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SEAL The Deal By Sharon Hamilton SEAL The Deal Special Operator Nick Dunn gets the call he has been dreading since before his last deployment His sister is in her final stages of cancer He and his Team roommate drive up to Sonoma County from Cor
  • Title: SEAL The Deal
  • Author: Sharon Hamilton
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  • Page: 418
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • SEAL The Deal By Sharon Hamilton Special Operator Nick Dunn gets the call he has been dreading since before his last deployment His sister is in her final stages of cancer He and his Team 3 roommate drive up to Sonoma County from Coronado to help her shut down her failing nursery business and tie up her final affairs Nick only vaguely remembers Devon Brandeburg, his sister s best friend, but boy has shSpecial Operator Nick Dunn gets the call he has been dreading since before his last deployment His sister is in her final stages of cancer He and his Team 3 roommate drive up to Sonoma County from Coronado to help her shut down her failing nursery business and tie up her final affairs Nick only vaguely remembers Devon Brandeburg, his sister s best friend, but boy has she grown up Last time he saw her was five years ago when he graduated BUD s and completed SEAL qualification to obtain his Trident Sparks begin to fly between the two of them, but not in the normal way for Nick The woman wants nothing to do with him.Devon Brandeburg has created a small financial fortune through her success in real estate Her career is her main focus, but a closely guarded secret is her total lack of experience with men After all, who needs them Especially when their testosterone stuffed egos suck all the air out of the room, like Nick s does.Nick s sister requires two things of the both of them as her dying wish 1 Nick and Devon must find a buyer for the nursery together, not allowing to her nasty winery owner neighbor next door to get his hands on her piece of heaven 2 They date at least five times before she passes on What starts as a deathbed promise turns out to be a hot affair neither one expected Nick becomes Devon s teacher in her journey to womanhood As she comes alive in his arms, the student brings the teacher something he s never allowed himself to want, and now knows he needs.
    SEAL The Deal By Sharon Hamilton
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      Romance novelist of the following series Navy SEAL Books includes the SEAL Brotherhood, Bad Boys of SEAL Team 3, True Blue SEALs, Band of Bachelors, and Nashville SEALs series Golden Vampires of Tuscany Honeymoon Bite, Mortal Bite The Guardians Guardian Angel Erotic Romance Heavenly Lover, Underworld LoverLives in wine country, Northern California When not writing, she is getting vera vera dirty in her flower and vegetable gardens.


    1. Can I give this than 5 s Seriously this is one emotional roller coaster but lord have mercy it was worth EVERY single tear, laugh and funny look I got while listening to it LOL Sharon did it again Made it so I literally could not put this one down the story itself is full of well everything You know the saying, Live, Laugh, Love Well that is what this one is all about The characters become a part of you as you read or in my case listen to the words on the page play out Nick, big strong navy SEA [...]

    2. This was a little different then the other stories about seal team 3 In each of the previous tales the guys continued to project their unflappable control and their actions did not reflect badly on them in their chosen profession They might have skirted the law to get the job done but they never actually broke their unspoken code Even though Nick starts the story off with a gold star, his star becomes tarnished and his actions reflect badly on him upholding to the rigid standards that are expect [...]

    3. Liked it butttttt.I honestly enjoyed this story It s not in my top 10, but overall I d say it was a good book HOWEVER, where was the apology from Nick After what he did to Devon knowing the issues she s battled from the horrific incident in her past I expected him to grovel, to feel guilt, to work at regaining her trust, and to prove himself to her But not once does he even say a simple I m sorry , in fact the only mention of the incident that left her so shattered at all was when he said he d n [...]

    4. I read the novella and really liked it I d give it 4 s and wanted so read the full length book In some ways I wish I hadn t In this book, Nick turns out not to be the hero I thought he d be especially with the way he treated Devon after Sophie s death I don t believe this is a spoiler, although I almost tagged it as one There s a scene where the author loses me completely and I no longer cared about Nick and my heart broke for Devon view spoiler Devon and Nick have sex, when I read the scene, I [...]

    5. While helping his sister tie up her final affairs, Navy SEAL Nick Dunn gets than he bargained for when a deathbed promise turns into a hot affair with his sister s best friend in this emotionally gripping contemporary romance I can t get enough of the SEAL Brotherhood as every story is adventure laced with strong emotion, passion and intrigue while the author also ensures that there is never a dull moment and Nick and Devon s story fits right in especially as they have a kind of push pull relat [...]

