The Right Way To Do Wrong: An Expose Of Successful Criminals (1906) #2020

The Right Way To Do Wrong: An Expose Of Successful Criminals (1906) By Harry Houdini The Right Way To Do Wrong An Expose Of Successful Criminals This book is a facsimile reprint and may contain imperfections such as marks notations marginalia and flawed pages
  • Title: The Right Way To Do Wrong: An Expose Of Successful Criminals (1906)
  • Author: Harry Houdini
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Right Way To Do Wrong: An Expose Of Successful Criminals (1906) By Harry Houdini This book is a facsimile reprint and may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages.
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      169 Harry Houdini
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    1. Harry Houdini

      Harry Houdini, whose birth name in Hungary was Erik Weisz which was changed to Ehrich Weiss when he immigrated to the United States , was a Jewish Hungarian American magician, escapologist widely regarded as one of the greatest ever and stunt performer, as well as a skeptic and investigator of spiritualists, film producer and actor Harry Houdini forever changed the world of magic and escapes.


    1. Introduction Helpful Hints for Young Magicians Under Eighty Addressing an Audience The French Letter Cuff Light on the Subject of Jailbreaking as Done by My Imitators The Cologne Libel Suit Rope Ties Sword Swallowing Stone Eaters Defiers of Poisonous Reptiles Cryptography The Right Way to Do Wrong

    2. If you re a fan of Harry Houdini, I highly recommend reading this book of his writings It ll be worth your while They re absolutely fascinating.

    3. The legendary and totally iconic Harry Houdini wrote this book a little bit after the turn of the century where till his death, he was a major entertainer star I knew about his obsession with the after life and the fake people that go along with that world, his silent movie serials, and his remarkable legendary escapes from various locks and locations What i didn t know is that he wrote a book about the nature of the con artist, pickpocket artist, robber, scam artists, and so on The Right Way To [...]

    4. This was a rather slight but interesting account by the great Houdini of the many tricks and scams of master criminals It appears he interviewed police chiefs as he travelled the world and collected such stories, which as ever have the theme if it seems too good to be true, it undoubtedly is

    5. The stuff on knots and locks and other magic craft is interesting, as is the surprisingly not so dated guide to criminality, but for me the best were the detailed asides, such as the English executioner who hardened himself for the job by killing rats with his teeth.

    6. This is an entertaining collection of insight and short stories about the art of illusion There are several essays written by Mr Houdini on some of the popular acts of deception during his time such as sword swallowing, rock swallowing, cryptography, and, to a small extent, escape artistry Following the articles is his short book, The Right Way to do Wrong In the book is a collection of stories, organized by type of property criminal thief, pickpocket, burglar, etcMr Houdini was one of the world [...]

    7. Fun read.I can t wait to travel back in time to a hundred years ago and embark on a crime spree This book is full of ye olde scams Fun

    8. Neversink library books are worth buying solely for their design All Melville House titles, but this series in particular, are wonderfully made physical objects Neversink titles are forgotten, rediscovered, long out of print titles Each title is the type of book a minor character in a long novel or psychological thriller would be obsessed with I purchased ten of the most popular Neversink titles, rather impulsively, as a Christmas gift for myself several years ago To my shame, I have read very f [...]

    9. Written by Harry Houdini in 1906 A collection of his writings about mystification , sword swallowers, poison ingesters, escape artists and so on There s an intriguing essay about criminals of the time bunco men, begging letter swindlers, pickpockets, second story men, bank and train robbers, grifters and forgers Some of it is clearly dated, but it s fun to see how many of these cons are still practiced today and merely updated especially the betting letter swindles Houdini comes off as a tough, [...]

    10. If you have ever been interested in the great Houdini or even have the slightest interest in the magic acts of the time period and or performance magic as a whole you ll devour this The Right Way to Do Wrong provides an insider perspective to the art of stage magic as well as a personal understanding of the man himself through his writing While insight can be gleaned through reading this, the real gift of these compiled articles is the spark of intrigue that has led me to purchase various sets o [...]

    11. Originally published in 1906, The Right Way To Do Wrong is a collection of anecdotes written up by the legendary Harry Houdini to warn the general public about the antics of thieves and con men The book does not go into any great detail and many of the scams would now be trounced by the advances of technology Others are still with us though and Houdini describes forerunners of the Nigerian email scam as well as opportunistic crimes His tone throughout is very dated and patronising with items suc [...]

