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Cleopatra's Heir By Gillian Bradshaw Cleopatra s Heir The might and power of Julius Caesar the man who conquered the known world The beauty of Cleopatra the woman who conquered the conqueror Together they could have forged an empire whose power had nev
  • Title: Cleopatra's Heir
  • Author: Gillian Bradshaw
  • ISBN: 9780765302298
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cleopatra's Heir By Gillian Bradshaw The might and power of Julius Caesar, the man who conquered the known world The beauty of Cleopatra, the woman who conquered the conqueror Together they could have forged an empire whose power had never been seen before Tragically, it was not meant to be, but what of the son who was born of their passion Gillian Bradshaw gives us a possible answer in Cleopatra s Heir, aThe might and power of Julius Caesar, the man who conquered the known world The beauty of Cleopatra, the woman who conquered the conqueror Together they could have forged an empire whose power had never been seen before Tragically, it was not meant to be, but what of the son who was born of their passion Gillian Bradshaw gives us a possible answer in Cleopatra s Heir, a riveting historical novel drawn from meticulous research and a unique historical premise The young son of Julius Caesar and the fabled Cleopatra, Caesarion was seen by some as the hope of the marriage between Rome and Egypt, by others as the folly of a commander s lust for a wanton foreign schemer For the new Roman ruler, Octavius, Caesarion is the threat that could topple his dreams of a safe and peaceful Roman Empire.The brutal truth is that Caesarion could not be allowed to live But what if he somehow managed to survive the inevitable assassination and went underground to hide his identity How would he find a way to live when he has always chosen and honor, even though his life has been shadowed by forces greater than anyone should have to cope with Caesarion will travel the lands that he thinks he knows so well only to discover that he knew his people not at all And only after that discovery, when he loses all and is forced to confront his humanity, will Caesarion finally come to know friendship, honesty, and love.
    Cleopatra's Heir By Gillian Bradshaw
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      251 Gillian Bradshaw
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      Born in Arlington, Virgina, Gillian Bradshaw grew up in Washington, Santiago, Chile and Michigan She is a Classics graduate from Newnham College, Cambridge, and published her first novel, Hawk of May, just before her final term A highly acclaimed historical novelist, Gillian Bradshaw has won the Hopwood Award for Fiction, among other prizes She lives in Cambridge with her husband and their four children.


    1. This book was bordering on a 1 or 2 star rating, but then I read the author s blurb at the back of the book This blurb dropped that rating from maybe a 2 to definitely a 1 or lower During the book I felt like Bradshaw was having her characters parrot her opinions about key players in history, such as Cleopatra, Marc Antony and Julius Caesar The blurb in the back confirmed that this was in fact the case.Bradshaw is so clearly biased against Cleopatra I adore Cleopatra, but I do understand her fla [...]

    2. An interesting look at what might have been had Caesarion lived He s a historical character it is hard not to have hope for a miracle for him the only son of Caesar and Cleopatra It did need some willing suspension of disbelief but Ms Bradshaw is such a good writer that that suspension was given oh, so willingly The hardest part to swallow was Octavian being merciful But we all have our good pointsybe even he did

    3. The premise of Gillian Bradshaw s novel is a simple but powerful one Caesarion, Julius Caesar s illegitimate son with Cleopatra, was assassinated on the orders of Octavian after the defeat of Marc Antony and Cleopatra In Bradshaw s story, however, he manages to escape the assassination attempt and struggles to create a new life for himself amid the ruins of his mother s kingdom Reduced overnight from prince to hunted fugitive, he is forced to depend upon the kindness of people whom he would prev [...]

    4. What I like most about Gillian Bradshaw s novels is that she writes excellent stories which are realistically grounded in their historical contexts no difference with this one, even though she posits a central plot device which is historically untrue the survival of Caesarion, son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, after an attempted killing on the orders of Octavian, Caesar s heir and enemy of Cleopatra.Bradshaw has a lot of fun with this idea and with Caesarion brought up to be king with all the [...]

    5. Bradshaw always writes strong historical fiction that reminds me a little bit of Rosemary Sutcliff s work, and Cleopatra s Heir is no exception She takes the little that is known about Cleopatra s son, Caesarion, and plays with it what if he survives What if he really is Caesar s son And if he is, what if he s also epileptic, as Julius Caesar was known to be She writes about genuine medical treatments of epilepsy, and the way people generally saw it Some of her characters are perhaps a little to [...]

