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The Last Queen of England By SteveRobinson The Last Queen of England While on a visit to London American genealogist Jefferson Tayte s old friend and colleague dies in his arms Before long Tayte and a truth seeking historian Professor Jean Summer find themselves fo
  • Title: The Last Queen of England
  • Author: SteveRobinson
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  • The Last Queen of England By SteveRobinson While on a visit to London, American genealogist Jefferson Tayte s old friend and colleague dies in his arms Before long, Tayte and a truth seeking historian, Professor Jean Summer, find themselves following a corpse ridden trail that takes them to the Royal Society of London, circa 1708.What to make of the story of five men of science, colleagues of Isaac Newton and ChriWhile on a visit to London, American genealogist Jefferson Tayte s old friend and colleague dies in his arms Before long, Tayte and a truth seeking historian, Professor Jean Summer, find themselves following a corpse ridden trail that takes them to the Royal Society of London, circa 1708.What to make of the story of five men of science, colleagues of Isaac Newton and Christopher Wren, who were mysteriously hanged for high treason As they edge closer to the truth, Tayte and the professor find that death is once again in season A new killer, bent on restoring what he sees as the true, royal bloodline, is on the loose is a Machiavellian heir hunter who senses that the latest round of murder, kidnapping, and scandal represents an unmissable business opportunity The Last Queen of England is a racing thriller with a heart stopping conclusion It follows on from In the Blood and To the Grave but can be enjoyed as a stand alone novel.
    The Last Queen of England By SteveRobinson The Last Queen A Novel May , The Last Queen is an absorbing account of one of history s most fascinating women, from her never before told point of view Donna Woolfolk Cross, author of Pope Joan I ached for this intelligent, one of a kind queen Her struggle and passion The Last Queen by C.W Gortner Jul , Juana of Castile, the last queen of Spanish blood to inherit her country s throne, has been for centuries an enigmatic figure shrouded in lurid myth Was she the bereft widow of legend who was driven mad by her loss, or has history misjudged a woman who was ahead of her time The Last Queen A Novel Kindle edition by Gortner, C W The Last Queen, a novel of Juana la Loca, just recently transported me back to th th century Europe Juana tells her own story and as the novel progresses she grows from a spoiled infanta into a woman determined to be loyal to her mother s legacy. the last Queen YouTube Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The Last Queen The Book of Kaels by Wendy Wang Feb , The Last Queen book Read reviews from the world s largest community for readers A Princess of privilege, torn between duty and desireIn the lan The Last Queen of England Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mar , The Last Queen of England is a racing thriller with a heart stopping conclusion It is the third book in the Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery series but can be enjoyed as a stand alone story It is the third book in the Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery series but The Lost Queen A Novel Rich in detail and elegantly written, The Lost Queen is a boldly feminine heroic journey to a place and time of unbearable change Hypnotic and sensual, Pike s story reawakens us to something long ago lost between landscape and memory, where the Old Way still exists, and the bond between brother and sister cannot be broken. The Lost Queen The Lost Queen Trilogy, by Signe Pike THE LOST QUEEN follows the story of Languoreth and her twin, Lailoken later known as Merlin Sixth century Scotland comes to life in vivid color under Pike s pen She artfully delivers up rich, colorful characters that you deeply care about and will want to follow not Catherine Parr Catherine Parr, sometimes alternatively spelled Katherine, Katheryn, Kateryn or Katharine September , was queen consort of England and Ireland as the last of the six wives of King Henry VIII, and the final queen consort of the House of Tudor.She married him on July , and outlived him by a year and eight months With four husbands, she is the most married The Last Sikh Queen History Today Sep , The ambitious Sikh queen Jind Kaur faced division among her subjects and the might of the British Empire Priya Atwal Published in History Today Volume Issue October John Newmarch, a British solicitor, published a letter in the week before Christmas in the widely read Calcutta newspaper, The Englishman.
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      Steve Robinson drew upon his own family history for inspiration when he imagined the life and quest of his genealogist hero, Jefferson Tayte The talented London based crime writer, who was first published at age 16, always wondered about his own maternal grandfather He was an American GI billeted in England during the Second World War, Robinson says A few years after the war ended he went back to America, leaving a young family behind and, to my knowledge, no further contact was made I traced him to Los Angeles through his 1943 enlistment record and discovered that he was born in Arkansas Robinson cites crime writing and genealogy as ardent hobbies a passion that is readily apparent in his work.He can be contacted via his website steve robinson or his blog at ancestryauthor.


