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Prokleta avlija By Ivo Andrić Prokleta avlija Prokleta avlija The Damned Yard Description from Ivo Andri Foundation website The novel is written in amil a wealthy young man of Smyrna living in the last years of the Ottoman Empire is fascin
  • Title: Prokleta avlija
  • Author: Ivo Andrić
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  • Page: 325
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Prokleta avlija By Ivo Andrić Prokleta avlija The Damned Yard Description from Ivo Andri Foundation website The novel is written in 1954 amil, a wealthy young man of Smyrna living in the last years of the Ottoman Empire, is fascinated by the story of D em, ill fated brother of the Sultan Bajazet, who ruled Turkey in the fifteenth century amil, in his isolation, comes to believe that he is D em, aProkleta avlija The Damned Yard Description from Ivo Andri Foundation website The novel is written in 1954 amil, a wealthy young man of Smyrna living in the last years of the Ottoman Empire, is fascinated by the story of D em, ill fated brother of the Sultan Bajazet, who ruled Turkey in the fifteenth century amil, in his isolation, comes to believe that he is D em, and that he shares his evil destiny he is born to be a victim of the State Because of his stories about D em s ambitions to overthrow his brother, amil is arrested under suspicion of plotting against the Sultan He is taken to a prison in Istanbul, where he tells his story, to Petar, a monk.Out of these exotic materials, Andri has constructed a book of great clarity, brevity and interest No doubt it will be read by some as a political parable about the tyranny of the State, but also as a quite simply story about ill fortune and human misunderstanding, fear and ignorance D em and amil are doomed and the certainty of their persecution is sometimes relieved, sometimes intensified by the stupidity and fright of the people who cross their ill starred lives.Construction takes up most of the book s space the central story of D em as related by amil lasts only a chapter or two For the rest of the time the reader strips layer off layer, as one narrator passes him on the next There is an interesting passage that helps to explain this method, at the moment when amil starts narrating D em s story in the first person I is a word, we are told, which fixes the position of the speaker in such a way that the exercise of will is no longer possible, and the speaker strength is exceeded strength, presumably, to break out of the identification that all his past actions and thoughts force upon him when he uses the word I is both a confession and an imprisonment The fact that the novel passes the reader on from one narrator to the next rather suggests that the author is taking constant evasive action, lest he betray himself or his reader into the kind of personal confession which seals the fate of amil What exactly this game of form flirting with meaning signifies, must be left to the individual reader.The movement is centripetal, towards D em s story, and then disperses Details within the story are made to mimic this form Thus when Peter receives the message telling him of his impending release Two younger prisonerswere chasing around using him as the centerpoint of ever narrowing circles Annoyed, he tried to break away from these exuberant youths when one of them brushed against him and he felt a folded scrap of paper thrust into his hand The youths continued their chase but now in widening circles The reader is led on just such a chase in the course of the novel The effect of this is to make the plot seem like a poetic image than an ordinary plot capable, therefore, of as many meanings as are the images of an allusive poem Yet the language is simple and direct, not at all poetic The characters are remarkable alive, even in conversation Kara oz, the governor of the goal, is a spidery authoritarian, who loves to torment the charges he loves The prisoners complained about the way one complains about one s life and curses one s destiny would have been hard for them to imagine life without him The Devil s Yard is justified, as all symbolic and figurative novels must be, by the extent to which it touches the emotions It is extremely moving Fear, horror, despair, amusement at times all these indicate that the threat of the meaning has been recognized.
    Prokleta avlija By Ivo Andrić Prokleta avlija by Ivo Andri Prokleta Avlija is a collection of five tales in which Brother Peter an elderly Franciscan monk imparts his wisdom gained from However, if one has not read at least the first volume the Bridge on the Drina , Prokleta Avlija will be a confusing and highly disappointing work. Prokleta avlija TV Movie Title Prokleta avlija TV Movie . Want to share s rating on your own site Use the HTML below. Prokleta avlija lektira, Ivo Andri Lektire Roman Prokleta avlija Ive Andri a nastajao je izme u Prvoga i Drugoga svjetskoga rata, a dovr en i objavljen tek Iako definitivno spada me u manje opse na autorova djela, nipo to nije manje zna ajno, duboko i tajnovito od ostalih romana. PROKLETA AVLIJA Ivo Andri pdf Za neke je ba Prokleta avlija kako nazivaju carigradski zatvor u kome se de ava radnja i njegovo najlep e delo jer je u kratkom sadr aju kroz opise likova i doga aja uspeo da poka e sna nu mo svoga pripoveda kog dara. Prokleta avlija, Ivo Andri Moja Lektira Prokleta avlija se ubraja me u romane iako je ne to manja od ostalih romana Ive Andri a Na ne to manje od stotinjak stranica njezina slo enost i bogatstvo pri e itatelja e zaokupiti i jo dugo ostati u sje anju. Prokleta avlija Kratki roman Prokleta avlija, ije pisanje je Andri zapo eo izme u Prvog i Drugog svjetskog rata, a dovr io ga i objavio godine, smatra se pi evim remek djelom Komponovan je narativnim postupkom upri avanja pri e prstenasta, okvirna strktura. Prokleta avlija Ivo Andri Bele ke Roman Prokleta avlija je napisao na poznati nobelovac Ivo Andri U ovom delu Andri pi e o fra Petru On je oti ao poslom u Istanbul, gde je kasnije bio uhap en i poslat u zatvor Deposito, poznat po imenu Prokleta avlija Lektira Prokleta avlija se ita u etvrtoj godini.
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    1. Ivo Andrić