    6. This story created so many emotions in me There was joy and amazement for the SEAL brotherhood, the fascinating and alluring way they take care of each other, always stand by each other, support each other And this spills over also for the best friends and siblings There was charm and cheer for the new love Blazing, sizzling love that was growing between Devon and Nick And the sweet, delicate connection between Marc and Sofie There was sorrow, heartbreak, and anguish at the death of Sofie And gr [...]

    7. Another one I can only give 3.5 stars For someone who s sister was suppose to mean so much to him that he rushed to her death bed and was suppose to help her, there wasn t a lot of interaction with her There was focus on him and Devon It just felt very rushed and seamed to have some parts missing Editing needed work.

    8. Others will give you a summary of this book I will take a different route.This book will make you cry , laugh, and want to hug your loved ones and keep them close to you.Yes, Ms Hamilton gives us a lot of hunky SEALS, romance, sexy scenes , suspense and bad guys, but it s also a story about family, illness, inner pain, and a love of family that no matter how strong and big the ones left behind are, the death of a loved one is hard to take Sometimes this loss can cause one to close up to those wh [...]

    9. When Nick gets the call he s been dreading, he heads back home to help his dying sister tie up some loose ends His Seal buddy Mark comes along and forms a bond with her, but Nick has a battle of his own to fight with Devon, the innocent and feisty friend Trying to sell her beloved nursery to an owner who ll appreciate it, and not the jerk neighbor, who only wants the well rights.This book is an emotional roller coaster ride, with plenty of laughter, romance, tears, and action I m not gonna lie, [...]

    10. Nick sister and Devon s best friend Sophie is dying from cancer While on her death bed, she wants her best friend and brother to go on 5 dates It s her dying wish after all With the two budding heads when they meet again, will they be able to keep their promise to Sophie s wish But with Sophie s final breath approaching, Devon and Nick develop feelings for one another Devon is trying to sell Sophie s nursery and Sophie doesn t want her neighbor who has been harassing her to have her property But [...]

    11. I loved this book I liked how they brought the whole gang in to help with his sister I do have a soft spot for people who have known each other before becoming a couple, so that was a good thing However, it would have been nicer if they at least liked each other first because that was funny how they just kept fighting This one had me in tears You got to love the sister and the SEAL that paired up with her as well You knew it was going to be bad when she went, but loved how they all tried to do a [...]

    12. Seal the DealThese Seal team books with damaged heroes, villains, and heroines are the best I haven t read the whole series yet but haven t been disappointed with any of them Can t wait to read the others.

    13. The 4th installment in the Seals Brotherhood stars Special Operator Nick Dunn and Devon Bradeburg.Nick gets the call he has been dreading since before his last deployment His sister is in her final stages of cancer He and his Team 3 roommate drive up to Sonoma County from Coronado to help her shut down her failing nursery business and tie up her final affairs.It is here that Nick meets up again with his sister s best friend, Devon Bradeburg She was 5 years younger the last time he saw her and sh [...]

    14. This is the most heart wrenching book of the SEAL Brotherhood series so far The story was unique and well written It doesn t have the same action that the previous stories do, but the emotions and heart put into Nick and Sophie s relationship than make up for it It also showed what Team 3 was capable of in the civilian setting of helping Nick help his ailing sister with her nursery And Sophie certainly knew that Nick and Devon belonged together Nick is a very well rounded hero He is hot, take [...]

    15. I love this book I really do love this one I love Nick and Marc and this is my second time around with this book and I remember that I was totally swept away with this book but somehow, listening to it again OMG Sharon is going to have to pay for my Coronary Treatment because this book just hurts my heart Nick and Devon are so perfect for each other and Sharon draws us into this amazing SEAL world and shows us that these hard, fearless, brave men have hearts bigger than their enormous biceps The [...]

    16. Nick and Devon s story had me go through so many emotions that I had to think for a day before I start another one This story does have a happy ending of course but what the couple and sister go through left me emotional So many of the Team 3 characters show how family isn t just those who share DNA but those who accept each other and come together in good and bad Note For those who have trigger points, there is an adult situation in one part that may leave some with issues in this book.

    17. In this book, we got a lot SEALsBrotherhoodPassionIntrigueHeatSadnessFamilyDeathI can not believe how sad this was in the beginning and then later on in the book Ok There was many areas where it was so sad Nick s sister, Sophie, is dying Her cancer is not going away I had so many emotions especially sadness Crying at times I felt so bad for Sophie It was not fair She has not done so many things she may want to experiences like falling in love, getting married, and having children.Nick and Mark a [...]

    18. Nick Dunn and his SEAL team 3 buddies band together to help his sister with her nursery Sophia is terminal with cancer and asks Nick and her best friend, Devon Brandeburg to do two things First to sell her business to a buyer that will carry on her dream of the nursery and not her aggressive next door neighbor Second she wants Devon and Nick to go on five dates before she passes away They start with sparks flying but soon Nick realizes Devon s attitude is a defense and challenge and what good Na [...]

