and defeat the evil king who killed their predecessors so many years ago She represents hop [...]

    8. Edit 12 04 2015 I re read it after Stephanie send it to a new editor because she heard a lot of reviewers say there were a lot of typos There ve been some changes and it s even better now, Steph No need to worry People will love it even Also, cover love Istyria book blog B s world of enchanted books4.5 starsI ve been waiting and wanting to read this one for months now and when Stephanie said it was ready for beta reading, I was so happy Even though it s long, like a proper fantasy novel usually [...]

    9. 3.5 STARS I received the eBook free as a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review I wanted to start off by thanking Stephanie Beerden for giving me this book to review, because as a lover of all things YA fantasy the second I saw it s synopsis I was there In the end I really enjoyed it, because the plot filled with action was quite fast paced and held my interest from the get go.I admit I did get lost at times because some of the creatures mentioned like the half human half b [...]

    10. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and I am really glad I did because this book was a fun fantasy Gem This book was a long journey and at times I would have to admit it was a bit slow but I pressed on and I m very glad I did because it was worth all the description and world building because it all came together in the final half with not just one epic battle but a few and it laid the framework for an epic series.When Arima learned of her fate and set o [...]

    11. Arima was raised as a White Witch by her Nana, making plans for a wonderful future in her community, following in Nana s footsteps On her sixteenth birthday, all her dreams and lifetime goals came crashing down on her at the revelation presented to her by the three people she loved the most Her life would never be the same happy, carefree one she had enjoyed before So begins the sensational and imaginative beginning to a new series.This emotionally impacted, bittersweet series introduces many co [...]

    12. The Lost Kingdom takes place in Ilendia and it s about Arima, who is sixteen year old Arima has no choice but to accept the destiny that she never wanted But then something happens that forces her to flee from her village As reality set in she has to really grow up fast, and learn about her new powers On her journey she meets several very interesting characters, Blythe, Myrddin, and Laguun, and her unicorn Sirrim This book has a lot of action that will keep you turning the pages Stephanie was ab [...]

    13. First, I would like to thank the author Stephanie Beerden for giving me this book for an honest review I enjoyed this story a lot The world building is very good The characters are well developed and written The story line is very good I am looking forward reading from this author and definitely the series.

    14. I was gifted a copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review Arima s life changes on the day of her 16th birthday She finds out that she s not quite who she thought she was and understandably, she s just a tad bit upset about that.I found this book a little difficult to read I liked it, but found the author gave detailed descriptions of pretty EVERYTHING Now, I get descriptions are to help the reader imagine how things are etc, but they bogged the story down for me and I found reading the [...]

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