La sposa spagnola #2020

La sposa spagnola By Georgette Heyer Federica Isola Pellegrini La sposa spagnola La sanguinosa Guerra Peninsulare al culmine quando il capobrigata Harry Smith uno dei pi abili e fortunati militari in carriera dell esercito di Wellington si innamora a prima vista di una quattordi
  • Title: La sposa spagnola
  • Author: Georgette Heyer Federica Isola Pellegrini
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  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • La sposa spagnola By Georgette Heyer Federica Isola Pellegrini La sanguinosa Guerra Peninsulare al culmine quando il capobrigata Harry Smith, uno dei pi abili e fortunati militari in carriera dell esercito di Wellington, si innamora a prima vista di una quattordicenne spagnola Non una vera bellezza, Juana de Le n, ma dai suoi liquidi occhi neri trapelano una forza di volont e uno spirito indomito cos simili ai suoi che Harry nLa sanguinosa Guerra Peninsulare al culmine quando il capobrigata Harry Smith, uno dei pi abili e fortunati militari in carriera dell esercito di Wellington, si innamora a prima vista di una quattordicenne spagnola Non una vera bellezza, Juana de Le n, ma dai suoi liquidi occhi neri trapelano una forza di volont e uno spirito indomito cos simili ai suoi che Harry non pu fare a meno di restarne conquistato, cos come Juana non pu rimanere indifferente al magnetismo che emana dal quel giovane soldato inglese Nonostante le fosche previsioni dei suoi amici e compagni d arme, che vedono in quel precipitoso matrimonio la rovina della sua carriera, Harry decide di sposarla seduta stante Ma la dura realt della guerra, fatta di marce forzate, battaglie, bivacchi sotto la pioggia, squallidi alloggi e soprattutto le lunghe lontananze, metter a dura prova la resistenza della giovane sposa spagnola.
    La sposa spagnola By Georgette Heyer Federica Isola Pellegrini
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      Georgette Heyer was a prolific historical romance and detective fiction novelist Her writing career began in 1921, when she turned a story for her younger brother into the novel The Black Moth.In 1925 she married George Ronald Rougier, a mining engineer, and he often provided basic plot outlines for her thrillers Beginning in 1932, Heyer released one romance novel and one thriller each year.Heyer was an intensely private person who remained a best selling author all her life without the aid of publicity She made no appearances, never gave an interview and only answered fan letters herself if they made an interesting historical point She sometimes wrote under the pseudonym Stella Martin.Her Regencies were inspired by Jane Austen, but unlike Austen, who wrote about and for the times in which she lived, Heyer was forced to include copious information about the period so that her readers would understand the setting While some critics thought her novels were too detailed, others considered the level of detail to be Heyer s greatest asset.Heyer remains a popular and much loved author, known for essentially establishing the historical romance genre and its subgenre Regency romance.


    1. 4.5 Right from the beginning real life war hero Harry Smith crackles with life energy for the most part, so did this book, other than one part where GH just seemed to show off her research skills She obviously drew extensively on George Simmons diaries I don t think most of his appearances drove the plot along much.Juana Smith is well drawn she is a fascinating mass of contradictions brave, hardworking loyal, but also jealous petulant at times I would have given much to have been a witness to th [...]

    2. I ve given this a B for narration and a B for content at AARAlthough Georgette Heyer is principally known for writing a large number of sparkling Regency Romances and Comedies of Manners, she also wrote a number of mysteries and several books of historical fiction based on real events One of the best known of these is An Infamous Army, which is said to include some of the most well researched descriptions of the Battle of Waterloo, and which, as a result, is or was a set text at Sandhurst The Sp [...]

    3. A Regency romance with the focus on Captain Brigade Major Harry Smith and the Spanish bride he takes into his heart, Juana, at the end of the siege of Badajos For a switch, the marriage takes place at the beginning of the story while their married life plays out against the Peninsular War of Napoleon versus Wellington.You cannot pick up a novel or history of the Peninuslar War without some reference to Captain Harry Smith and his Juana While most of the story is of the campaigns from the siege o [...]

    4. This barely fictionalized true story was so engaging I read Harry Smith s memoirs, and then Captain John Kincaids memoirs Imagine my surprise when some of the dialog Heyer used was right out of their own pens Not just a wonderful love story, but a great and exciting history of the Peninsular War and livestyle of Wellingtons officers and troops Harry and Juana spent the rest of their lives together and she went on almost every posting he had in his long career The town of Ladysmith South Africa i [...]