    19. Perhaps I should not have picked this one up to begin with The blurb described a deathbed wish, so I expected the romance occurring while Sophie was dying What disappointed me, however, was how much an afterthought Sophie was Nick and Devon barely gave her a second thought, much less spent any time with her Why was Nick s best friend and was he Mark or Marc the two names were used interchangeably carrying Sophie around and tending to her needs view spoiler A mention of an attraction between them [...]

    20. I am enjoying this series Ms Hamilton does an excellent job showing how warriors have weaknesses and sometimes react to situations in an unexpected way I love Devon, the heroine Initially, she appears to be a little meek and shy but when she has to fight her true colors appear Nick is a committed Seal, but even Seals need a soft, gentle touch every once in a while I like the interactions with the characters for the previous books Their team spirit and community support in their personal life as [...]

    21. I really loved Nick and Devon s story He comes to spend time with his dying sister and help her gets some things in order and his sister had already told him that Devon would be around too Once they agreed to one of Nick s Sister Sophies last request to get to know each other, they really started hitting it off But then some shady business starts happening After Nick, Devon, and some of his Team got his sister s nursery cleaned up and ready to sell, her shady neighbor starts trying to get the pr [...]

    22. Wow This book had me on an emotional roller coaster ride This was one of my favorites of the series.The characters were awesome Their dialogue was engaging, the descriptions to details were so easy to visualize This was written to where I was drawn deeply into the story and I felt emotionally attached to the characters There were laughter and tears from me through out the book and many heartfelt moments too There was so many different sides to this book and it left goosebumps with some of the em [...]

    23. I had the pleasure of listening to this book on audio Here is my Sealed with a Kiss Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend If so, why Yes, definitely The Seal Brotherhood is one of my favorite series.What did you like best about this story I loved when Nick s sister requested he and her best friend Devon date at least five times before she passed on It gave them a push into a relationship they didn t want, but was everything they needed.Have you listened to any of J.D Hart s other perfor [...]

    24. Nick is a Seal just returning from another tour when he receives a phone call from his sister that he has been expecting and dreading Add in his sister who has matchmaking on her mind, her best friend, and a whole team of Seals and HOLY SEALS this is a great, hot read The love and loyalty between siblings and the Seals team is evident and so very well written you can feel yourself being pulled in I found myself crying at parts, but yet at other parts smiling and laughing Thrown in some suspense [...]

    25. I liked Nick and Devon and their chemistry but absolutely loved Marc and Sophie I wish we could have had of them I, again, fell in love with the way that all the Seals banded together for one of their own The action at the end was amazing, and damn, Sophie kicked some serious butt I than likely would have given this a full 5 stars all the way around if certain issues were addressed thoroughly I have enjoyed all of the Seal Brotherhood books so far This one I liked, but it s not my favorite I [...]

    26. Sharon Hamilton has done it again Given us another wonderful hero in SEAL the Deal and a very fitting heroine.I knew this was going to be good from reading the novella in Uniformed Desires Anthology And I wasn t disappointed.Here in the full novel we meet Nick our SEAL and Devon, the best friend of his dying sister Sophie As they explore their attraction to one another, and the wonderful sensual love scenes and deep emotion.I cried at the beautiful, sensitive way Sharon Hamilton wrote about his [...]

    27. So far this was my favorite one but the whole series is wonderful I love the relationship this group of seals have with one another They truly are a family through thick and thin and it extends to family and friends Nick s sister is dying and she has to get her stuff in order before she runs out of time Sophie asks Nick and her best friend Devon to agree to 5 dates Will these dates lead to love Things are not what they seem and their is danger close by You must read and find out if Nick and Devo [...]

    28. Just make sure you read this book with a box of tissues nearby, you will need it Nick is back from assignment to find it is time to be with his sister for the final days of her life Sophie is at the end of her life and she has come to terms with it Now she needs her brother and her best friend to become a couple She knows that they are it for each other She just needs to have them see it Devon has always had a thing for Nick, but she was never on his radar Now that she is a woman that has change [...]

    29. The power that makes SEAL teams work The familyI always love to read SEAL romances, but this one was especially engaging and heart rending This story helps the reader see Nick, a member of SEAL team 3, not only as a man who s life passion is to protect America and its citizens, but also as a young man before entering the Navy It is a story of cancer and murder and most especially, a man and a woman finding the love that started as school mates It is also special to see the SEAL team 3 revisited [...]

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