L'incomparabile Barbara #2020

L'incomparabile Barbara By Georgette Heyer Anna Luisa Zazo L incomparabile Barbara Fra le molte conseguenze della battaglia di Waterloo i libri di storia ne ignorano ostinatamente una Questo perch i libri di storia sono spesso pieni di lacune Giacch nulla meno della battaglia di W
  • Title: L'incomparabile Barbara
  • Author: Georgette Heyer Anna Luisa Zazo
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Hardcover
  • L'incomparabile Barbara By Georgette Heyer Anna Luisa Zazo Fra le molte conseguenze della battaglia di Waterloo, i libri di storia ne ignorano ostinatamente una Questo, perch i libri di storia sono spesso pieni di lacune Giacch nulla meno della battaglia di Waterloo pu dipanare l inestricabile intrigo che lega Charles Audley e Barbara Childe, il conte de Lavisse, George Alastair e Lucy Devenish e soltanto un comprensibile riFra le molte conseguenze della battaglia di Waterloo, i libri di storia ne ignorano ostinatamente una Questo, perch i libri di storia sono spesso pieni di lacune Giacch nulla meno della battaglia di Waterloo pu dipanare l inestricabile intrigo che lega Charles Audley e Barbara Childe, il conte de Lavisse, George Alastair e Lucy Devenish e soltanto un comprensibile riserbo ci induce a trascurare Peregrine Taverner e sua moglie Harriet, Judith Taverner e suo marito il conte di Worth, per tacere del duca di Wellington.Barbara Childe, l incomparabile, irresistibile, perfida Bab, ha infranto pi cuori e suscitato pi scandali di quanti le sia possibile ricordare Conquistarne il cuore appare un impresa disperata poich Barbara, notoriamente, non ha cuore E Charles Audley, affascinante fratello del conte di Worth, dovrebbe forse seguire i suggerimenti di Judith che ha deciso di fare di lui il fortunato marito della signorina Devenish Ma la giovane contessa di Worth, donna di grande bellezza e di molte virt , non annovera tra queste l intuito E se Charles ne seguisse i sempre meno velati suggerimenti potrebbe trovarsi in grave imbarazzo Oh, senza dubbio, Lucy una fanciulla impeccabile per ricchezza e virt se non per nobilt di natali , una fanciulla quieta e senza sorprese Ma dire se l opaca e virtuosa tranquillit di Lucy non celi sorprese arduo, almeno quanto lo dire se l incomparabile Barbara sia davvero senza cuore.Nulla quel che sembra, nella scintillante societ londinese che nella primavera del 1815 si data convegno a Bruxelles e ha fatto di quella citt tradizionalmente silenziosa la capitale pi gaia e frivola d Europa Nulla, a cominciare dalla stessa Bruxelles, davvero quel che sembra, con l eccezione del conte de Lavisse che un gentiluomo di indubbio fascino e dubbia reputazione, e del duca di Wellington che ci affrettiamo a placare le giuste ansie dei lettori davvero il duca di Wellington quanto al giovane Lord Temperley, Lord Temperley, ma irrilevante ai fini della narrazione Ed ecco che sullo sfavillante palcoscenico di Bruxelles, tra balli, feste a corte, cavalcate, parate militari e incantevoli sfoggi di tolette, Barbara e Charles, Lucy e George, Lavisse e Judith riprendono il gioco della realt e dell apparenza, reso tanto pi mobile e affascinante dalla imprevedibile stravaganza di Barbara, dal virtuoso interessamento di molte virtuose gentildonne, dall inquieta gaiezza di quella primavera del 1815, a Bruxelles, e dagli equivoci, teneri, beffardi o struggenti, che da sempre accompagnano la commedia dell a.Una commedia che si colora qui di tutte le pi mutevoli tinte, che minaccia di volgere in tragedia, e che in verit soltanto la battaglia di Waterloo, con la complicit del tutto involontaria del duca di Wellington e di Napoleone, ignari di risolvere tali e tante pene e contrasti d a, e del tutto volontaria di Georgette Heyer, porta a compimento.
    L'incomparabile Barbara By Georgette Heyer Anna Luisa Zazo
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      Georgette Heyer was a prolific historical romance and detective fiction novelist Her writing career began in 1921, when she turned a story for her younger brother into the novel The Black Moth.In 1925 she married George Ronald Rougier, a mining engineer, and he often provided basic plot outlines for her thrillers Beginning in 1932, Heyer released one romance novel and one thriller each year.Heyer was an intensely private person who remained a best selling author all her life without the aid of publicity She made no appearances, never gave an interview and only answered fan letters herself if they made an interesting historical point She sometimes wrote under the pseudonym Stella Martin.Her Regencies were inspired by Jane Austen, but unlike Austen, who wrote about and for the times in which she lived, Heyer was forced to include copious information about the period so that her readers would understand the setting While some critics thought her novels were too detailed, others considered the level of detail to be Heyer s greatest asset.Heyer remains a popular and much loved author, known for essentially establishing the historical romance genre and its subgenre Regency romance.