    5. With this one, if you wade through the many paragraphs on fighting and history their is a really sweet story The writing dialog isn t Heyer s best, it reads like a biography to me, and parts of it dragged Although, the second half of the book gets much better and the battles enjoyable to read Even for just getting to see Heyer s research skills Plus, if you like Heyer s Regencies, towards the end of the story, Juana hangs out in London it reminds you of her other books just a bit.The meeting o [...]

    6. My Eleventh Georgette Heyer Based on the true story of Harry Smith and his wife Juana Mar a de los Dolores de Le n Smith, this book is military fiction than romance Heyer did a great deal of research in order to bring to life army life, their comradeship and hardships While she does portray the army patriotically, she does not gloss over the damage they can and do inflict.Convent raised orphan Juana is introduced in the 9th chapter and it s insta love between her and Harry We are given to under [...]

    7. This is not my favorite Heyer that would be Devil s Cub, The Grand Sophy, or Sylvester , but it is definitely my favorite war book Even Heyer s An Infamous Army, which could be considered a sequel to this one with its focus on Waterloo and is so accurate that the cadets at Sandhurst reportedly read it as a battle study, cannot hold a candle to this one in terms of making the business of war accessible to non soldiers Based on the first part of Sir Harry Smith s diaries and every other memoir of [...]

    8. This is so not what I expected The foreword had warned me and I should have put back this book on its virtual shelf then.The strength of Georgette Heyer regards historical romance is her ability to twist the plot, to involve too many melding and interfering characters, all that written in a light and rather humoristic tone, that makes it all generally a fluffy but highly entertaining romantic comedy.In this case, this is not too be expected.Georgette Heyer had most probably been enthralled by th [...]

    9. I never know what to expect from a Heyer novel because she was such a prolific writer This one was frankly disappointing It s pretty much a four hundred page history text about the Peninsular War 1808 1814 , and Wellington s many victories against the French The protagonists Brigade Major Harry Smith and his fourteen year old bride, Juana are engaging, but largely because this is based in fact, not fiction they never develop or do much of anything except fall in love and survive a long string of [...]

    10. God, between this and An Infamous Army, I sometimes feel like Georgette Heyer is a kindred spirit indeed Her books on the Peninsular War are just brilliant.The Spanish Bride is nominally about the true story of Juana and Brigade Major Harry Smith, and she brings them to life as very colorful and complex characters, but the book is high jacked by the backdrop a rich description of every battle in Wellington s campaign from Badajos to Toulouse in which the Light Division took part Heyer read every [...]

    11. Once again I m totally in awe of Georgette Heyer s ability to bring history to life She brings home the epic scale of the Napoleonic wars and makes you see them from a very human perspective Reading about the lives of the British soldiers, it seems incredible that they survived and succeeded with the conditions they were faced with It was also gripping following the progress of a relationship that looks like a recipe for disaster in so many ways, but managed to overcome the odds just as the army [...]

    12. I normally really enjoy Georgette Heyer s work, but I couldn t make it through this book With 480 pages, I just quit at page 270 because the thought of slogging through 200 pages was too much considering how many other books are out there I think the problem is that this time the author got too bogged down in the historical army life detail, and it seemed like the romance and relationship between Juana and Harry was pretty much a sidenote I won t let it detract me from reading of her books tho [...]

    13. Muuyyyyyyyy Bieeeeeeeeenn Oh god This book This book was a gift from god to me, I didn t even plan to buy it It just sort of came to me Alas The adventure it took me on is now over It took to 2 weeks to read this but it was worth it Time consuming yes Hard old vocabulary Yes Too much history in it Yes.In some reviews these are marked as negatives of the book Are you serious This is exactly what is suppose be in historical romantic classic fiction Georgette Heyerdid an amazing job on this one Mad [...]

    14. While I enjoy Heyer s historical romances, the books which are based on actual people and events are my favorites The Spanish Bride, Royal Escape, My Lord John though unfinished , and to a certain extent An Infamous Army and The Conquerer though unlike the first 3, the last 2 focus around fictional characters as well as real people I am a lover of English history, and Heyer does her research and knows her stuff then she uses her knowledge and skill to bring the characters and events from history [...]

    15. The title and description of this book are misleading For while it is indeed the story of a Spanish Bride, it is also a detailed history of the War in the Peninsula I d say about 10 15 percent of the book is the love story of Harry Smith, English officer, and his wife Juana, Spanish noblewoman but about 85 90% of it is a detailed account of Wellington s battles, troop movements, and strategies in the war against Napoleon It s a fascinating book with excellent details on the war and the life of a [...]

