Claimed by the Alphas: Part One #2020

Claimed by the Alphas: Part One By Viola Rivard Claimed by the Alphas Part One For Mila Foster the idea of becoming an alpha wolf s mate is so tantalizing that she is willing to leave her human life behind to join the Lazarus pack Their alpha the handsome and sensual Asch is
  • Title: Claimed by the Alphas: Part One
  • Author: Viola Rivard
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  • Page: 165
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Claimed by the Alphas: Part One By Viola Rivard For Mila Foster, the idea of becoming an alpha wolf s mate is so tantalizing that she is willing to leave her human life behind to join the Lazarus pack Their alpha, the handsome and sensual Asch, is than she could have ever hoped for, and Mila is beyond ready to surrender herself to him That is, until she finds out that the Lazarus pack has a second alpha, the domiFor Mila Foster, the idea of becoming an alpha wolf s mate is so tantalizing that she is willing to leave her human life behind to join the Lazarus pack Their alpha, the handsome and sensual Asch, is than she could have ever hoped for, and Mila is beyond ready to surrender herself to him That is, until she finds out that the Lazarus pack has a second alpha, the dominant and primitive Caim.Caim s wolf lurks very close to the surface He likes the lean and taut females of his own kind, women who can handle the aggressive mating he enjoys He has no interest in Mila, that is, until he gets his hands on her lush curves.Claimed by the Alphas Part One is 17,000 words of werewolf BBW romance It is the first entry in the Claimed series, chronicling Mila Foster s efforts to hold her new pack together by accepting the claim of both of its alphas The series will contain strong sexual themes and m nage romance, and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.
    Claimed by the Alphas: Part One By Viola Rivard
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      165 Viola Rivard
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    1. So far just the set up of the world and the meeting of the Alphas and their mate No tag teaming so far I am on to the next one to see how this plays out Nice quick read

    2. 3 starsWhoa, is this ever a lightweight, if steamy, story A lottery is held across a few towns to find a volunteer mate for a werewolf pack The Lazarus wolf pack to be specific The towns want protection from other wolf packs and the Alpha of the Lazarus pack wants a human mate who will bear them pups Turns out female werewolves are non fertile Well, the fun hitch to this story is that there are TWO alphas to this pack, one holds the intellect and one holds the brawn Mila, the volunteer, has been [...]

    3. This was the beginning of this series and my first time reading this author A human female volunteers to become the mate of an alpha werewolf Mila had no idea that the group had two alphas One wolfs is attuned to his animal thus wilder and violent The other is of a peacetime leader, better at human pack dynamics and such Both are strong, and in their own ways domineering while at the same time passionate for their new mate Mils is loving the attention but at the same time a bit lost in her new [...]

    4. An intriguing start to a serial Taking no than thirty minutes to read, this book is really an introduction.Asche and Caim are both alpha males of a single wolf pack And they re best friends they share everything Until now Needing to introduce a human female to the pack for breeding purposes, without consultation or consideration for the consequences, Asche introduces a human mate to his pack Mila is desperately looking for a way out of normalville human life So when her kin s family s hold a lo [...]

    5. Promising startMila Foster finds herself about to become a mate to the alpha of the Lazarus pack, Mila volunteered for this position and is excited and a little frightened at what her future holds The Lazarus pack needs her because their females are unable to bear children and their alpha Asch desperately wants a mate and a family.Mila is impressed with Asch, he s handsome and everything she could have hoped for, this could turn out to be a good decision after alluntil Mila finds out that the La [...]

    6. With this book I am really conflicted The book was a good read, but the ending, if you can really call it an ending, stunk The author has wrote a second book that picks up where this book ends In my opinion this book and the second book should be one book I am not sure that I will even buy the second book even though the story is good.