      Ivan Ivo Andri Cyrillic was a Yugoslav and Bosnian novelist, short story writer and Nobel prizewinner His writings deal mainly with life in his native Bosnia under the Ottoman Empire His house in Travnik is now a Museum His Belgrade flat on Andri ev Venac hosts the Museum of Ivo Andri and the Ivo Andri Foundation.After the Second World War, he spent most of his time in his Belgrade home, held ceremonial posts in the Communist government of Yugoslavia and was a Bosnia and Herzegovina parliamentarian He was also a member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts In 1961, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature for the epic force with which he has traced themes and depicted human destinies drawn from the history of his country He donated the prize money to libraries in Bosnia and Herzegovina.His works include The Bridge on the Drina, Bosnian Chronicle aka Chronicles of Travnik , and The Woman from Sarajevo These were written during WW2 while he was living quietly in Belgrade and published in 1945 They are often referred to as the Bosnian Trilogy as they were published simultaneously and had been written in the same period However, they re connected only thematically.Other works include Ex Ponto 1918 , Unrest Nemiri, 20 , The Journey of Alija erzelez Put Alije erzeleza, 1920 , The Vizier s Elephant Pri a o vezirovom slonu, 1948 tr 1962 , The Damned Yard Prokleta avlija, 1954 , and Omer Pasha Latas Omerpa a Latas, released posthumously in 1977


    1. Kad god itam Andri a, prva misao mi je koliko je njegov tekst rasko an svaki put mi je ba taj atribut u glavi rasko an Kao i da sam ube ena da mogu da razumem koliko promi ljanja, intelektualnog oblikovanja i bru enja stoji iza svake re enice Kao italac nikako ne mogu da se odlu im izme u njegove sposobnosti da napravi prikaz i iste naracije ini mi se da uz njega sedim pred pozornicom i lutkarom koji se nadvija nad kulisama vode i likove Andri eve likove recimo nikada ne vidim kao ive pred sobom [...]

    2. Ljubav od knjige Kakva mo e biti sudbina oveka koji je oduvek bio sam protiv svih Za njega nema svanuc a Ovo mi je jedan od najdra ih citata iz Proklete avlije Velika istina o velikim prijateljstvima.

    3. But let me come straight to the point Bosnia is a wonderful country, fascinating, with nothing ordinary in the habitat or people And just as there are mineral riches under the earth in Bosnia, so undoubtedly are Bosnians rich in hidden moral values, which are rarely found in their compatriots in other Yugoslav lands But, you see, there s one thing that the people of Bosnia, at least people of your kind, must realize and never lose sight of Bosnia is a country of hatred and fear.The devastating [...]

