Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle, or, Fun and Adventures on the Road #2020

Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle, or, Fun and Adventures on the Road By Victor Appleton Tom Swift and His Motor Cycle or Fun and Adventures on the Road American boys fiction under pseudonym used by the Stratemeyer Syndicate who produced Tom Swift series Nancy Drew mysteries the Hardy Boys Dave Fearless and many others
  • Title: Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle, or, Fun and Adventures on the Road
  • Author: Victor Appleton
  • ISBN: 9781406509052
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle, or, Fun and Adventures on the Road By Victor Appleton American boys fiction under pseudonym used by the Stratemeyer Syndicate who produced Tom Swift series, Nancy Drew mysteries, the Hardy Boys, Dave Fearless and many others.
    Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle, or, Fun and Adventures on the Road By Victor Appleton
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    1. Victor Appleton

      Victor Appleton was a house pseudonym used by the Stratemeyer Syndicate and its successors, most famous for being associated with the Tom Swift series of books.enpedia wiki Victor_The character of Tom Swift was conceived in 1910 by Edward Stratemeyer, founder of the Stratemeyer Syndicate, a book packaging company Stratemeyer invented the series to capitalize on the market for children s science adventure The Syndicate s authors created the Tom Swift books by first preparing an outline with all the plot elements, followed by drafting and editing the detailed manuscript The books were published under the house name of Victor Appleton Edward Stratemeyer and Howard Garis wrote most of the volumes in the original series Stratemeyer s daughter, Harriet Stratemeyer Adams, wrote the last three volumes The first Tom Swift series ended in 1941.In 1954, Harriet Adams created the Tom Swift, Jr series, which was published under the name Victor Appleton II Most titles were outlined and plotted by Adams The texts were written by various writers, among them William Dougherty, John Almquist, Richard Sklar, James Duncan Lawrence, Tom Mulvey and Richard McKenna The Tom Swift, Jr series ended in 1971.enpedia wiki Tom_Swift


    1. From The Tom Swift books have been credited with laying a foundation for the success of American SF The series firmly established the edisonade as a basic cultural myth 43 Tom Swift s adventures have been popular since the character s inception in 1910 by 1914, 150,000 copies a year were sold 41 and in a 1929 study the series was found to be second in popularity for boys in their early teens only to the Bible 44 To date, Tom Swift books have sold over 20 42 to 30 million copies worldwide 2 The s [...]

    2. Except for some of the language, I am really surprised by the fact that this was written in 1910 I read the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books when I was growing up, and reading this book brought me back to those days I bought a 27 book set for my Kindle, and I m looking forward to reading them all.

    3. The first in the series Not really very good If I had read this one first, I might not have wanted to read any of the others.

    4. Dreadfully boring and out of date.The Tom Swift books DO NOT stand the test of time and are not classics No wonder I hadn t heard of them Not worth reading.

    5. I love the Tom Swift Jr series, and have always wanted to read the older series Honestly, it was what I hoped for and expected except, perhaps, for a certain perspective on people of color that is almost certainly the reason it is not in print any longer.

    6. This is the first book of 40, counting two big little books in the original Tom Swift series I read this as a kid and a couple of times since, most recently thanks to Project Gutenberg Although in later volumes Tom invents some fantastic stuff for the period, 1910 1938 , but in this one, he starts amall, buying a motorcycle relatively new stuff in 1910 from the eccentric Mr Wakefield Damon, who accidently tried to climb a tree with it Tom improves the machine and uses it to attempt to bring a mo [...]

    7. Downloaded for free at Gutenberg, and formatted for my smartphone using the free software Calibre This made an extremely nice ebook for me, with cover art and chapters I ll certainly do this again often Not so interested in paying for ebooks too much any after the April 1st 2010 fiasco I found this ebook, originally a YA novel written for boys in 1910, to be a very interesting read, perhaps mainly because I felt it gave a nice portrayal of the time period Some awkward dialogue, but very readabl [...]

    8. Tom Swift Rides Smack Into Racism.Growing up, some of the first full length books I remember reading were the Hardy Boy books and the second round of the Tom Swift novels Tom Swift and City in the Stars, I think the first one was called So, when I found the original Tom Swift series for free on my Kindle which oddly enough is advanced than anything Tom Swift could have dreamed about in this book , I couldn t resist the chance to revisit the character in his original adventures and see how well [...]

    9. Very good old story for boys or young adultsThe story shows it s age written about the First World War I love the neat details of the era cars and motorcycles sped up by first advancing the spark, then putting on the gas which at that time were lever operated The central point of the novel, making, losing, regaining the model of the invention takes place because the Patent Office at that time required a working model of an invention Other parts age less gracefully, like calling Black farmhands d [...]

    10. This one hasn t really aged that well Yes, it was fun, as I had never read this one as a kid, though I think my brother had a copy in our family library However, in some ways it is like reading Shakespeare due to older and outdate language It was written with juveniles in mind and is pretty simple reading.It was also written in a day and age when motorcycles were brand new technology For example, he has to pedal the motorcycle to get it going There is a mystery, but it is fairly easily resolved [...]