    7. The overall idea of the way werewolves live and why do they need a human mate is quite interesting and unique, I like the way werewolves were portrayed in this book as wild animals than civilized humans.What I don t like is Mia, the main characterher motivations for offering herself as alpha mate are so banal and she is so superficial

    8. Engaging start to the series As I was getting into it, it ended so I would have preferred for it to be just one big story instead of several parts.

    9. The premise of Claimed by the Alphas was fun humans share borders with were creatures, and a small town has a lottery to decide which women gets sacrificed to be a bride to the wolves in order to get the pack s protection against other were creatures who have been harassing the area.The winner of the lottery SHIRLEY JACKSON S The Lottery is a nineteen year old girl The main character finds out what the whole lottery is about, thinks, Hot werewolf guys and volunteers to be taken in place of the g [...]

    10. This review is for the whole Claimed series.It s been a long time since I ve read a book I haven t been able to put down This series of novellas is one of the best stories I ve come across Cannot praise it enough.I bought all 5 available books and read them within 3 days The books are short, and any complaint about this should be seen as a compliment Yes, they are short and I wish for , but this is the authors prerogative and I would never dictate the length of another s story.It s a wonderful t [...]

    11. When an escalation of attacks on a town by neighboring shapeshifters threatens the town s population, a deal is struck where the town agrees to provide a female who will agree to be the mate of the Lazarus alpha in exchange for protecting the town.A lottery is held and Mila Foster is chosen Little does she realize that there are two alphas but only one will become her mate A battle of supremacy will decide which of them will have the right to be her mate while the loser ends up dead or banished [...]

    12. 1.5 Stars Rounded up for the author s voice I m going to put aside the lack of editing and grammar issues to focus on the story and the characters.Some parts of this story just made me angry Like the opening and the way the people living in the rural communities are portrayed as backward idiots I live in a city, so it s not personal, but it was still offensive to me Just because you have an accent and don t live in a fancy studio apartment in New York doesn t make you an idiot.What s even worse [...]

    13. Each book is just a short story The setting is a world like ours but where Were creatures are various and many and control most of the wilderness Small towns that exist near pack territories make deals with the packs to ensure safety Mila moves to her mother s home town and finds herself volunteering to be the mate of the Alpha of the local werewolf pack because apparently female Weres are infertile Sucks for them The Lazarus Werewolf pack has two alphas who are good friends and work well togeth [...]

    14. As an aspiring author in this genre, I thought today was a good one to take a look at some of my peers I started with Viola Rivard s Claimed by the Alphas mostly because the covers drew me in and most of the series seems to be completed I try to have low expectations in that, I ll be appreciative of whatever I read, but I must say, I was blown away by this book The writing is absolutely stellar Lead characters Mila, Caim, Asch and my favorite Brae, were depicted in very real and vivid ways There [...]

    15. This is my second time reading this series and I can t believe I didn t do a review the first time.All I can say is hothot hot Viola Rivard has given the readers a hot set of Alpha Werewolves Shifter to fall in love with I ve never really been into reading books like these but I was a big fan of True Blood so I gave it a try and now I m a big fan A human named Mila volunteered to serve as a breeder for the Lazarus wolf pack in exchange for the protection of her small town Asche and Caim are the [...]

    16. Most scenes are in a bed Yep you heard it It s about this human woman, Mila, who thinks it s a lot interesting to be a part of a werewolf pack She is promised to the Alpha of the pack to help them produce pups which will continue the lineage.But once in the pack, she finds out that there s TWO Alphas in the pack which never happens She s torn between two of them and gets nervous of what is expected of her And yes, she s expected to share between the two guys This is just a rushed version of get [...]

    17. The writing was great This 3 star review was not for the writing The description of the wolves etc was good too I have one problem and it ruined my entire enjoyment of this story If I m not mistaken this is a paranormal romance.The female protagonist forms a connection with one male and then ends up sleeping with another, who Incidentally doesn t like her soft body I like menage but some authors forget it s not just about three people having sex It s about falling in love with two guys Two separ [...]