    1. Warning there may be spoilers for Regency Buck Devil s Cub in this review,as GH uses characters from both in this book.My good GR friend Hana has covered the historical side of reviewing the book, I don t feel I can better her comments This is her review linked to with her permission review show I will mention that GH was meticulous in her research at the back of the book is what she calls the short bibliography that runs to two a half pages I wasn t so keen on this book in my younger days if GR [...]

    2. This was a bit of a mash up part romance with an unpleasantly self absorbed heroine, part history lesson, meticulously researched and well told The story opens in Brussels on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo as British and allied European forces prepare to confront a resurgent Napoleon The Duke of Wellington is in command of the British troops, who are too few and unseasoned Heyer captures the sense of feverish gaiety that grips this city on the brink of war Wellington s staff work madly to ass [...]

    3. Although I had read three other Georgette Heyer novels before this one, those were all detective stories, instead of the historical romances that she s well known for I found this one in a bookstore a few weeks ago and thought that it would be a good introduction to Heyer s other body of work although her mysteries aren t the best I ve ever read, her characters are always well formed and the writing is witty and clever, so I was looking forward to seeing how she applied this skill to another ki [...]

    4. This is exactly the bracing kind of story I needed Jolly good fun, as the general population of characters in this book would say Georgette Heyer has always been good at adventure stories set amongst the British upper class, but in this she has far outdone herself Her research is astounding The second half of the book largely consists of an enormously through about 150 pages long play by play account of the battle of Waterloo, and its immediate lead up and aftermath Heyer seems to know every sma [...]

    5. I read Heyer for romance This book was not what I expected Too much military and hard to understandVIEWER S OPINION I think it might be better to READ this book rather than LISTEN to it as an audiobook It was hard to understand all the military planning and battle action I needed to see diagrams and pictures It was also hard to follow the various officers names by listening as opposed to reading I understand the author did a lot of research in order to be accurate about the Battle of Waterloo Th [...]

    6. What a wonderful, complex story The romance feels less important that the historical stuff at times, but thanks to Heyer s talent and painstaking research, it all comes together flawlessly There are basically three parts In the beginning, the fashionable world anxiously awaits the results of the Vienna Congress and enjoys their freedom in Brussels, where the infamous widow Lady Barbara meets a dashing but quiet aide de camp to the Duke of Wellington In the middle, Wellington prepares his campaig [...]

    7. Heyer s forte was historical research and it really shines through in this book The last 1 3 of the novel consists of a detailed play by play description of the Battle of Waterloo complete with troop movements and every gory death exactly as it occurred What happens to the characters during the battle is blended in with the real life events and will keep the reader turning pages until the fictional history is resolved Lady Barbara is entirely unlikeable in most of the novel She s the feminine v [...]

    8. This book has two sides In other words, you will find two books inside.1 It is definitely a tribute to Duke of Wellington and his army which fought at Waterloo And, it is great tribute Heyer had to spend many hours to get so historically accurate descriptions Really, I don t even know what I can say If someone likes to read about wars, war strategies and so on, he will think of this book like of a jewel I love historical fiction Nonetheless, although I appreciate value of Heyer s work I confess [...]

    9. This was the first book I have ever read that was written by Georgette Heyer I can see why her work is so loved It was very well written and much attention was given to detail, which I always enjoy She put much work it into it while still allowing me to use my imagination to a point that was satisfactory for me While I m far from an expert on the Duke of Wellington or Waterloo, I still think the military aspects of the story were very well written and appreciate the research Heyer put into it al [...]