    6. This book is on my top ten historical fiction books, what number it is exactly, I cannot say I have never been able to pick out a Number One, but this one could be it I have always loved Ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt, and Cleopatra s Heir blends all three cultures beautifully I have read it three times since I first discovered it.Caesarion, son of Cleopatra and Julius Caeser, was supposed to die History says that he was killed, betrayed, but what if he survived What if, somehow, he escaped Wou [...]

    7. I read this book for the second time recently, recollecting my joy in Gillian Bradshaw s style, and her choices of subject matter, but not the specifics of what I liked and disliked In truth, were were about equal portions of each.The premise of the book is that Caesarion, the alleged son of Cleopatra VII and Julius Caesar, survived the attempt on his life by Octavian Agustus Caesar I love alternate history, I love this era, and I love Caesarion, so the premise itself is really enough to endear [...]

    8. The suspense of a thriller and the drama of a coming of age story This book, I thought would be hard to read as the pages are crammed with words, and it is a bit thick and heavy, but I flew through it From the first pages it snatches up your attention and holds it ransom until the bittersweet but satisfying end It is both about a prince surviving his way in a savage time under the rule of an enemy who wants him as dead as his mother and siblings, as well as a young man trying to come into his ow [...]

    9. Un libro entretenido, facil de leer, pero con poca precisi n hist rica No pasa de ser una novelita para el verano, con pocos personajes un buen argumento y una narracion agil y entretenida Pero sinceramente podriamos cambiar la epoca y poner el heredero de Rockefeller y la historia se podria mantener igual.En general busco libros y novelas de corte historico porque me gusta sumergirme en otras epocas y aprender costumbres, vestimentas, modos, etc que no te ense an en el colegio Desde ese punto d [...]

    10. I really enjoyed seeing the growth of the character Caesarion in this book This is really not so much about the historical character Caesarion as about what it would be like for a person to have been in his exalted position and then have everything fall apart A good what if book.

    11. Plot 8 mostly engaging at all points Characters 9 simplistic if enjoyable archetypes Accuracy 9 simplifies a complex situation but generally thorough So what if Caesar and Cleopatra s son survived That s the big question posed in this novel It s not precisely an alternate history since the basic idea is that nobody knows about it, but it does make the events surrounding the Roman conquest take on a bit of a different flavor.But don t let that fool you into thinking this is going to be a dramatic [...]

    12. I m sure like many others, I was fascinated with Cleopatra and ancient Egypt I had finished reading the book and read the author s comments in the end I didn t appreciate the comments the author had made in regards to Cleopatra Sure, Cleopatra was controversial and in the eyes of many, she might not have been the best ruler, but she certainly wasn t such an atrocious or completely destructive person as propaganda and her enemies paint her as Honestly, if she was a man, would people be so harsh t [...]

    13. Number one way to my heart is to write a novel about Cleopatra and or her children Even though this story was fairly predictable does anyone write speculative fic about someone who died and then doesn t have them live at the end I still really enjoyed it because it was still suspenseful not the right word 100% and got me at least to turn the pages I thought characterization was pretty good while at times I was all Christ Caesarion get a grip I think it worked in the favor of the novel and went i [...]

    14. It might have been easy, when faced with a time in history that has inspired as many different theories and books and movies as the end of the Roman Republic, to just coast and fall back on the old tired cliches But Gillian Bradshaw does not fall into that trap, and instead somehow manages to breathe life into the old myths In this book, she looks at what might have happened to the son of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra if he had survived Cleopatra s death, and also manages to give us an idea of wha [...]

    15. I really wanted to love this book As it turns out, this best I can say is that it was fair I loved the concept and came away thinking so much could have been done with it The first half of the novel was drudgery that seems to go nowhere The book improves it s pace significantly in the latter half.Still, the book did have some high points It is a rare historical fiction in this period that is not obsessed with the Romans The author did a fine job contrasting Cesarian s coming to terms with the l [...]