    12. Definitely entertaining and somewhat intriguing for anyone who has an ongoing fascination with the icon of Houdini, though this doesn t provide much direct insight into the man behind the myth This curated selection of essays does however give us glimpses of his thinking and his own personal fascinations, which are illuminating in their own way Overall, it s a quick read that lightly surveys an era of entertainment culture when the sideshow act was elevated to the concert hall around the world.

    13. Lots of fun turn of the century shenanigans here Many of the scams will be familiar to fans, but there are surprises waiting for anyone willing to trawl for treats You get everything from burglar skills and superstitions walking backwards in snow using human fat candles , to jailbreaking dames, barefaced Wall Street swindles, Londoners ramming molasses filled hats over each others heads, gambling tools controlled by breathing Probably the best anecdote of all concerns a German tourist in St Pete [...]

    14. Short but entertaining look at the world of illusionists, escape artists, criminals, and con men of Houdini s day One of those books where the introduction really helps set the context, with Teller pointing out how Houdini s prolific writing career and use of ghost writers is reflected in the different range of language used throughout The best parts are undoubtedly the bits about the criminals of his day, although the earlier section on sword swallowing and what can go wrong appeals to my inner [...]

    15. This was a fascinating book, the chapters on sword swallowing and stone eating really made me cringe The real meat of it, though, is Houdini s descriptions of real schemes and scams, some of which were really surprising My favorite involved a sofa, and another used a plain piece of chewing gum I won t say I ll not be responsible for your downward spiral into a life of deception, trickery, and thievery.

    16. Written by Houdini this slight but still entertaining introduction to magic and criminality includes sections on mystification , sword swallowing, poison eaters and escape artists While uneven in tone as noted in the Introduction by Teller of Penn and Teller fame some sections were rewritten to give Houdini a distinguished educated voice it s charm is undeniable His loathing of fakers and small time criminals those devious pickpockets is a highlight.

    17. This is a short, but engaging treatise on how criminals operate Though, it s old and there are many differences between then and now I learnt a few very neat things from this I hadn t thought about before Good reading for anyone interested in persuasion, criminals, and personal safety Though, it could probably help a few people become better criminals, I doubt it.

    18. Meh Almost didn t make it past the section on sword swallowers and regurgitators, but the bulk of this Melville House reissue anthology is a lot interesting if what you re interested in is Houdini If you re after an inside look at swindles and cons, The Big Con by David Maurier originally published in 1940, but less dated than this is far meatier and less moralizing.

    19. I would recommend this book to anyone with even a passing interest in Houdini and his methods and thoughts The book can be dry and kept building me up and getting me interested only to consistently let me down just as I was deeply involved and interested This was only my experience and I still say give the book a quick read.

    20. This is a great book at learning the old criminal history, and how they got away with what they dad Many of these crimes are obsolete, but act successful criminals working together is still a thing So, if one person is scamming you of sorts, be weary that there s another person he s working with the scammer.

    21. 3.5 stars While I wasn t particularly interested in learning the secrets behind magicians tricks Illusions, Michael covered in the book s early essays, the second half Which actually is The Right Way to Do Wrong touches on one of my favourite topics old timey thieves and con artists If you are similarly fascinated by Victorian era pickpockets then it s worth a read.

    22. A fine example of that quirky time in Publishing history when every layman decided to write a how to book The book is rather charming in its brevity The chapters are short and light and end with a laffy taffy style joke I didn t learn much about stealing though Darn it.

    23. The magic tricks and oddities, while being interesting, pale in comparison when it comes to the expose sections dealing with a rogues gallery of pickpockets, burglars, and confidence men Plus, you, too, can learn how to steal diamonds with only a few friends and some chewing gum

    24. I m generally in awe of Harry Houdini, so I would have liked this book either way It was definitely interesting and left my impressed with some of the clever ways people think His quips at the end of each shot left me smiling almost every time.

    25. very unique and interesting book Houdini tells on some illusionists and gives away their techniques he also takes time to warn of unsavory characters and their techniques of taking advantage of their fellow citizens easy, interesting read.

    26. I m the 14th person to rate this delightful book Come on people Put aside The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and read a real book about uncovering criminals and their dastardly ways.

    27. Harry Houdini was right about a lot of things in this book He answered a lot of questions and amazingly, after a century, he s still right about it all.

    28. super amusing book , gives you insights on how criminals think and work , i wonder if there is a modern book about the same topic.

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