    4. 3.5 Apenas a viol ncia pode servir onde reina viol ncia Bertold BrechtNuma terra de sonho o homem criou o Inferno, nele jogou outros homens, e deixou que a maldade proliferasse e jogasse uns contra os outros.Uma metaf rica hist ria das ar bias, que ilustra de forma crua o comportamento da humanidade quando sujeita a condi es de viol ncia e repress o existem dois mundos, entre os quais n o h nem pode haver um verdadeiro contacto nem possibilidade de acordo dois mundos tem veis condenados a uma gu [...]

    5. uma verdadeira cidade de presos e guardas Por aqui passam e aqui encalham todos aqueles que, dia ap s dia, ficam presos e encarcerados nesta extensa e populosa metr pole, por terem culpa ou por serem suspeitos de a ter aqui se junta uma colorida multid o e o p tio, sempre cheio, esvazia se e enche se, sem cessar.H pequenos e grandes delinquentes h inocentes e falsamente acusados, dementes e perdidos, infelizes trazidos para aqui por engano, da cidade e de todos os cantos do pa s A grande maioria [...]

    6. Nesta pris o de Istambul est o homens, inocentes ou culpados pouco interessa Homens com hist rias, muitas inventadas, outras deturpadas e uma t o antiga que persiste e enlouquece Frei Petar, injustamente preso, ouve esta ltima com especial interesse e, como caracter stico das melhores hist rias, f lo perder a no o do tempo, do espa o e de si pr prio O mesmo aconteceu comigo.

    7. Neko negdje vikne to se dvojica pobila i trgne me Prenem se, a ono nikog pored mene nema Moja se cigara ugasila, a ruka mi jo ispru ena Pa to sam ja sam sa sobom razgovarao Upla im se od ludila kao zarazne bolesti i od pomisli da ovdje u najzdravijem ovjeku po inje vremenom da se muti i privi a I stanem da se otimam Branim se u sebi, napre em se da se sjetim ko sam i ta sam, odakle sam i kako sam ovamo do ao.Ponavljam sebi da osim ove Avlije ima i drugog i druga ijeg svijeta, da ovo nije sve, i [...]

    8. I couldn t put this down, ended up reading it in one sitting I loved the setting, the story within the story, the characters, I loved everything about it.

    9. Svi smo mi zato enici proklete avlije, na onaj ili onaj na in to zbog sredine u kojoj ivimo, neshva enosti na koju nailazimo, to zbog li nih problema Ivo Andri je majstorski predstavio ovekovu ste njenost i neslobodu Jedan svevremenski roman

    10. I m honestly angry at myself for not reading this sooner I don t know why I avoided this book, because once I started, I finished by the end of the day that may have also been because I really had to read it for school very quickly Quite short, but still a fascinating read.

    11. Ako ho e da zna kakva je neka dr ava i njena uprava, i kakva im je budu nost, gledaj samo da sazna koliko u toj zemlji ima estitih i nevinih ljudi po zatvorima, a koliko je zlikovaca i prestupnika na slobodi To e ti najbolje kazati.

    12. Prokleta avlija zatvor je u Carigradu u kojem se odvija velika ve ina radnje ovog djela Radnja po inje u manastirskoj eliji, prepirkom dvojice fratara, fra Rastislava i fra Mije Josi a, koji popisuju inventar koji je ostao iza nedavno preminulog fra Petra Dok popisuju inventar fra Rastislav prisje a se pri a koje mu je pri ao fra Petar dok je bio iv, a posebno onih pri a iz vremena kad su ga gre kom zatvorili u carigradski zatvor Prokletu avliju, pod upravom zloglasnog upravnika Kara oza Dva mje [...]

    13. This is the second work I ve read of Andric, the first being one of his prominent novels, The Bridge on the Drina Both of these works are very similar, as the novel was a collection of stories centered on the community on the Drina river, and The Damned Yard a collection of stories which centered on Bosnia during the rule of the Ottoman Turks One could say that the novel had of a central theme to keep it together, though in essence, there seemed little that would have prevented Andric from fit [...]

    14. A parable of violence and paranoia, of individuals caught in history which they cannot escape from It abounds in brilliant insights in human behavior and society, narration is calm and controlled, the characters are basically metaphors of storytelling itself.

