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Killer's Cousin By Nancy Werlin Killer s Cousin After being accused and acquitted in the death of his girlfriend seventeen year old David is sent to live with his aunt uncle and young cousin to avoid the media frenzy But all is not well at his r
  • Title: Killer's Cousin
  • Author: Nancy Werlin
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  • Page: 299
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Killer's Cousin By Nancy Werlin After being accused and acquitted in the death of his girlfriend, seventeen year old David is sent to live with his aunt, uncle, and young cousin to avoid the media frenzy But all is not well at his relatives house His aunt and uncle are not speaking, and twelve year old Lily seems intent on making David s life a torment And then there s the issue of his older cousin KAfter being accused and acquitted in the death of his girlfriend, seventeen year old David is sent to live with his aunt, uncle, and young cousin to avoid the media frenzy But all is not well at his relatives house His aunt and uncle are not speaking, and twelve year old Lily seems intent on making David s life a torment And then there s the issue of his older cousin Kathy s mysterious death some years back As things grow and tense, David starts to wonder is there something else that his family is trying to hide from
    Killer's Cousin By Nancy Werlin The Killer s Cousin by Nancy Werlin Vic is David s uncle and he is kind to him but on the other hand Julia his aun The book The Killer s Cousin by Nancy Werlin is overall a good book David is the main character, he s , tall, skinny and kind He has to finish high school at a different school after he was found not guilty of killing his girlfriend. Killer s Cousin Werlin, Nancy He sees ghostly shadows at night, his aunt is strangely cold, and his year old cousin, Lily, is downright hostile And as Lily s behavior becomes and threatening, David can t help but wonder what ugly secrets lurk within the walls of her home There s one thing that David knows with certainty. The Killer s Cousin Audible Audio Edition Now with that being said, I loved the suspense of this book David was acquitted of murder of his girlfriend Emily the year before His parents have moved him to his aunt and uncle s house to live with them to finish out his senior year in high school He s not really welcomed when he arrives and his little cousin, Lilly is very upset he s invading. The Killers Cousin Summary SuperSummary This one page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of The Killers Cousin by Nancy Werlin The Killer s Cousin is a young adult thriller by Nancy Werlin First published in by Delacorte, it tells the story of an acquitted murderer who sees his cousin is the far dangerous member of the family, even if no one will believe him The book won both the The Killer s Cousin by Nancy Werlin, Paperback Barnes Feb , The Killer s Cousin by Nancy Werlin Paperback Reprint . Paperback . NOOK Book . Audio MP on CD . View All Available Formats Editions Ship This Item Qualifies for Free Shipping Buy Online, Pick up in Store Check Availability at Nearby Stores. The Killer s Cousin Summary and Analysis like SparkNotes Among the summaries and analysis available for The Killer s Cousin, there is Book Reviews Depending on the study guide provider SparkNotes, Shmoop, etc , the resources below will generally offer The Killer s Cousin chapter summaries, quotes, and analysis of themes, characters, and symbols.
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      Nancy Werlin writes young adult fiction New York Times bestselling fantasy, Edgar award winning suspense, and National Book Award honored realistic novels.Nancy s newest book is the suspense thriller AND THEN THERE WERE FOUR.


    1. okay, this book is not four stars like proust is four stars this earns its rating because after reading a series of ho hum and meh meh teen books this one was actually pretty good.except for the epilogue, which made me a little embarrassed ungood s kind of a ghost story, it s kind of a mystery, it s kind of a story about a creepy little kid, it s kind of a coming of age story but it works it may be just that i read it in about an hour and a half, so my reading didn t get interrupted, but it felt [...]

    2. After reading The Rules of Survivaland Impossible, I have become quite a fan of Nancy Werlin, and I found The Killer s Cousin to be another interesting book from this author The main character s struggle with his past and his strange and difficult present lead to an interesting story with strong character development Although some readers will predict part of the ending, the final scenes do offer some surprises and a satisfying and hopeful conclusion to a fairly sad story.