    11. It was a long time ago since I read this book I was probably in the 5th grade when I read this, although maybe even earlier I am re reading the series on my Kindle.From what I remember, I enjoyed the Tom Swift series because it enhanced the fact that a guy can grow up and do anything he dreams of Obviously, not as much as Tom did, but definitely a lot.I don t like how the series lasts until 1923, and then the books are under copyright This means that I will have to find a physical copy online an [...]

    12. Wow Talk about dated fiction The original Tom Swift series could almost be considered charming if it wasn t for the racism I was honestly surprised when one of the bad guys walloped Tom from behind without asking his permission first This is NOT like the Tom Swift, Jr series I mean, Tom s a mechanical wizard, but he s not quite yet inventing the science fiction devices he s known for This book was VERY mundane the height of the fantastic was a turbine engine his father designed, but that was onl [...]

    13. Along with the Hardy Boys mystery series, the Bobbsey twins, and yes, I ll admit it even the occasional Nancy Drew mystery, Tom Swift was an early favorite of my youth I started reading these books by the time I was in second grade, and enjoyed them until near the end of my elementary school years I m sure they would be quite dated by now, so I don t know that I can recommend them to today s youth, but I wish there had been something similar for my childrenting books that demonstrated and taught [...]

    14. .Tom Swift and His Motor Cycle, by Victor AppletonINT Grades 3 7 Rating 4 Good In Tom Swift and His Motor Cycle by Victor Appleton, It is 1910 and young Tom s dad, has just invented a turbine engine and Tom is driving around on his motorcycle, fighting off thieves plotting to steal the invention Tom is running into adventure all around the countryside, enjoying the fast pace and chase he was thrust into, fighting crafty thieves and saving his dads invention A fun tale of adventure for a young au [...]

    15. I ve been reading a few books for young boys, with the idea that I ll read them to my grandson now 15 months later This one surely makes the list If all young boys today could only read this book The world would be a better place Tom is all good things a boy should be resourceful, intelligent, kind, respectful, inventive, creative, brave, true I m going to read a few of these now, just for the enjoyment of it

    16. Tom Swift and his motorcycle by Victor Appleton is the first series of 28 novels between our hero Tom Swift My intention is to narrate all 28 of these novels and publish them on audible as audio books The good thing is I am really enjoying reading these cliffhangers where the good guys win, and the bad guys put a jail Although in this edition, Tom lets the bad guys get away, but we will meet them in his next book where Tom invents an airship.

    17. I was curious about Tom Swift, so I thought I d give this a try Casual sexism and blatant racism made this a pretty painful read, and in between the isms the story was pretty boring Tom Swift may be clever with machines, but he s pretty dumb when it comes to mysteries Luckily for him the bad guys are pretty dumb too.Apparently Tom Swift, Jr is where it s at, so I ll probably give those a try someday, but definitely no of Tom Swift, Sr for me.

    18. This was moderately entertaining, but the racism and the belittling attitude towards women is too much to overcome I m glad I gave this a try since these novels enjoyed such popularity at one time, but I won t be reading another one I can t get past statements like Well, she can t help it, being a woman

    19. A story with a good heart Although it was written long ago, and reflects some outdated social attitudes and horse drawn wagons, the plot focuses on protecting the shockingly modern seeming value of intellectual property The writing style contains some classic faux pas, but they didn t detract from the fun adventure, and I found them part of the antiquated charm.

    20. This is an incredibly dated book, from a time when motorcycles were high tech vehicles The writing is predictable and stilted But the biggest fault is the pervasive, blatant racism From a historical perspective this book is important for launching one of the best selling book series, but otherwise it has little to offer modern readers.

    21. I enjoyed this book, for the fun vocabulary and the time that the book took place i ll probably read a few .A word for the wise, there is a black character that has some stereotype behavior He s a good guy, but I did cringe once or twice at his dialogue If you don t have a sense of humor, it could make the book a bust for you.

    22. A very frustrating book to read as there were too many convenient conflicts that stretched the imagination The ending was overly conveniently set up for the next book It reminded me of those serial shorts from the 30 s 40 s 50 s each chapter setting up for the next one I know it was written 100 years ago, but still not my cup of tea.

    23. A very good adventure story of a boy and his Scientist father a la The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones Much of the dialog is dated as is some of the slang used think of how Huckleberry Finn is regarded today and you would get the picture Further novels in the series gradually introduce new characters as well as outlandish predicaments Highly Recommended

    24. Really good old classic young readers book about a young inventor that invents this awesome inventions and then goes on these wild and crazy adventures, sometimes getting into trouble in the process.

    25. Tom supes up a motorcycle, and rides into industrial skullduggery, and nearly kills, harasses, and provides tech support for a negro.

    26. I read the Tom Swift Sr books as a child and again when I got my Kindle in 2010 They are an easy read and enjoyable It is interesting to see how writing has changed since these books were written.

    27. Good bookThis is the first Tom Swift book I have read Not a perfectly believable plot in places, but enjoyable nonetheless.

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