    18. 3.5 stars Interesting throw in this story where there are two male alphas in the pack which they both might be sharing a human female for mating since they are already sharing a pack Mila human female volunteered herself to be the alpha s mate after finding out a girl in the town was picked out of a lottery like the hunger games to procreate in exchange for the town s protection Little did we know, her true intentions of actually volunteering herself was because she had wanted it just like the w [...]

    19. My Thoughts 4 out of 5 Unicorns I really liked it The cover looks really awesome I totally love it all especially the wolfs I picked this up as a freebie back in February, and I picked up the boxed set yesterday as well as what is out of the Bound series which I loved I really liked the set up of Mila s story in Part One I really like Mila because she is strong and wants something of her life, but also doesn t want to be the cause of any problems I love how she tries to start finding a solution [...]

    20. I downloaded this free on because let s face itdual werewolf alphas It sounded entirely too enticing not to read It is a short story, which makes it wonderful when you just want something quick But downside to that is that you ll get hooked and end buying the next one and the next one and so forth down the road I know I did Mila didn t know what she agreed to when she volunteered to be the mate of a werewolf When she discovers how much her presence will alter their future she does the only thing [...]

    21. I downloaded this book for free on not too long ago after it was recommended to me by a friend The hook for me was the somewhat different approach to werewolves in a genre saturated with them.In CLAIMED by the ALPHAS, the first part of a serial collection, Mila Foster is introduced as the woman who volunteered herself in place of the winner in an unusual lottery As a means of appeasing the local werewolf pack, and in exchange for receiving their protection from other packs, a few towns have hos [...]

    22. The plotting was excellent The POVs short, to the point, moved the story and kept the pages turning At no point did the world building overwhelm Rivard gave enough to give readers a firm footing The heroine was likeable the two alphas were strong with very different personalities Her dilemma at the end, which is as close as you can get to a cliffhanger without hanging off a cliff, is intriguing And it worked I bought the next installment immediately after the last page I am hoping the next books [...]

    23. You know, I really don t understand how anyone said anything bad about this Yes, I get that this particular story is being released bit by bit, but honestly it just makes me want to buy all the parts and read them I think Miss Rivard did an amazing job As a writer of werewolves, I really appreciated her knowledge of these fictional beings I was instantly enad with the tale by the second page and I had to keep reading No, I haven t gotten the next part yet, but I WILL soon.Miss Rivard writes beau [...]

    24. This book was a free download on , so I thought what the heck lets give it a try and see what it s like In the beginning I was confused because it would switch from character to character POV very quickly and I had to get used to who was who But also that the Pack Mila joined actually lived in a cave forest was very interesting But I can say that I really disliked the character of Caim was a complete jacka s He was so rude and obnoxious, I almost had to stop when Mila was not falling for Asch th [...]

    25. Claimed by the Alphas part one is a short piece of fiction, short story chapter length than a true book, which did irritate me However, the story telling is done well and the alternative world is shown to us bit by bit.This is a world where the less lucky of humanity live on the fridges, their towns bordering with werewolf territory Mila decides to volunteer to be the closest pack s mate to protect her town.Mila lacks depth so far but is realistic in how she reacts to situations and this is one [...]

    26. Honestly wasn t all that impressed with this book, it s really not my style of reading, women well in this case young teenage girls being sold off to be with werewolves against their will, than having some selfish seemly selfless feminine hero volunteer to be mated to an Alpha To escape a life she thought to dull for her liking, only to find out what a horrible alpha one of the males are and a seemly reasonable alpha the other is than coming to a ridiculous term of them sharing her It s just no [...]

    27. Love this compelling, spicy series What strikes me as most interesting about it other than the scorching heat level and the menage, of course is that the author has done an excellent job building a world where the plot seems possible and naturally evolving There are details, sparsely planted throughout this and the other books in the series, that lend to the overall refreshing story line I don t want to give too much away, and I ve got four books in the series to review but the fact that I read [...]

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