    3. I love Nancy Werlin Her ability to write different genres always amazes me The Rules of Survival severed my heartstrings, Double Helix was a decent science fiction novel, and Killer s Cousin was thrilling and suspenseful.Seventeen year old David Yaffe feels guilty for the death of his girlfriend, Emily despite the jury acquitting him and proving his innocence He decides to move in with his aunt and uncle in Massachusetts, where he resides in their attic apartment Strange things are lurking in th [...]

    4. Nancy Werlin picks another interesting topic to address in her book This novel is a killer s story, a story of a teenager who was acquitted of his girl friend s murder and now has to attempt to start fresh in a new town, among new people Once he moves in with his aunt, uncle, and cousin, he is forced not only to relive his guilt, shame and regret, but theirs as well, because they have their own tragedies to face The Killer s Cousin is a skillfully done thriller which in spite of its predictabili [...]

    5. Well this is one of those mood whiplash books And it does it perfectly view spoiler Lily, the titular killer s cousin, is the nastiest little witch ever And not in the I m so much better than you mean little girl sort of way, but in the literally terrifying what is she going to do next sort of way She s clever, scheming, and downright evil at times towards David, the main character who was just acquitted for murder of his girlfriend I think it ended up being a manslaughter case, it was never mad [...]

    6. 3 1 2 stars I enjoyed The Killer s Cousin quite a bit It was a very quick read I think the author did a great job of creating tension between characters that you could actually feel Lilly was a creepy kid and although I figured out her secret right away it didn t spoil the book for me The character of David was well done I empathized with him I probably would have given this 4 stars if not for the telepathic type link he suddenly develops with his cousin near the end of the book Where did that e [...]

    7. David is almost finished with high school, but, he cannot complete his education in the area where he lives with his parents Previously on trial for the murder of his girlfriend, he was found not guilty Because of all the constant media attention, his parents make a decision to send him to live with relatives in Cambridge, MA While trying to sort through his life and consequences, it becomes increasingly difficult to navigate both his past, and the new home where, in particular, his Aunt, really [...]

    8. I did not like this book as much as I thought I would I like mystery books so I like the story, but the graphic details were too much for me David is the main character and he has to finish high school at a different school after he was found not guilty of killing his girlfriend They had to move to a new town to live with his mean aunt and quiet uncle His cousin Lily also lived there I didn t really like her character because I found her weird and annoying Then he finds out his other cousin had [...]

    9. I have discovered that physcological thrillers are just not my type Hence the one star rating, but I have a few other reason for that rating as well, which I shall attempt to briefly explain.I should probably start off with my reason for reading this book in the first place Fact is, I was interested in the author s works, and so being the bookaholic that I am, I checked out all of the titles my library had by that author And so this being the least interesting looking of them all, I decided to r [...]

    10. Keri McLucas Mystery David Yaffe is seventeen years old and trying to rebuild his life after being acquitted of murder David s parents arranged for him to stay with his Uncle Vic, Aunt Julia and cousin, Lily while he finished high school He struggles to learn how to live with the truth of knowing that he killed someone he loved Although the death was an accident, simply knowing that he was capable of murder consumed him At eleven years old, Lily has also experienced the death of a loved one, her [...]

    11. Katie YoungMysteryDavid was a high school senior who, acquitted of his girlfriend s death, decided to finish high school in a different town He moved in with Uncle Vic, Aunt Julia and little cousin Lily The family was in turmoil because Kathy, Lily s older sister had died David tried to express his psychological concerns about Lily to his Aunt and Uncle but they did not agree They accused David of being crazy and kicked him out of their house From the time David arrived in Cambridge, he began to [...]

    12. 3.5 of 5 starsAfter being acquitted of killing his girlfriend, David moves to Boston for a fresh start From the moment he arrives at his passive uncle s house he feels unwelcome by his angry aunt and creepy eleven year old cousin Lily David soon learns that his older cousin committed suicide in the bathroom of his attic room, meanwhile Lily s obvious hatred for David continues to grow.I read KILLER S COUSIN in one sitting which means it was good enough to hold my interest, but not good enough to [...]