    16. My teenage daughter had picked this up at the library as a casual read I read the back of it and stole it from her o It was a great read, in my opinion The story was well constructed and a nice blend of believable and escapist There is a moral lesson taught by the book but not beaten into the reader s head The lesson is one of the value of humility versus weilding power over others.I am reluctant to say much about the book because I found it so enjoyable as a lighter read that I do not want to [...]

    17. I LOVED this book Bradshaw has a unique talent for bringing history alive and this book is no exception Caesarion, the son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar is a character that history has largely ignored despite his famous parents In this novel, Bradshaw hypothesizes about Caesarion s life if he had survived the death edict of his cousin Caesar Octavius Augustus What would he have been like had he had a real father figure What if he had fallen in love, not for political gain but for real with some [...]

    18. Suppose Caesar and Cleopatra s son Caesarion had escaped Octavian Bradshaw has given him an interesting personality, sheltered and sort of stuck up but basically decent She s also given him epilepsy, as an inheritance from his father, and perhaps a dead give away to anyone looking for him He was assumed to be dead because when Octavian s men overran his camp, he had an attack and appeared to be lifeless He escaped the funeral pyre and was helped by Ani, the owner of a small caravan, who doesn t [...]

    19. I think this was my third time through this book Gillian Bradshaw is always good for a reread and I enjoyed it than previous times The story is interesting as is the time period However, the real excellence in this book is Bradshaw s creation of Ceasarion, son of Cleopatra He has such a deep personality as he struggles to find his role in life following the death of his mother I remembered being annoyed by his arrogance in previous readings This time, though, I had a greater appreciation for th [...]

    20. Better than I thought when I initially started reading it However, I have major issues about her portrayals of the main characters, and how things actually would have gone down Bradshaw seems to have a tremendous anti Egyptian, pro Roman sentiment in her books, making the Romans and Octavian the good guyseven though they were ruthless and Octavian was not a nice dude I love this era of history, so I know that The whole ending resolution between the parties was so fake Octavian would have never l [...]

    21. This was one of those novels that I really wanted to like A fictional what if story, this is about Caesarion, Julius Caesar s son by Cleopatra, and the idea of what if he had survived his mother s downfall It s interesting, but there wasn t enough to really keep me going with this one Only somewhat recommended.For the complete review, please go here epinions content_75614

    22. A very good historical fiction book that is hard to put down once started The author brings Egypt around 30 BC to bright life, with a great story tied in to Caesarian, who was purported to be Cleopatra s son by Julius Caesar The author takes liberties, as she must, imagining how Caesarian talked and felt and what may have happened to him as another, better acknowledged son of Caesar ascended to power But nothing seems forced or incredible, and the end result is an edifying and good read.

    23. This book is so fantastic Bradshaw imagines Cleopatra Caesar s son, Caesarion, as an epileptic as was Caesar When her rule ends, he tries to escape Egypt with some of her assets, only to be hunted down by Roman soldiers Such a fascinating time and set of characters Learning history she tells you which parts were fictionalized at the end, as in all of her books has never been so fun All of Bradshaw s historical books are beyond great.

    24. I love history, but I m not a historian, and especially not ancient history so all the facts in this book could be wrong I could be reading anti Cleopatra propaganda Even so, when I wasn t using it to mentally hit Caesarion, I couldn t stop reading this book Enthralling, mysterious, beautiful I adored it.

    25. Egyptian historical romnce This book combines history and cleopatras love story to formulate the thoughts running through her misconstrued mind It is definately a psychological, love twist that takes you about on a roller coaster.

    26. Cleopatra wasn t Egyptian Well, her ancestors weren t She came from a long line of Greeks who treated the natives as conquering cultures usually do This would be a great movie if handled correctly Great characters

    27. Interesting historical novel about Caesarion, with lots of adventure and twists My favorite parts were actually the various lies he blends with truth to get out of the many scrapes he finds himself in I prefer The Sand Reckoner, though.

    28. In the end I liked this quite a bit I generally don t like it when books dwell on dreary unlikable characters, and this one suffered from that a bit early on, but did get better by the end Enjoyable pageturner.

    29. Wonderful read ry adventurous I loved learning about Egypt during that time period and the people This book is only about 20% historical fiction which was a little disappointing The author took many liberties but it was a great read

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