    1. I was privileged to be one of several proof readers for this book It was a very difficult book to proof read because it is so exciting that I kept getting caught up in the story and forgetting all about spellings This is slightly different from the first two books about JT, as this one stays firmly in the present However, there are still strong links to the past This story is gripping right from the start Jefferson has stumbled upon state secrets and his life could be forfeit There is an intrigu [...]

    2. This is the third Jefferson Tayte genealogy themed mystery book in the series This time Tayte doesn t have an American client whose family tree he is researching, but rather is visiting his friend in London, when his friend is killed and he finds himself following the trail of his friend s research Like both the other books in the series, the writing is excellent characters and settings feel real, dialogue sounds genuine, the pace was great Tayte is a great character, and I can t wait to find ou [...]

    3. American genealogist and man of mystery Jefferson Tayte has a rather different and much personal assignment in this latest book Steve Robinson has previously given us a past and a present narrative, woven together with great skill, but this time the action all takes place in present day London His friend Marcus Brown has been tracing the families of five people hanged in the reign of Queen Anne and JT and a history professor friend of Marcus Brown s become embroiled in the spin off, potentially [...]

    4. This is definitely one of the best books I have read all year I am becoming a huge fan of JT and I am eagerly awaiting his next adventure already JT is in London and meeting up with an old friend, who is attempting to set him up with a history expert Jean It is after their meeting that things start going terribly wrong, both JT and Jean are in danger and to figure it out who is behind it JT and Jean have to delve into both history and genealogy to get to the root of the scandal and if possible, [...]

    5. Find an eye catching historical fact such as Queen Anne experiencing 18 pregnancies, but having no child live beyond the age of eleven and none survive her discover that a group of respected intellectuals were executed towards the end of her reign under mysterious circumstances create a conspiracy theory that proof of the invalidity of the current monarchy, having been passed down the generations, is about to be used by republican sympathisers, and we should have the basis of a very readable nov [...]

    6. A genealogical plot about a potential conspiracy in 1700 about the line of succession of the British monarchy an overly complex plot with multiple players then follows a series of murders, turning into a violent thriller where genealogy seems only a bit part Not was good as his previous book, in my view.

    7. The Last Queen of England is one of the books chosen for September, in the Book Club I belong to here on GRs L E Bookclub What a book I cannot say I understood it all how they worked out the ahnentafel and the various anagrams so fast but I have learned a lot of things about British History just by reading it You can see that the author has made a laborious research to have an accurate story.Oh my, this is conspiracy theory at its best I will not go into details with the plot, but lets say that [...]

    8. The author is getting better This is the third book in the series JT Tayte uses his genealogical skills to solve a puzzle amongst murder and mayhem I hope there is at least one in the series, as I want to know what is in the safe deposit box that will solve his biggest mystery of all I bought these books on my Kindle I needed something that was not too expensive to buy and a fast read I have read other genealogical mysteries Again, I enjoyed the journey.

    9. The Last Queen of England is the 3rd in the Genealogical Crime Mystery series, and I enjoyed every minute I spent reading it Not only was the historical aspect interesting and enlightening, but Jefferson Tayte s genealogical investigation and his attempts to get away from the criminals were truly breath taking I m glad I discovered this author, and hope he writes many novels.

    10. JT hurtling all over London to avoid an assasin, on the back of a motorcycle driven his new lady friend, in between bouts of research as he astounds the Royal Archives Society There s something going on with treason Jacobites the assasin, of course But he has his trusty bag of Hershey s miniatures for when he gets really stressed out Great narrator Love this series Kindle Unlimited

    11. Dan Brown look out The new kid on the block has arrived The Last Queen came across the screen of my Kindle as a suggestion To my surprise, I took it, bought it, pressed read now, and never stopped until I finished The ultimate villainThe side kicks.The love interestd the American favorite, it seems, a British royal angle The beginning seemed like a standard murder mystery, quickly evolving into something much complicated Add a totally off the wall love affair or at least, potential burgeoning l [...]

    12. Until this year the writer was previously unknown to me, and now I have just finished this 3rd book in the Jefferson Tayte series in quick succession This book is slightly different to the previous two, in that it blends past and present into a continuous tale all set in the present day JT is in London for a genealogy conference, rather than tracing an American client s family history, when his friend and mentor is gunned down in front of him This causes JT to pick up the reins of his friend s c [...]