    10. I loved this book Of course, keep in mind that I am a serious fan student of the Napoleonic era This is an in depth look at the Battle of Waterloo I recommend this book at work to men who read the Richard Sharpe novels of Bernard Cornwell and the Jack Aubrey novels of Patrick O Brian The romance is not the central element of the story, and what there is, is relatively low key In other words, not enough to make a guy think he s reading a romance There is a lot of battle tactics here It is a good [...]

    11. This was possibly Georgette Heyer s greatest book Her research into the battle of Waterloo was so detailed and accurate that it is on the recommended reading list for officer cadets at Sandhurst Even if you re not into battles and you can easily skip these sections there s plenty here, not just the usual love story but an amazing telling of how the citizens of the town coped with the influx of wounded, the fear, the honourable and dishonourable behaviour of people in a war zone When Wellington [...]

    12. What did I know about the battle of Waterloo prior to reading this novel Nothing Nothing at all I didn t even know who the Duke of Wellington was But thanks to this wonderful masterpiece by Heyer, I now feel a lot educated This was just brilliant The main character, Captain Audley, was in my opinion extremely appealing and the wonder is that he fell in love so quickly with the outrageous Lady Barbara Bab was an excellent character and in true Alastair fashion, incredibly notorious , but she was [...]

    13. This is Heyer s take on the build up to and the actual Battle of Waterloo, as seen through the eyes of her fictional participants Her battle descriptions are superb, her depiction of Wellington is wonderful The romance between the two main characters is so so, but ultimately very satisfactory.Not one of my favorites, but she never really wrote a bad bookA 4 Feb 2018 upped my rating to 4 stars from the original 3Re read with the Georgette Heyer Fans group It has been years since I last re read th [...]

    14. My 16th Georgette Heyer This is a great book but I don t think I was able to enjoy it fully Had I never read it s pseudo prequel Regency Buck, I would have enjoyed certain characters and wouldn t have waited for them to ruin my fun I spent half of this book waiting for the other shoe to drop, but when I relaxed, I became so enthralled with Barbara and Charles that I didn t mind the blow by blow description of the Battle of Waterloo.

    15. As a child, I read lots of Georgette Heyer Regency romances, but as an older teenager turned to fantasy and other genres It wasn t until recently that I discovered her two novels of the Napoleanic wars, The Spanish Bride and An Infamous Army Both have incredible historic detail She said in her forward to one of these books that she had read every diarist English soldiers of these wars, in addition to all Wellington s dispatches.

    16. This was a difficult book for me For starters, I didn t go into it expecting as I should have such a strong focus on Waterloo and the war I was expecting perhaps focus on the war than in other Heyer books, but still primarily a romance novel This is not that This is primarily a story of the war, with a romance on the side There are characters that are mentioned briefly, painted in hasty strokes, then referred to later with the full expectation that you ll remember them There are weighty descrip [...]

    17. This is the love story of the scandalous Bab Childe and her Colonel Charles Audley but not really It s a story about learning to be self aware, and how times of struggle and strengthen and mature a person kind of This is about how frivolous people can be in times of impending doom in a way This is really the story of the battle of Waterloo but not really that either Ugh Apparently this is one of the most historically accurate tellings of the Battle of Waterloo in all of fiction, meticulously res [...]

    18. Dec 20thThis is an interesting combination of historical romance and detailed history So far, I m not too impressed with the love story The hero is unremarkable Well, you know, he s a brave and principled and dutiful officer, as you d expect And he s tall and handsome, too Yawn The leading lady is remarkable for the emotional maturity and self control of a two year old It s love at first sight, essentially, with no apparent reason for the attachment, and no sense so far, of a developing relation [...]

    19. Wow I expected this to be romance story with a little bit of war thrown in but in reality it s a war story with a love story thrown in for good measure I knew nothing of Waterloo, apart from the outcome and that it involved the Duke of Wellington and Napoleon Bonaparte, which I suspect was all I remembered from reading Vanity Fair as I didn t learn anything about it at school But apparently Heyer s description is historically spot on I admit it was hard going, I admit I skimmed the war scenes a [...]