    16. Two stars for sheer sexism and the exoticized ideal Juana, who lives to serve her soldier husband and his friends, disdains women, and is always fulfilling some creepy vaguely pedophiliac desire with her 14 through 17 year old self The bones of the story may be true and the description of the Napoleanic Wars unparalleled, but Juana and her devotion to Harry have all the flavor of the even offensive Helen, Heyer s WWI contemporary novel, and the idealized Juana is decidedly Heyer s ideal submiss [...]

    17. Harry and Juana seem destined to kill each other half the time in this romance of the Peninsular War by Georgette Heyer She is young, naive in some ways, but a real trouper in following the drum, and I liked that about her even as I doubted I would be the same Based on the letters of the real Brigade Major Harry Smith, this give some of the history of the Peninsular War and as little as I usually enjoy war stories, I enjoyed this I read that at one time it was used in military schools as a prime [...]

    18. r all the gritty details about how war was actually fought where there were cavalry regiments and riflemen marching to war usual, without talking history, Heyer presents slice of history in all its vivid detail.

    19. Good novelization of the love story of Captain Harry Smith of Wellington s army and his Spanish wife Juana, beginning with the siege of Badajos where they met, through Waterloo It s a good read.

    20. I knew this was historical fiction, but I thought I d give it a chance anyway Way too graphic for me about the during and after of a particular battle I didn t care to read any .

    21. I love Georgette Heyer s romances, and I love Spain, but I just can t finish this book I do not care about Wellington s army Back to the London Season, please

    22. Only wish to note a few things Most of the time I seem to see this book listed among Heyer s romances, specifically her Regency Romances After reading the book, I m slightly confused by that Since the book is based on real people, with lots and lots of research on them and on the war against Napoleon in Portugal, Spain, France, and Waterloo And it isn t like the other Heyer romances, well most There s a marriage, and it happens almost immediately a few other books start off that way, but those a [...]

    23. I really didn t like this one While Heyer might have managed to combine action and a intimate narrative to great effect in An Infamous Army, I don t think you would ever know she was capable of it based on The Spanish Bride I ve long had a great interest in the Peninsular and Napoleonic Wars, and I found my attention wandering for vast swathes of this I can only guess at the soporific effect it would have on someone who does not have the same level of historical interest.I was also a little une [...]

    24. I knew going in that this was not a light Regency like so many of Heyer s best books But I found Heyer s account of the Battle of Waterloo in An Infamous Army not only entertaining but educational,, so thought I would give this a try as well And if you like your historical fiction heavy on history and light on plot, you will like this book Interestingly, unlike An Infamous Army, where the main characters were fictional but surrounded by real historical figures, in this book, even the main charac [...]

    25. Military history and romance all in one novel Yes, and Heyer makes it worth the slog through almost 500 pages I must admit that my eyes begin to glaze over when the descriptions of battle preparations and strategies take over When the author begins detailing the positions of various battalions and divisions, I struggle to envision things But by the novel s end, I felt I understood a little of what it might have been like to follow the British push to defeat Bonaparte in the Peninsula Wars That t [...]

    26. I don t think many authors can claim the diversity and sheer body of work that Heyer can, and each piece is a gem I started reading her books as a teen, and i love all of them even today Worn them all ragged, and was so happy when all of them appeared on store racks with new covers Refurbished the entire collection I think in order to be a truly great author, one must have a facility with words, but also the subject matter must be dear to one, and must be real to one Heyer s clear love of histor [...]

    27. During the Napoleonic wars, Brigade Major Harry Smith falls in love with a fourteen year old Spanish gentlewoman They marry immediately, and Juana follows the army around, being adorable and very brave For someone who has read a good number of Heyer books, this is an odd turn from the usual Harry and Juana were real people, and all the supporting cast and plot is a matter of historical record Heyer has clearly exhaustively researched their lives and the battles they were involved in In fact, she [...]

    28. This is a true story about a couple who literally fell in love at first sight, which sounds like it would make a good romance novel, except of course it doesn t You need progression in a relationship to make a romance story work, and getting married in the first 30 pages and then staying happily married doesn t really cut it You get left with oh and then they had to be apart for a while, and they were both sad.So what you re left with in this book is a rather interesting story of Wellington s Pe [...]

    29. The Spanish Bride was a big surprise for me While it is in part a romance, it s one of the most detailed historical works I have read in recent years historical fiction and non fiction The way in which Georgette Heyer details the Peninsular Wars woven with the romance provides a vivid picture of life on the battle front I really felt as though I were there on the front lines and travelling with the regiments

    30. Based on the autobiography of General Harry Smith this is an account of the Peninsula War with the romanatic stroy of how Harry met and married his wife at the same time It gives a very immidiate feeling of life in Wellington s army where life is short and tough Georgette Heyer was a terrible snob but once the reader gets past that she has a great gift for story telling.

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