    13. This is the third of Steve Robinson s Jefferson Tayte books the rather self effacing American genealogist is again back in the UK During his visit he loses a close friend as a result of a bullet and is determined to find out what the reason was for his murder He teams up with a Professor of History, Jean Summer, and finds that the Jacobites have a connection to the death of his friend The plot is fast paced with a great many surprises not least a connection with the Royal family However, as is u [...]

    14. Another winner in this series though I marked it down one star as I got a little bogged down around the middle with some of the technical genealogic stuff I was pleased to be able to bookmark the family tree at the beginning as I referred back to that a lot Some of it when explained simply was totally fascinating but when it got a bit too technical I started to glaze over.I was a tad irritated at him keep referring to Bonnie Prince Charlie as Bonny although it was correct on the family tree No [...]

    15. American genealogist Jefferson Tayte is in London to attend a conference and to visit an old friend When the friend is murdered JT sets out to find his killer, and the only way to do that is to continue the research that got him killed With the assistance of historian Jean Summer JT begins to delve into a 300 year old conspiracy that threatens British national security and the monarchy.Of his three novels, this one has pure genealogy, but also action and suspense There are visits to the Nation [...]

    16. I wish I could give this book 6 stars I m not keen on history and not particularly bothered about genealogy, but I adore a really good thriller this is a really good thriller I enjoyed the other two Jefferson Tayte novels, number 2 than number 1 and am surprised that 3 could be even better, but it is This book is set in London rather than Cornwall, which suited the pace of the story It put me in mind of The Davinci Code , but I enjoyed this much I found it really difficult to put down as the p [...]

    17. Another fast paced Jefferson Tayte mystery I m about to catch up with the author At least I hope he s working on another book J.T Finally has a girlfriend After several tense days searching or being chased by a killer The Last Queen of England is a racing thriller with a heart stopping conclusion This from the back of the book, as well as find themselves following a corpse ridden trail that takes them to the Royal Society of London, circa 1708 I am still enthralled after finishing unable to come [...]

    18. I could sit here and write so much about this book but I do not want to spoil it for anyone Needless to say this book is fantastic, I have read the three books in this series one after the other and found each one better than the last Be warned when you start reading this, you will need a clear weekend as I promise you it is one of those books you cannot put down and leave it, you will find yourself curled up with it, not doing anything else I cannot wait for the next one I have been left wantin [...]

    19. This is the third book in Robinson s Jefferson Tayte series Tayte is a socially awkward American genealogist In this book he returns to London for a family history conference and catch up with an old friend, but is catapoulted into a murder mystery and quest for truth that spans 400 years of royal records I found it gripping and couldn t put it down, so much so that I gave myself a headache There are now 6 books in the seriesyippee

    20. I enjoyed this book and read it in a couple of days It was fast moving and had a highly original plot Loved the cover picture.

    21. Great Book It was so much fun to read I love the genealogy piece as well as the action piece I would definitely recommend it.

    22. I really enjoyed this book Lots of action, twists and turns and a good mystery Also a bit of history and genealogy which makes it fun and interesting.

    23. I read the first two Jefferson Tayte novels and now have finished this one I like it the best so far Please do read the first two, but I just like the topic and historical time period in the plot of this one The genealogical premise is great, and Tayte can sometimes be a vulnerable character, which I enjoy These are fast paced novels and fun to read I recommend

    24. I only managed 30 % of this one so I can t rate it It s just not for me too far fetched and not enough interest for me Not my cup of tea

    25. If you love a little history with your mystery, you re going to love Steve Robinson s Genealogical Crime series If you re also interested in family history, well that s just the icing on the cake Robinson knows how to spin generations of begats into an edge of your seat experience Jefferson Tayte is a genealogist who often finds himself in the UK researching his clients family history, and you can learn a lot about the process from reading these books Don t grimace, it s far from being dull Tayt [...]

    26. This was my fist Jefferson Tayte novel He is the main character in Robinson s historical fiction series Tayte is 40 year old genealogist who evidently solved old family mysteries, In this case, the question is whether Queen Anne, the last of Stewart line, died without issue In real history the Hannover succeeded Anne, and that is line still on the British throne today Spurned on by the death of a close friend, Tayte and his new female companion, Jeanne set out to solve this genealogy mystery As [...]

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