    13. The Killer s Cousin Playaway By Nancy Werlin Read by Nick PodehlThe Killer s Cousin is actually quite a surprising story From the title I had an image of gore and creepy killers but I was quite wrong David has to repeat his last year of high school living with his aunt, uncle, and younger cousin Lily because of what happened last year He lives in the attic where his older cousin who mysteriously died used to live, suffers through Lily s awful tricks, and begins to unbury the secrets that have em [...]

    14. This is of a 4.5 star book than a 5 star read Who knows, as time goes on, I may even bump it up to a five star book.Werlin crafts and intense psychological thriller in The Killer s Cousin The novel is narrated by David Yaffe, a young man who is acquitted of killing his girlfriend When I started the novel, I didn t want to like him I didn t want to believe However, as the novel unfolds, I found myself feeling sympathy for David and the emotional aftermath of his girlfriend s death and the trial [...]

    15. A tight, intense psychological thriller involving family secrets, family dysfunction, murder, and redemption The title can refer to at least three characters in the book, and their lives intersect and intertwine First person narrative keeps the tension going, as does the slow reveal of what really happened Everyone except the artist renter is going through PTSD, and how they manage it is part of the story.The characters are complex and readers can have some good discussions about motive, truth, [...]

    16. Creepy and atmospheric and always suspenseful, this is the story of a young man who has been acquitted of murdering his girlfriend but who needs to get out of his hometown for obvious reasons He goes to live with his aunt, uncle, and cousin in Boston Turns out his cousin Lily is the creepiest sixth grader ever.Outstanding choice for book clubs for teenagers a compelling read which has a LOT to talk about I would not use with students younger than eighth grade due to implications about sexual act [...]

    17. I can t say that I hate this book but I don t like it It s a well written story and has great mystery to it however it just isn t something I really enjoyed The whole book was depressing and I predicted what happened long before it tells the reader Lily, the little girl is creepy and a brat and David the protagonist is too much of a push over and the way he reacts to Lily doesn t seem realistic Content some language, violence, disturbing behavior from the child.

    18. It s a really good book about lilly The eleven year old girl and David The guy who accidently killed his girlfriend David finds out a whole lot about lilly in the story with a great ending I thought it wasn t going to be the best of book but it turned out to be really good It s not for someone in grade school unless there parents are so positive that it should be fine.

    19. This is an old beat up paperback with a cutout in the cover I had to wonder what this was about Then I read a few pages and realized if it had been gussied up with a nice cover and I had gotten it from the library I would be all in because the story was compelling there is at least one mystery presented at the outset Also this is written first person I love a book where I know what the protagonist is thinking and dreaming I don t care if he is unhinged, a drifter, a grafter, or the deacon of the [...]

    20. Este libro es una novela de misterio y suspenso, un poco predecible pero con una narraci n sencilla y que atrapa El final el cambio en los personajes no me termina de parecer cre ble pero se salva

    21. This book had me hooked though the whole thing The plot is incredibly intense and heavy, it s hard to put it down The characters are well developed and have real depth to them, you spend most of the book loving to hate them and then come around the other side felling strong connections with each of them by the end This book really makes you think and want to go deeper and deeper into the plot Overall, very enthralling and very well written, one of my favorite books.

    22. This was an okay book I was into it in the beginning than I was by the end I m glad that David finally found peace, and that he was able to help Lily in the way that he did But Lily and her parents especially the mother, David s aunt were all impossible to sympathize with Delgado was a great character I m not sure why everyone automatically thought he was a neo Nazi Are white guys not allowed to have shaved heads any At any rate, it was good and suspenseful for a one time read I especially like [...]

    23. 17 Aug 2013I ve started reading this book since last week I think that it s an interesting book and it s really caught my attention At the beginning of the book the writer told us the setting, the situations and the problem that the main character were facing with However, the writer doesn t gave much information and some of the part were confusing I think this is because the writer wanted us to figure it out by ourselves while we continues reading the book 24 Aug 2013As I continue reading, I fe [...]

    24. I really liked this book because it was funny, sad and so much then I thought it would be I would really like to read by Nancy Werlin I thought this book wasn t going to be good the I read it and it was awesome.

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