    15. Ne mogu ja , kaze, dobri covjece, ozdraviti, jer ja i nisam bolestan, nego sam ovakav, a od sebe se ne moze ozdraviti.

    16. Very surprised with this one,I have no words to describe all the feels I got from reading this amazing artwork.I loved the writing styles,all the characters,I had no issues connecting with the characters,Ivo did an amazing job here and the only problem to me was unsolved death of one of the characters.I wanted to know what really happened to him butwhatever.Maybe it s better not knowing.I can for sure say that this is the best school requested reads I ve ever read Recommend this book a lot,there [...]

    17. Najbolje je ipak pustiti oveka da pri a slobodno.Jer, carigradska policija se dr i osve tanog na ela da je lak e nevina oveka pustiti iz Proklete avlije nego za krivcem tragati po carigradskim bud acimaTIFAGA zvani KARA OZ I tako je celog veka ostao ostao i u naju oj vezi sa svetom nereda i kriminala, koji je u mladosti zauvek napustio, i u isto vreme iznad njega i daleko od njega, odeljen svojim polo ajem i svojim gustim ba tama i za druge neprelaznim eleznim ogradama i vratnicama.Ni eg od te k [...]

    18. Volim Andri a, mada Prokleta avlija jeste bila malo te a za razumevanje od njegovih drugih dela i tu me je ba namu io Iako obimom nevelika, itala sam je mnogo du e nego to sam predvidela i izdvojila vremena za nju, ba zbog svoje slo enosti Vra ala sam se iznova i iznova na delove koje sam ranije pro itala, i itavala ih i poku avala da prona em paralele izme u likova Mislim da ga ba to ini neverovatnim piscem, ta mo da me vrati, probudi sumnju i nedoumicu u meni i natera me da opet pro itam ono t [...]

    19. The Damned Yard, or Prokleta Avlija originally is a short book by Ivo Andri , the literature nobelist I definitely wasn t very excited when i saw this book on my school reading list I never quite liked the concept of Andri and found his work dull.Needless to say I was surprised when I really liked this short book It was very gripping and filled with the most interesting stories of ordinary and nothing but ordinary people I almost screamed when I stumbled upon one of my all time favorite topics T [...]

    20. Andri je jedan od retkih pisaca ija dela nisu uzbudljiva, ali su interesantna i zanimljiva Ima fin pristup likovima, na lep na in razvija radnju, a i pored toga to je sve kao pod konac, nema monotonosti i izve ta enosti Jedan od najboljih pisaca, definitivno.Delo po iva na dve pri e, pri u o turskom zatvoru nazvanom Prokleta avlija i ivotu zatvorenika u istom, i pri i o sultanu D emu Izvanredne pri e koje svedo e o u malosti i izve ta enosti dru tva, sukobu pojedinca i grupe, kao i individualnim [...]

    21. Ovaj je roman pripovjetka prvi roman pisca s na ih prostora koji me apsolutno odu evio Jako mi se svi a atmosfera u romanu, posebno dio kad se opisuje kako Avlija di e za vrijeme ju nog vjetra.Jo bih posebno izdvojio dio pri kraju romana, kad jedan od zatvorenika pri a o nekoj eni lijepih o iju To je najljep i opis o iju koji sam ikada pro itao.Ovo je prvi Andri ev roman koji sam pro itao i definitivno me zainteresirao za ostatak Andri eva stvarala tva.

    22. Li este livro bem e depressa Fiquei surpreendida quando acabou e sem saber o que pensar, tanto que acabei por adiar a escrita da JE Acho que mais que a est ria, acabei por reter ideias Infelizmente, n o consigo dizer grande coisa sobre o livro, mas compreendo que tenha sido considerado pela UNESCO como uma obra representativa da humanidade , infelizmente, diga se de passagem.

    23. Tako obi no biva Oni koje elimo da vidimo ne dolaze u asovima kad na njih mislimo i kad ih najvi e o ekujemo, a pojavljuju se u nekom trenutku kad smo mislima najdalje od njih I na oj radosti zbog ponovnog vi enja tada treba malo vremena da se digne s dna, gde je potisnuta, i pojavi na povr ini.

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