    20. 2012 SOA Listening Challenge Historical 1 4likesbooks blog p 7566Part romance and part history, this is a truly incredible novel I listened to the entire 15 hours over two days I couldn t stop I have put off listening to this book for a couple of years because I was afraid I d find the details of the battles boring, but I needn t have worried It s true I was a little overwhelmed at times by the sheer amount of information presented, but I was always fascinated Even when I was a bit lost with the [...]

    21. I didn t think there was anything to be said about the incomparable Georgette Heyer and her Regency novels I was wrong An Infamous Army has all the usual wonderful components the spirited heroine and the irresistible hero, the sparkling dialogue, the entertaining cast of characters who interact with and circle around the main lovers, the sumptuous clothes and the way GH used her deep knowledge of those and other aspects of the period She gave us a treat too, showing us Dominic and Mary from The [...]

    22. I ve read 22 Heyer books as of this writing and this certainly is different in tone The first half promises to be good, old Heyer fare but the second half understandably is darker in tone as the Battle of Waterloo looms It is grittier, never shying away from the seriousness of the war Not a good book to listen to owing to the numerous names of war heroes which of them are real or fiction, I know not and to the detailed descriptions of the war front If this is your cup of tea, better read the who [...]

    23. I love Georgette Heyer and so love all of her books But this one is extra special It s not only the 3rd in the Alistair series, but the sequel to Regency Buck In fact, it begins with Judith and Julian Worth in Brussells with their child and Judith s brother Peregrine and his wife Harriet and their children The Worths are in Brussells at the end of the Napoleonic Wars, and Napoleon has escaped from Elba and is trying to regain his empire The Royalists in France have fled to Brussells and everyone [...]

    24. I have to admit I read this Heyer just because it continues the Alistair storyline I found An Infamous Army to be both and less than These Old Shades and Devil s Cub An Infamous Army is rather to my surprise largely an account of the battle of Waterloo On the plus side, I learned a lot about the major players in this famous historical conflict though from what I ve gleaned it looks like Heyer lifted a lot of Wellington s dialogue straight from various primary sources of that period The history [...]

    25. An Infamous Army was the novel Georgette Heyer was most proud of It tells the story of a romance set during Waterloo Heyer is famous for her attention to detail and her research but in this book she absolutely surpassed herself in learning every detail of the the circumstances leading up to Waterloo and of the battle itself At one point, the book was studied at Sandringham for its excellent descriptions of the battle Unfortunately, this book just did not work for me I applaud its ambition but I [...]

    26. This is a strange hybrid of a romance novel and a detailed historical account of the Battle of Waterloo Very detailed I read a biography of Wellington not long ago, so I m slightly familiar with the relevant people and events, and Heyer was still throwing out the names of people, places and regiments faster than I could process them.The scenes with Wellington were very nice, and supposedly every bit of his dialogue comes from his letters or recorded conversations I enjoyed the accounts of the ci [...]

    27. I m not as impressed with it as I was as a young reader I know the sources of her Waterloo descriptions, and how she almost took them wholesale That said, the way she researched the battle and tried to give it as realistic a treatment as possible while still holding onto her determined paradigm of the dashing and noble and heroic British aristocrats makes for a unique sort of a romantic adventure in the silver fork mode To bind the story together, she brings the heroine of Regency Buck to the de [...]

    28. This is my least favorite of Heyer s so far, and I still enjoyed it I am irritated by love at first sight idiots, but at least this one had reality punch him in the face a bit first It s still annoying how everything magically falls into place with a bratty, selfish, flippant woman Somehow it never annoys me nearly as much when the man reforms, which I own is completely hypocritical This one was incongruous with the rest of the series in that it has an awful lot of detailed war in it Waterloo, t [...]

    29. I set out to read all of Georgette Heyer s Regency romances in publication order, and here I am at the second book, written in 1937, and already I m refusing to jump The opening is a whole confusion of characters, so, naturally, I turned to the reviews for advice And find that this book is of a historical treatise on the Battle of Waterloo than fiction It is, apparently, still required reading for the officer training school at Sandhurst.Well, it may be picky of me, but I read for entertainment [...]

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